Just Started Running – some advice and words of encouragement

I’m about to get transparent with you…. I’ve not been running at all. I mean not even a block. I have been daydreaming about it for weeks not but for whatever reason just haven’t got out there. I think I just feel super intimidated and I know I need to get on it. I want to get on it. I feel like for some reason it’s just sooo big. You are all so inspiring to me though and this is one of the reasons I know I need to get out there and get it into gear. Would you mind sending up some prayers and maybe even giving me some advice and words of encouragement?

Lace up run to the end of the block…repeat tomorrow! and just keep going!!! ♡ u can do it!!

I ran my first mile last week! Doesn’t seem like much, but it was amazing!!! The feelings after are unexplainable!! Sending prayers and encouragement your way!!! You can do it!

Get a buddy to go with you. It kind of jump starts your love of running.

Hi! Start by walking,Then jog short distances.

I went through the thing since December. Now I’m back (about 3 times a week) running and feel great! I just needed to jump the hurdle and get out there.

we’ve all heard a bazillion times but it’s true…..the hardest step is that 1st one. Just get out there and give it a whirl!!! I don’t mean to sound trite. You CAN do this!!!

Just go for a short walk.do it every day, especially when u don’t want to. Dreams don’t get the work done…you are capable, & you can do it…if you choose to. One day…after you get some consistency going, try running for a short distance…and gradually add more distance.

We all started out not being “runners” and we’ve all felt just like you at one point or another. Just get up, lace up and go have fun. Walk some, run some and before you know it, you will look forward to your runs. Good luck and you can do this.

Just get up…lace up your runnies and GO!!! Just as far as you can. Repeat. It’s SO worth it

You can do it! Remember, we didn’t start out running long distances. We all started at the beginning, one step at a time. When I start out something, it is overwhelming thinking of the whole thing. Like the weird saying goes, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Don’t give yourself too big of expectations. And remember, we are here and we are cheering for you!

You can do it, and you’ll feel so proud and motivated afterward! It’s a big thing everyday for me to make myself go run in public…but I talk myself into it and always feel so good after. Good luck!

I just put my shoes back on yesterday after 9 weeks solid studying for the CPA exam. I sucked wind for 7/10s of a mile. My Nike Plus stopped just short of telling me to be ashamed of myself. Low distance, and I know I used to walk a faster pace than what I ran yesterday, but it’s good to be back on the road.

Set some reasonable, but challenging goals. Share them here and with your friends. Then go do them!!

When I started 3+ yrs ago I couldn’t run for 3 minutes. I just finished my second half last Sunday. The key is just get started, everyday you will make progress.

Go for a walk, and throw some jogging section in there. Keep adding more and more jogging each time! Running does not have to be fast or not include walking!

Just put one foot in front of the other and never look back! Keep your head up and keep going! You can do it!

Have you considered signing up for a special needs person to run for through “I Run For Michael”? The wait list for runners’ matches is 3 months long now but the group is super inspirational.

If running is too intimidating then go for a walk and run a tiny bit in the middle till you get used to the feeling. I’ve called it sneaky running and it’s how I began! Now I can run 5 km in under 1/2 hour!

Every person here started where you are…ONE STEP AT A TIME! It’s a process of transformation. Not just physical, but mental and spiritual…Just start. Walk a block. Tomorrow, walk two. After that, it’s guts, prayers and about becoming the Butterfly after being a Caterpillar…

This was me a few weeks ago. I’d take my workout clothes to work I’d change & then not go to cross fit. I am not the fastest runner and had a shoulder injury and just felt like I was slow & stunk so I didn’t go. I felt terrible! I felt like I was letting my super little buddy down and then some friends found out how I was feeling and went to class w/ me & I felt so much better. Just get out there and go. I will pray for you. I know you will get through this.. Because you for this girl! Remember one of my favorite sayings.. Your lapping everyone on the couch!

Get up and move even if it is to the end of the block and back. You have to start somewhere again.

