What does everyone do to increase their pace?

What does everyone do to increase their pace? I’m struggling to get faster and want to. I appreciate any suggestions!

Tempo runs, interval runs and FARTlek runs

I found that as I ran longer distances, the faster I was at shorter distances.

Cross training, speed drills and hills

Lots of hills, fartlek runs and for me I do a lot of cross training and pushing a 40 lb toddler in a jogging stroller.

Build a good endurance base, then train your legs at running faster during shorter distance, i.e. intervals and tempo, and HILLS, yeas, hills are your friend!

oh, and increase your cadence, faster turnover of legs means more push off the ground, hence faster speed.

Speedwork, hill repeats

Hills and Tempo workouts. One workout I do is 1-2-1-2-1 You pick up the pace for two miles, then recovery with relaxed speed. You can get faster, but be prepared to see some of the time you train..meaning minutes per workout lower a tad. You want to work harder during your workout on the dynamic of the speed process…this has worked for many that I have coached and myself as well..

I like to work to be sore during speed work…you will achieve speed, but you really need to want it. Also, weight is a huge part.

Eat whole foods!

Right about the overall minutes in a workout, or even your average pace in some workout, not be what you expect. Those times are not important. Hitting faster paces over some distances is what will matter in the long run…

It’s tough isn’t it! When you start doing speed it’s a battle workout,…but pays off when you go for a regular run and realize that your actually going faster, because you trained yourself for that resistance

I get that question all the time, form, lose weight, intervals, strong core, strength training, and rest”

Always depend on how your mind works. I’m a fairly analytical person so I can pull numbers for a workout and see the improvement hidden behind a ugly average pace over the whole workout because I timed my interval (400, 800 or mile repeat) separately. That way, I know if I hit my split times and I can also related the time to how hard they felt, but not everyone is like that.

But yeah, as you said, you need to train to go faster for your body to get used to it. Also simple strides at the end of a regular easy runs will help. Simply pick up your pace for maybe 100m a few times in your last mile. It’s not that tough to do but it will help your legs pushing harder than they are used to…

I don’t get sore much, but I know my pace has improved vastly in this current 12 weeks training cycles, mainly due to one speed-work session per week and one progression run (start easy then go at a faster but steady pace every 5 minutes) per week

Another reason while I love the Garmin for the training page on the watch…plug and run it..I hate the track..boring..lol

You don’t get sore much…utttt ohhh as I would say to my clients..need to work harder..lol…

Same thing for me, the pre-programmed intervals on the Garmin are gold, really…
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I agree…let’s you work on things instead of looking down. However, I am sure you know when you went that distance..After you have done it enough you get that whole okay..it’s done.

oh, I feel the work, just don’t get that sore. quiet improvement is my way. Have done a 5K in 20:50, 10K in 43:10, 15K in 1:05:45 (22, 21:15, 22 were the 3 5K splits) and I’m shooting for 1:31:30 to 1:35 for my first half in a week, that’s not too bad I’d think

Yea, you are early bro…you have time on your side. I think people like you that start late have a great amount ability to achieve so much …the road is wider and the struggle is new and enjoyable…I now am not a fan of the wider road…rather the comfort of the narrow..it’s term I use for when there’s only so much I can do now…

Run more!! Run hills!! And run with weights.

I’m slow but a fast slow if that makes sense.

A weighted vest or ankle weights!!

no, no, no ankle weights. Lifting weights ok, but no running with weights…
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Never tried it, just read numerous people say it wasn’t a good idea. I kind of agree, unnecessary strain on the muscle. But I’m no expert, could be wrong

no you are right bro.. biomechanics of the human body are interfered . However, I love the weight vest…do some short hills and then do some fast repeats..whoot

Ankle weighs aren’t bad. I wouldn’t recommend more than a few miles for them. But we used to do them in soccer practice to run faster. It helps. A weighted vest it MUCH more preferred

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