Are you taking a snack with you on the run?

When you are doing a half marathon …are you taking a snack with you on the run?
Take something with you for incase. That’s a long run wothout some sort of fuel.

I take gu for any run over 5 miles. I may not use it but I always take it. Hitting the wall is no joke, better safe than sorry.

I did not last time. I use to stop for a water break & a banana during training but race day I just sipped a little Gatorade half way through & then a little water later on. I just saved the banana for the end. 🙂

It takes me 3 hours to run a half LOL, so I take Clif Shots or Bloks and a Stinger Waffle. Some races provide fuel, but as another commenter said, always try out your fuel prior to race day.

I do! Usually a boost at mile 6 and 9 to get me through.

oh good I was starting to think I was the only one here that takes 3 hours…. lol

What is the GU u talk about

It’s a little packet of disgusting miracle energy. I can only tolerate it but it works!

I take energy jelly beans and eat 2/3 every 5 miles

I don’t take a snack, but I bring a drink with some electrolytes and amino acids to help muscle fatigue. It’s really what works for you as long as what you bring is small and easy to digest.

Where can one purchase these Gus and jelly beans?

Do y’all use a running belt?

I went to a sports store for my drinks. The people saying jelly beans mean normal jelly beans like kids eat at Easter. Any grocery store will have them

2 Gu packs worn in a waistband pocket on my running capris.

I take 2 GU gels and ALWAYS make use of EVERY drink table. Thirsty or not I will have the whole cup or a small mouth full.

The salted caramel gu is decent!

There are actually “sport” beans, by JellyBelly. They have electrolytes, vitamins and some flavors have caffeine. You can get them at your running store or the big box chains.

I bring Clif Shot Gels

*looks around to see if anyone is listening*…Don’t tell anyone, but I pack red vines in my pocket for my half marathons 😉 The taste reminds me of being a kid, being a kid reminds me of being happy, and I need happy thoughts around mile 9. The boost of sugar ain’t bad either. I cut up one or two red vines into small pieces, and two or three small pieces usually gets me through the rest of the race. The rest I eat after I’ve finished the race. Just don’t get scared when you spit later and it’s bright red. You aren’t bleeding from the mouth 😉

shot blocks or small baked potato ….. remember race day should be fueled exactly the way you trained

Check with race organizers. Some provide food and gels and electrolyte drinks.

Hmm i’v never did a half and I’m wondering why eat on your run/jog do you all not hydrate and eat before you run? I’m up to 8 miles I do hydrate before I leave I drink my spark (energy vitamin sugar free drink) rehydrate (reyhadrate is way better then gatorade has real electrolytes in it which helps me stay hydrated during my runs )and o2gold( that’s give me more oxygen and also oxygen to my muscles) when I make it home I just stretch and I’ll drink a little more water cause I then go and do home programs I’d love to do half I need 5 miles to go then I’ll enter one

Always. Every 3 miles. Bar at first 3. One I eat every day for breakfast without fail. Then at mile 6 & 9 gu. Then water throughout.

I eat a couple of Sport Beans at every water station, and bring my own water with Nuun in it if I need something to drink between water stations

Red vines are awesome. I packed nerds when I did a full in April. (Need to be careful they are tiny and I thought I was going to choke on them). At the Hershey half marathon they give little chocolate bars around mile 10

I haven’t done a half yet, but I do packets of welch’s fruit snacks for my long runs. About every 30-45 minutes

I’m weird but I fuel every 20 minutes. with a mouthful of water. at end of half I still had a few miles left in me.

I bring a protein bar!!

I took a cliff bar….

I didn’t for my first one last weekend but I didn’t need to. This community in their awesomeness has snacks galore along the route…sliced fruits, nuts, donuts, jelly beans (my fave). All along the whole way, people in the neighborhoods had plenty of stuff to share with us…

I take Shotblocks gel and my own water bottle. I usually start the race with a GuBrew tablet in my water bottle and just add water to it at each water stop.

I do gels every 3 miles…

You can’t depend on the race or spectators to have what you want. I did RnR Nashville and by the time I was passing the aid stations the Gu was gone. Which was fine bc I had my own…and I don’t like Gu gel 🙂

I usually don’t do anything for a half. For a full I’ll take a couple of GU’s with me- if none provided by the race then 3 or 4.

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