Just go for a 15 min walk and once your out there run a block ….. You can do it, I still have times when I think I just can’t go. I think in terms of minutes not distance

You are so awesome and encouraging thank you so much for all the words you have given me. You have put some great ideas out there for me. I’ll start posting my progress and if for some reason your not seeing posts from me, hit me up and see what’s going on it may help light a fire under my butt as well knowing I’m being held accountable. lol

I took 4 months off after the holidays…I thought I was not going to be able to get back….1st time out again I almost died lol…decided to walk instead. My husband started walking with me until I built up my system again and 4 weeks later…im finally back to running. So my advice to you would be…just go out for a walk, put your music on…and do the best you can. When your body is ready for the impact of running…you will feel it! and the more you go out…the more you will crave it….so just get out…and walk…de-stress…enjoy the fresh air

I’m going to go for my first jog tomorrow after I drop my daughter off at school so you should hear from my by tomorrow evening.

Sign up for a 5k and get excited to have a running party with friends and run when you can and walk when you need to. I try I slow down to a jog when I want to walk and that way I’m still moving just not walking – I can tell you I never ran. When I say never I mean like up until last may I would say to my friends that I don’t pay to walk so why would I pay to run. Then I signed up for the Boston marathon one fund run for one in Plymouth. I jogged and jogged and walked and jogged and finished. Over 40 minutes but I finished. Well over 10 races later I am now signed up for my first 10k in a month. I made a promise to myself I’ll run one race a month for the year 2014. So far so good – you can do it! Make it fun! I leave my outdoor runs for races and go to the gym for treadmill runs otherwise. Enjoy it!!!

A little over a year I could only do 1/2 mile I stuck with it and did a few 5ks and last month I did my first half marathon with a finish time of 2hrs 14 min was the greatest feeling ever !! just get started and don’t look back all the best to you !!!

For me, the hardest is lacing up my sneakers and getting out the door. Once I’m out it is okay. Sometimes I have to tell myself no pressure – I can always walk, after a mile I can always turn back. And then somewhere somehow it happens and I never do.

Every time is like that for me! So weird cause I actually do enjoy it but it’s hard to start EVERY TIME! We use the same dialogue with ourselves lol!

I feel like that’s me too. I’ve run in the past I’ve completed 5Ks and a couple half marathons, but it’s just lacing up and getting y darn butt out there.

Just go out and walk/jog/run a certain distance. Measure your time. Keep doing it and when you lets say finished your distance within 30 mins, keep running until you run for 30 mins. Than increase minutes, distance. It takes time to build up your strength, but once you are in “Nirvana” mode, you will really understand what all of us feel! Cannot wait to be on board with us!:)))) Good luck!

Sometimes I tell myself, “Just go out for ten minutes. You can do anything for ten minutes.” Invariably, once I tell myself this and actually get out and get going, I get into the groove and have a great workout!

Just get up and go! download a couch to 5k app.. that’s what I did Get some new (good) shoes!

I always say just lace up and walk for 15 mins and then u have to return so at least u get 30 mins in but guess what? Yup I always go for more looking forward to your updated post that says thanks guys I rocked a great run

C25K app. That is how I started. I cried the first few weeks. By week 3 I was able to get through with out crying. That was last July. This Sunday in fun my first half marathon. I love to run now. It is all I think about all day until I can get out there. The app was great in guiding me. It was a no brained. Just get out and put one foot in front of the other. You can do it!

After seeing pics of me at 100kg I was still much like you. Then one day I did decide to get off my fat rear end and go for a walk at lunchtime instead of chucking food down my neck. I only walk 2kms about 1.2 miles and I was, as they say, knackered.
But I felt better for doing it. So I went out the next day and the next and the next, Soon I had picked up my pace and I added more distance, as my 30min lunch break was my window.Then I started to notice I was losing weight quite fast which gave me the push .. I started to run/walk/run which meant more distance. That was in fact about this time in 2011 and by July I was running the whole way … well for me it was about 4kms but I was doing it. Since then I have lost 20kg and feeling so much better in and about myself I realize I should have done it sooner. I look at other ‘big’ people out walking now and think to myself .. Good on ya! So go for it, in no time you will be thanking yourself you did!

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