Any tips on how to boost my running endurance?

Im training for the Marine Corps Marathon in October but I have horrid plantar fasciitis in both heels. I had cortisone shots which have worn off, I ice, use a roller etc. Any tips on how to increase my endurance besides running or another way to get miles in? Im just worried.
Swimming is good for keeping up your endurance or increasing it if you can’t run. The times when I had shin splints, and pulled something in my knee, and had a horrible pain in my foot that made it excruciating to walk, swimming was the only time I didn’t feel any pain.

Turmeric for inflammation. Try reducing or eliminating inflammatory foods like sugars and highly processed breads. That totally works for me.

Swimming… or bike riding. But swimming uses all your muscles. I swim when my knee acts up and ride a bike when running isnt an option

Freeze a water bottle and use that to roll on the bottom I your foot. They have special socks to wear to bed that help a lot

Take an anti-inflammatory (Advil) 20 min before you run.. that helps. I had that for a while and it helps.

Deep water running is what I did when a fractured ankle prevented me from running. It was a great way to keep my fitness level in tact. Google it and you’ll find lots of suggestions on form and such.

No tips for entrance but I have tips for PF so you can get the mileage. Wear sneakers around the house when you walk around. Get orthodic inserts for your sneakers. Stretch before and after runs. Roll a frozen water bottle on your feet after runs. Tie sneakers really tight when you run, PF is a tendon hyper extending. If shoes are tight enough it’s help in place and physically can’t hyper extend.

Please do your research into using ibuprofen for endurance sports…….use acetaminophen if you have to. Antiinflammatories also my exacerbate your inflammation if taken often.

Orthotics will help if you don’t have them, and taping, but please don’t train through this. I had the same thing. I was training for Chicago but had raised over $8,000 for LLS/Team in Training at the time and felt obligated. I ended up having to have surgery on both feet to release the PF.

My dr actually mentioned that to me…im worried.

The one thing I will say, in my instance at least, is that since the surgery, I have gone back to running with NO PF PAIN AT ALL! I wear my orthotics when running. I have done several halfs since then and a couple fulls. But it’s been about 6-7 years and PF pain free! When is that marathon?

That brings up an interesting question. If you train for a marathon and for reasons beyond your control at the last minute you can’t run, does the charity get paid? I’m talking serious sickness, injury needing surgery, death in the family level serious at the last minute.

I got PF when training for my marathon too. Super feet insoles, good shoes, rolling arches, stretching calves, icing feet after run and my mid-week medium length run was replaced with a 25-30 mile bike ride. On weeks where my feet were bad, I rode my bike more. I read several training plans on cycling as a part of marathon training. Very helpful.

I slept in a boot on both feet when I had PF, I was the only thing that really helped. Plus really good $$$$ shoes. Medium Bird & Cronin PLANTAR FASCITIS Night SPLINT on amazon $17.99 ($49 at the running store ). They really made a difference. You have to wear them every night. I wore them for about 6 months. I actually broke out one last night for my left foot. I just finished a half marathon and since have had some increase in pain.

A lot of times, if you can’t do the event you signed up for with the charity, they will let you carry it over. If not, yes, they get the money. It’s already in their account. BUT, they want you to do the event usually so they will allow a carry over if you have a note from dr. And keep the coaches involved in your progress so they are aware too.

I had every possible home remedy along with my therapy. I wish you well, and remember to not over do it – it’s not worth it. 😉 There will be another race.

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