Any advice on how to start running?

So I’ve never been a runner in fact I’ve always hated the thought of running. Plus I’m on the heavier side of life so running just never appealed to me but now I want to start the journey. Any advice on how to ease into this ???

Couch to 5k. There are many apps you can download to your smart phone that will ease you into running. Just google C25K and you’ll see a lot of them. I used the micoach app and loved it. Good luck!

Couch to 5k is great! I started running at 298lbs and couldn’t run for more than 5 seconds. 18mths later, I’m now training for a half marathon. It is possible. You can do it! Good luck!

Start off by running 100 yards, then walking 100 yards and so on. Next time try running 200 yards, walking 200 yards. Before too long you’ll find you can keep going for 1/2 mile then a mile…then you’re away! Don’t think about how far you have left to go….just focus on something 50 yards ahead and concentrate on running that in good order…..and the distance will take care of itself! Don’t beat yourself up if you have a bad run. Good luck!

I began with a Couch to 5K app on my iPhone. That was 2 years ago. I have run 3 half marathons and am training for my 4th. You can do this. Just keep pushing through when it starts to get hard. Modify when you need to. And remember to have fun along the way. This is a journey you won’t regret starting. You’ll regret that you didn’t start sooner. Good luck!

Six months ago I could barely walk/run a few blocks!! Now I walk/run (mostly run) 4-6 miles 4-5 days a week!! So in love with running now!!

When I started running I couldn’t even do 2 minutes. Push yourself a little farther each time. Running, healthy food and weight training helped me lose 123 lbs. I have maintained for 3.5 years. 🙂 Ale sure you add weight training in. They will help you tone up. 🙂

Listen to your body. but lead with your mind. both will tell you to stop, but you need to know when it is time to rest and when its time to push through a wall. couch to 5k is a good guide to help you become the person you want to become.

I never followed a program until I was able to run one mile without stopping. When I first started, I would mark out how far I was going and just run until I couldn’t go anymore, walk until I felt like I could run again. Just kept trying. 3-4 times a week. Start with a flat path if you can. Give it all you have and you can build up endurance.

I’m currently stating the running journey but I call it jogging and I just set goals like. I’m going to jog from here to there and just do it. Baby steps.

Walk first! Then maybe powerwalk, and then at some point ease into intervals like walking 5 minutes and slow jogging for 30 sec. Just keep increasing slowly to avoid injury! Congrats on getting started! There may be a local group near you…walking/running with a group is so much more fun and motivating than doing it alone!

I never ran before but my Husband was a marathon runner. I started slowly . I bought myself a good runner shoe and a good running outfit. My first run was a walk rather then run but all other runner who passed me gave me a high five and complemented on my outfit . I was hooked. I did my 5k and just finished a half marathon. Running is not a race, it’s a process of telling your mind to control your body. If I can do it, so can you.

I started in august as a heavy person (and am still on the heavy side) I was only able to run about 10-20 seconds and then would walk about 3-4minutes. My mile time was 21.07…..I just kept doing intervals of running/walking. I still do that and can last about 2:30 minutes and then walk for approximate minute. I’ve increased pace and length spent running by doing this….I just completed an 11:54 mile the other day…which is crazy for me to even say. I hated running….and stillllllll maybeeeeeeee do lol but its working and makes me feel great after. Oh and the losing about 45pounds has helped me keep doing it

Get a pair of good shoes, comfy clothes and just do it. Start by walking, then telling urself ur gunna run to “there” and them keep pushing urself. That’s what I did little by little. First race was a 10 miler and I never thought I would run much less do that. 🙂

I couldn’t run down the street when I started I was 45 pounds heavier then. I did the Zombie 5k training ap. it was so hard. It took me almost 4 months to run that first 5k. Now I’m running my second half marathon and training for my first full, Chicago in October. You got this!!

I started my running with a run till you stop around the block not in a hurry at all, the first time I made it 3 doors down before I had to walk and the next day all the way to the corner without stopping, build very slowly and running will become part of your life. From three doors to finishing the Iron Man World Championship, we can do whatever we focus on and running for me was an acquired love, I hated it and never ran in my life, now I run 100-150 miles a month.

