Running with PVC or PAC?

Just wondering if any of you have been diagnosed with PVC’s and PAC’s? I was told over a year ago that I have them. Since then I have seen 4 different cardiologist and they have all said that I will be fine running. I have stressed to them that I like running longer distances like 1/2 and full marathons and they have said it should be okay. I am still leery running longer distances. I would realy like to start training for a marathon, but I can’t get past that my heart is not functioning properly. It seams like every time I get my milage up, the PVC and PAC get worse. I’m not sure if they actually are or if it is all in my mind. I would love to hear from other runners that have the same problem.

pvc’s or pac’s (2 different things, but both are early beats) can have many causes. I’ve seen patients over the years whose main cause is caffeine intake. I’ve also seen patients who are just “wired” that way. it’s actually normal for them. if your doctor has found nothing “wrong”, (blockage, valve problems) then it may just be the way you’re made. 🙂

Yes they are 2 different things but apparently I have both. Mostly PVC with some short runs of PAC. I have had every test you can think of and have worn event monitors 4 different times. I have been told it could be hormonal but can’t get my doctor to do hormone testing. It’s just frustrating and scary.

hmmm…see if your ob/gyn will do hormone levels. have you had a stress test or echocardiogram?

I’m switching ob/gyn maybe the new one will. I have had both test plus MRI and they say everything is fine. They can’t figure out what the cause it but tell me I can run.

Hopefully some other runners who’ve also experienced this will post, too.

My weird heart beats started after a week with really bad strep throat and a hard bike ride. I don’t know if it could’ve been the cause or not. When I was diagnosed with pvc’s, the dr said they were harmless. I could’ve chosen meds but didn’t want totake that route. I was told that caffeine would make them worse. They really don’t bother me much now. Some, but not a lot. Maybe I’ve just gotten use to them somewhat, but I think the weird beats happen less often now. I can’t say that they’re any more noticable when my miles get up there. Good luck!

Did you see a cardiologist specializing in electrophysiology? I was told for several years my palpitations were benign & I needed to find a way to deal with it (even though I was passing out and felt terrible). I finally found a PCP that listened, ordered the right test and got me hooked up w/ the cardiologist who was able to do a procedure (ablation) and I’ve never felt better. Hope this helps and you feel better soon.

I have seen an electrophysiologist. He had me ware an event monitor 2 times in 4 months each for 2 weeks. He also had me ware another kind of monitor I can’t remember what it was called but it was only for 24 hours. He told me I have pvc’s and some short runs of pac’s and that there is nothing for me to be concerned about and that I can run and do anything I wanted. No restrictions. I do continue to run just not as far and hard as I use to. I really want to start training for a marathon, but am nervous about it. So I thought I would see if anyone else had this problem to get some advice.

What kind of mileage do you run a week? Do you ever feel the pvc’s while your running? I have good days and bad. Today was good. Haven’t felt to many of them. Yesterday I felt them all day. I have cut out caffeine and take it easy on the days they are bad.

Maybe low 20’s when training for a half or 15k. Right now, not near that but need to get my butt in gear for San Fran Half! I notice them here and there when running, biking, etc but not enough to stop or anything.

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