Thoughts on taking ibuprofen before and during long run

Hey everyone. Was just wondering if I could some of your thoughts on taking ibuprofen before and during long training runs 18+ miles.

You really shouldn’t take anything for pain before or during a run. It might mask something that you really need to know about. Also, you should use the restroom (just pee) before taking after your run.

You do NOT want to take it prior to runs. After is a different story, but never before.

18+ sure, why not stop inflammation before it starts. That distance is never easy on the body. Its not like you run 18 miles daily a does here or there can’t harm you.

Not before not during and ice after

Ibuprofen can raise your blood pressure; not a good idea before a long run.

I do both. Should be careful if you have an existing injury you don’t want to mask it getting worse. Like everything medication related chat with your doctor about any specific issues you may have.

I prefer to eat lots of food that has anti inflammatory properties. You can google them.

I take it before a really long run or marathon. I agree, stop inflammation before it starts. After, get your ice bath ASAP and take as needed. Just my opinion. Find what works best for you.

No no no! People have died from this

I made a doctors appointment when I felt like I needed it to run. After an exam and x-rays he told me I’m not hurting anything and I’m OK as long as the ibuprofen I’d managing the pain. I’ve been slowly weaning myself off it since

Wouldn’t get in the habit of doing so. It can damage internal organs if taken too often.

Try maca root instead. Much more benign.

Thank you everyone for the advice so far. I’ve been running long distance for 7 yearish n never really tried pain killers before or during.

Do not take this before OR during runs, ESPECIALLY long runs and during the heat. Ibuprofen combine with lower water levels and higher sustained Heart rate over time is recipe for a disaster. Ibuprofen affects potassium levels in the body. Normally this is fine, but during exercise it is very dangerous.

My concern would be masking pain and risking making an injury worse when my body would be trying to tell me to stop.

Also, I think you should ask your doctor this. This is not advise you should take from random internet people. As with anything, there is some good advice here and some bad (sorry) advice here. But when it comes to your health, only your doctor can give you the right advice for YOU. But, I speak from direct experience here, ibuprofen is NOT as benign as it seems.

All this takes is 5 seconds of google reading and you have an answer. This has been asked many times. Its not a “it hurts below my knee, did I tear my acl? ” There is one answer for every individual. No, it is not safe to take during running.

Took it for many years now being treated for h pylori and an ulcer. Cause: too much Advil

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