Do you use MyFitnessPal to Track Your Calories?

My doctor recommended I use myfitnesspal to track my calories and see how many I’m actually eating. Healthy snacks still rack up calories. Anyone else use this with success??? I hate having to track things but maybe i need to..

Definitely try this. I teach a wellness course and my students required to use this website. You can put the app on your phone and scan items that you eat. It will be a little time consuming in the beginning but worth it in the end. Many of my students lose 10-15 lbs in just 8 weeks (the length of our course). It is not just about calories but also what is in the calories. This app shows the nutritional breakdown of everything you eat. Try it

As long as you have a smart phone, this app is super easy, you can scan bar codes and then adjust portions. Also I would recommend buying a digital food scale, only like $15-20, so you will actually KNOW for sure what a portion of something is. Do it religiously for a month and then it will all come second nature.

You can also link it it to apps like Runtastic so calories out automatically add to it.

I used it last summer and it really helped me get back track and lose. Very helpful!

I’ve used it & LOVE it! I love that it tells you that you need more fuel for the days you workout! I like that when I discover a new “healthy” recipe, I can just scan all the ingredients & create a new recipe on the program and see just what I’m eating. It also links to various apps which is convenient. After a while you’ll know what you X amount of calorie day really looks like….fabulous tool!!

I’ve used it. Switched to SparkPeople. I’m very bad at tracking too!

I’ve used it successfully for over 2 years and with it and exercising I have lost 167 lbs! I highly recommend it! Add me as a friend if you like.

I’ve been using myfitnesspal for about a month and I love it. You will start to get in the habit of tracking. It’s good not just for weight loss but it allows you to see what your actually eating. It’s nice too because you can type in specific brands and myfitnesspal almost always has all the exact nutritional info!

I love it!! With it and a fitbit I’ve lost 20 pounds!

I use it all the time. It really helps me to keep in mind what I am eating & how much.

I use my fitness pal and have lost some weight, my greatest accomplishment has been really watching fat contents. Making sure to eat the best sources of nutrients even while racking up calories.

I swear by it. I down 35 pounds by logging the food I eat and exercising. Good luck

I have logged in over 645 days in a row:) I have only been logging my water and exercise since Nov. 2013, but I’m back full force with the 10-15# challenge!

I use it and I love it! The addition of the bar code scanner takes a lot of the hassle off, too. It’s free anyway, so why not give it a go?

I used it and loved it until I joined weight watchers and fell in love with WW online!

While I don’t have any friends that use it (wish I did, might help keep me on track more) but I love it! Yeah it was kinda a pain to start with, but it really opened my eyes to what I was (and wasn’t) eating.

Love it! It does take a while to get used to, but totally record everything now”

I’ve used it for over a year now. It really helps to be mindful of what your consuming. There isn’t a food that I can’t find on there. Good luck!

I have used it for over a year and love it! They have a great food database and the bar code scanner is awesome! Anyone on here, feel free to add me as a friend on there.

I use it. It will also track your macros and that’s just as important. Once you develop healthy eating and see how many calories each food contains you will make it a habit and the app wont be as necessary

Thanks everyone!!! def excited to start using it and getting results like u all. Goal of at least 50 to go!!! I guess they’ve made a lot of changes to the app since I used it last hahaha feel free to add me (love to bake but no time w work and running hahah)

I’ve been using it for 14 months now and I’ve lost 54 lbs so far. It’s great to see what calories are really in things. I never realized how many I was eating before.

I use it and love it. I used it to lose weight and now I use it to maintain. I lost over 60 pounds with it.

I use it too, love it. Very large database and syncs with fitbit. You get use to tracking after a while, and it becomes second nature

My favorite healthy snacks are the “just a handful” of raw almonds from Trader Joe’s and tangerines.

Absolutely. Whenever I use it religiously I do very well! I am also using the power food list from weight watchers. I stay under my goal.
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Amber N Dave Myers Been using it 3 years…have lost 40 pounds with it and adding in exercised.

I would love to be your friend on there and anyone else too. I would be happy to help and stay motivated as well. I ll give you a little info on me.. I’ve never been”fat” per say.. But out if shape.. I’m a yo to dieter.. I can go from 105, to 145 in 2 years ad I’ve done that probable for the past 8 years. It doesn’t help that I have been stress ad depressed in that time w a divorce and two bad break ups. My average weight really is 125 and I want to see that.. I am struggling w my running ( shin splints) I ran a marathon in Oct and a half in November last year. I’ve had struggling w portion control and I don’t know which challenge to go. I eat healthy just can’t stop at night! I just had out patient surgery today, so no running for 2 weeks. out patient surgery.. Not major!!i could use all the motivation I can get! I’m a banker and sit all day long.. My dream goal is to go to school and become a personal trainer in helping women and men get on track but I’ve got to get there my self!! She’s that was long !! Sorry. Best of luck my friend!

