Compression shorts recommendations

Compression short recommendations please! its shorts season and my shorts tend to ride up causing chaffing in my thighs. I saw some wearing compression shorts under the regular shorts. I am not looking for anything expensive. Can anyone recommend some like Old Navy or somewhere reasonable?

I found some nice underarmour ones at Marshall’s for 14.99!

I wear compression shorts , but nothing over them. Sports Authority has them for $27 . I get them from Under Armour outlet for $22

Nike pro’s at dicks are 28…Not super short, soft

Target has some good ones

Old Navy. Super cute, and super cheap

I get good ones at the New Balance outlet

CW-X they are a bit pricey. But have had mine 3 years now.

I like the longer Underarmour. They hold up well to be washed and worn every week

Target sells the Champion brand. Inexpensive, comfortable and very durable.

Academy sports has a good selection

love old navy compression shorts & capris

I wear tiny running shorts( i call them underwear) under my compression shorts. Simply to keep everybody from becoming violently ill. Lol Im not in college anymore , and things just arent where they used to be. So i had to get creative. Lol

Champion Bermuda length at Target – they stop just above my knees and don’t ride up – $19

Don’t forget to look in the mens section. I got great under armour compression shorts and a couple running shirts at TJ Maxx and Target! I shop the men’s department for shorts also, they tend to be a little longer.

I want a good pair of middle length. I don’t want them to go to my knee, mid thigh. I can’t find any so just wear capris

Target has great affordable running shorts, I still have 4 or 5 pair that I bought years ago.

Try running skirts–I love mine!

If you have a tj max or marshalls in your area you can find name brands such as under armour, nike, etc for under $15! also has sales every so often! Good luck!

Under Armour are my personal favorite

I love the nike pro fit! They don’t hug your waist and they stay put around your thighs. You can fine them for $20 at a nike outlet!

I just bought a pair of the nike pro fit for under my shorts. I got them at Fleet Feet for $5 but I had a $25 gift card, so they were actually $30. I’m going to try them out tonight at running group.

I use the ones from target work great no issues at all

Love them; they are not necessarily cheap but amazon has good prices


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