How Can I Help My Muscles Recover Faster?

Muscle Recovery….I recently started lifting weights along with my running. I am still sore two days later from the weights. Should I try and lift weight until I am no longer sore? Also how can I help my muscles recover faster?

I’m not a doctor, but generally I find its best not to wait until the soreness goes away but to continue with strength training and stretching to work through the soreness. Just make sure you switch up muscle groups so each group has a day to recover between workouts. I also take a Results and Recovery formula after tougher workouts to speed recovery.

Don’t wait, and bump up your protein directly after your strength workouts.

Two things: You just started so your body is not used to it so you definitely ALWAYS need recovery time in between sessions. Also, just started and I suspect you lifted too much weight. There should be some soreness b/c that shows you are actually doing something but two days later means you overdid it. People that “complain” days later b/c they are still sore and wear it as a badge are just looking to injure themselves b/c they overdid it.

I am not complaining. I am stating it as a fact because I am looking for information on muscle recovery and how to help prevent an injury from over doing it.

I don’t think he is saying you are a complainer- that’s why he put it in quotations. He is referring to people who brag how sore they are days later, are just the ones who most likely will get injured.

You can keep working out, just don’t over do it..eventually you won’t be sore like that..any body that work out..will tell you that at first you’re not sore till the day after…so if you just started working out, yes you will be sore just fact that you might not use that muscle all the time…..

You want to be sore, just don’t over do it. You have actually torn muscle fibers and they are mending as scar tissue, that is how they get bigger. Yes you should be sore, no you should not be in extreme pain.

Stretching and/or yoga often helps with the soreness too

I use advocares post workout recovery and it has the right amount of protein and carbs to help your muscles recover quickly so you can get to your next workout with little soreness. I’m doing p90x3 right now and probably would not be able to move if I didn’t have it!

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