Running Against The Wind

Who here hates running in the wind? (against the wind, in particular.)

Hate the wind in the winter can handle a soft breeze in the summer

I figure the wind is just like hills, make your training more complete.

Love running with a breeze… Not into the wind. Ran into 25 mph winds during the last half of my first half marathon!

I did intervals a couple weeks ago with the wind and it was awful. I’m not a fan, but it does teach you something as a runner. A breeze is alright, but nearly blow you over gust are for the birds.

I Was just going to ask this question…it was HOT without the breeze (80’s) but the “breeze” was so strong it was tough to run in…but when it’s that hot, I welcome the sudden gusts. LOL.

I used to, but I don’t mind anymore. As long as I go the distance, I don’t let the shaving down in time bother me. sometimes it gets downright windy on the coast. I just consider a cool breeze in the Florida heat.

I hate hate hate the wind. I always have anyway, but I hate it even more that I am a runner. I see no point in it. Seriously God..why is this necessary. A light breeze is fine…I’m just tired of hurricane force winds.

I do!!! It was windy throughout my first half marathon yesterday!!

I grew up in the Columbia River Gorge; running in the wind is part of the price for all that beauty.

Yes! Agree. I always feel like Mother Nature is telling me to go home.

I Hate Cold Wind! When it’s warm out, it’s not nearly as bad. Cold wind takes away any bod heat I generate as well as my breath!

I hate wind when I’m not running. I will take rain any day

Me. Here however it’s not just running in wind, it’s running in dirt. It’s like a free microdermabrasion every time you go outside.

On average it is 20mph when I run, I learned that I should plan to go with the wind on the way home

ME!!! And we have had I think the windiest spring and as I type this the winds are gusting to 40-50 mph!

Lol had to run against the wind for 10 miles on Sunday…it sucked but I got donuts at the finish line

I am Training to run my first ever 5 k. I am also doing a 2 mile road race 7/4/2014 in my first week of training i had a 15- 20 mph headwind it was not fun. it was also wicked cold.

Sometimes it’s life’s disadvantages that create advantages in the end. Wind, rain, snow, sun, scenery all make me laugh a little

The wind makes my eyes water sometimes like full on tears!

I think miles into the wind should count as double.

oh I hate it so much! But secretly, I love training in the worst of conditions- rain, cold, wind with the most monstrous hills I can find. Then when it’s race day I feel like “I got this.”

I’d rather run in about any other weather condition and I live in Michigan so I get it all

You ca go from a 8 minute mile to a 8:30 just by running into a strong head wind!

I had a hard 9 miler today in the wind and rain… I bucked the wind 3/4 of the way… Time was sooo slow

On my last half marathon the last 5 miles was running into the wind and it made it very rough, and it was hilly too so double wammy, no PR for that race, let me tell you

Sometimes I actually like it. I love over exaggerating my moves as cars drive by. Lol

It’s really strange. When I was running track in high school the wind used to just kill me! Now it doesn’t seem to bother me nearly as much. Sure, I’d rather not run into a head wind, but it doesn’t take it all out of me like it did back then. Of course, when I was young, we had REAL wind and ran uphill all the way around the track! LOL!

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