I need a lesson on this nib started two weeks ago, I like it, but hate it- I don’t know how to scan, and I wish I could at et it up so it only pulls up all my foods ( by that I mean if I eat something, look up nutritional info then compare it to the 1-47 ones that have already been uploaded) I want to automatically see the one I chose from that list automatically when I try to add it again a few days later- does that make sense? Anyone else have that issue?

It’s great! I sync it with my fit bit!

I like the app but also need some accountability partners… feel free to add me anyone got extra motivation!!

Yes I use it and it takes getting used to counting calories, but it definitely helps you see how quickly they add up! Love

I’d you know someone doing weight watchers you can get a copy from them. It is their simple start plan. It allows you to eat as much of certain foods until you are satisfied. Mostly fruits veggies lean meats like chicken turkey. Even fish and shrimp non fat cheeses and sour cream. Eating clean and avoiding the processed and fatty foods.

Lost 54 pounds using that app over the last 12 month. It’s all about being honest with your calorie intake and truly following portion sizes.

Wow! Everyone has inspired me to give MFP another try! I could really use some extra motivation!

Yes I love it, it helps me so much realize how many calories I intake and even how much sodium and sugar goes into my body daily! Great app for health and weight loss

I am using it right now to track my workouts and weight loss progress. I’ve used it in the past to track food-it becomes easier and easier the more you do it because you can put in your standard meals.

Ok you have your calories set and then you enter exercise. Do you eat those calories or no

I just started getting used to it over the weekend…started working on tracking food today. Already seeing the calories build makes u wanna resist those snacks regardless of how healthy they are hah

I haven’t found the scanner yet…how do i access that or is it a separate app??

Open the app tap add to Diary Select your meal such as Breakfast. Right beside the Search bar is a small icon that looks like a bar code. Tap it. Then it will change your phone over to picture format with a scanner on it to scan your item

I like MFP, because it keeps me on (better) track vs not using it. Only problem I have is that I don’t always remember to track!! I also use the RunKeeper app and it syncs my walks and runs to MFP, so I don’t have to enter them!

It helped me realize where I was splurging and so I was able to do it mentally and cut the crap from my diet. There are things we THINK are good that are terrible for our bodies and hard to digest.

Tracking is very helpful….I did it when I started my weight loss journey and it was eye opening.

I would love some new accountability friends… but for some reason I cannot figure out how to add people.. I must be missing the most simple step! Any help is appreciated and anyone can feel free to add me also

not sure how to add friends on the app, but when you go online to MFP, go to community——>find friends and then you just enter the username of who you’re looking for.

on the app u go to friends…then use the + sign go to email and put in their username

I LOVE My Fitness Pal!!! A quick side note though – my nutritionist told me that with regard to weight loss, it’s not wise to ‘eat back’ all of the calories burned from exercise. She said if it’s over 600 yes – so being the big cheater I am, I usually ‘eat back’ about half of the calories from exercise.

I’ve been using fitness pal every day for over two years. It keeps me honest and takes away Lot of guess work. I like that you can scan barcodes, it remembers your frequent items, and shows nutritional breakdown not just fat and calories. I pre plan my day each morning by entering everything I plan to eat then edit or add additional exercise as needed. Much better database than weight watchers has when I tried theirs and fitness pal is free!

I love myfitness pal app. It keeps track if everything and imports calories burned from tracking apps. Like fitbit and MapMyRun. I would also recommend an App called Fooducate to use when you are grocery shopping. It allows you to scan products and compare other choices.

I use it everyday to make sure i get enough calories. I love it

After discovering I was not eating enough and putting my body in starvation mode – not losing anything. I started with my fitness pal and wow what a difference it makes – now I stay on target

I’ve been inspired by all these positive comments! Started tracking with mfp again this morning!!!! Add me please, I’d love a community like this in mfp too!! So motivational!!!!!

So, I have to ask since so many are using MFP. I have run keeper linked with mine. Does anyone else? I feel that is overestimates my calorie burn
so I have been adjusting it a little. Anyone else feel the same?

I only enter about half of the workout calories when I enter them at all. [I usually only enter them if I need ‘permission’ to eat some of the calories.] Doing triathlons, a brick [two back to back workouts of different disciplines] is usually about 2,000 calories. Can I seriously eat that much in a day on purpose? LOL

Tracking really helped me in the beginning….it opened my eyes to a lot of things I didn’t event think about.

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