I know everyone is different and I am going against the grain here… I’ve used couch to 5k and I quit! I felt good during the run, but then once I started the walk part when it was time to run again I just didn’t want to. It was like I was running feeling good, then I would walk and feel drained. Now I just run, don’t watch the clock, or my miles. I feel free from doing what I am told I should do.. I do what feels good. Some days I am running a 10 min mile. Other days I am running a 17 min mile. I am okay with it either way because I am doing something! Good luck on your journey!!

Start walking first, then walk faster and faster and slow incorporate a slow jog where it be 10 seconds, 30 seconds, then increase it to running for 90 seconds and then look up the Couch to 5k plan! It is very easy to start running using that plan!

Couch to 5k. I never finished the program but it taught me run/walk intervals which I still do. I had to repeat weeks several times. I think it took me two weeks to complete day one. Don’t give up. Saturday I did my first half marathon and I’m still morbidly obese and 26 weeks pregnant. YOU CAN DO IT! It is harder mentally then physically, we can do more than we think we can.

I didn’t use the couch to 5k program . I started with walking. I would walk and then jog until I was out of breath and then once I recovered I would jog again…did this until I was jogging the whole thing..took awhile and there were times I thought I was gonna vomit….But I have never looked back or have any regrets! I have done a ton of 5k races, a 5 mile race and a half marathon. Running is the best thing I have done for myself! Keep it up! You can do it!

Couch to 5k-Jeff Galloway training program-get fitted for shoes first and foremost and great sports bra!!

What worked for me: new shoes, cute outfit, and (most importantly) setting a real goal for myself. For me, it was signing up for a 5k. The looming challenge kept me accountable! In the last year, I’ve brought my 5k time down from 52 min to 36 min. 🙂

C25K app…. Non runner 3 years ago, always chubby-fat. Just finished my fourth half marathon and have done 3 sprint triathalons…. Mom of 2 adolescents too! You can do this!

0 to 5k app. I’m still heavier than I want to be but have been running for a year. Trust me, if I can do it, so can you. 🙂 Good luck!

Walk and run intervals, take is slow and never, ever compare to anyone else. Not in the beginning, at least. You are awesome (no matter how slow or fast you go) for wanting to take this path.

Besides all the great advice on physical training, I would suggest volunteering or just being a spectator at a race. You will see runners of all shapes and sizes, all with their own story and journey. It’s quite inspirational. Gives you that extra push when you want to quit.

When others say “good shoes” they mean ‘go to a specialty running store and get an assessment. Nike and new balance do not work for me. And my shoe type (and support preference) has changed as I have gained muscle and changed form. Most specialty stores will take back shoes if you hate them, after a few runs. Which helps you get over the price. Then… go out and do what feels right.

One step at a time… Be consistent … I started at age 50. Ran for 3 minutes… Thought I was gonna die! Lol now 51… I have run 10 5k and 2 10k. Whoulda thunk!

Start slow. Start by walking. Then progress to walking/jogging. It gets easier. You can do it.

Jeff Galloway!!! I have an amazing long-distance running friend who inspired me to return to running after 20 years. She is the one who suggested Jeff Galloway and uses his training programs to train for 17 half marathons so far! I rediscovered how much I really did love running. It was retraining my brain into the run/walk idea that was the hardest thing. Coming from a cross-country competitive background, I would feel bad about walking, but it truly IS the way to be injury free and SO worth it! Congratulations on your decision to do this and I wish you well in your exciting journey 🙂

I would suggest a heart rate monitor. Whenever I used to start a new workout routine, I would do too much. I would be sore and exhausted which caused me to give up. This time I started slow by having a goal of keeping my age appropriate heart rate elevated for a fat burning workout 30 minutes 3 times per week. It became “doable” since it was a workout catered to my body and fitness level. I am still running after 2 years. Never thought it was possible. I also suggest the book “Excuses Begone” by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. It changed the way I viewed myself as an athlete/runner.

I’m heavy also. I started out walking and had an overwhelming urge to run. So I did! It felt awful! I jiggled everywhere, stomach, butt, legs and boobs. Said to myself gonna have to wait till I lose more weight. Then somebody told me about compression clothes which is a fancy name for a girdle. It works im 200 lbs and i have ran 2 5ks. My best time has been 45 min. Try it it may work for you

I started 2 years a go … I didn’t like it the first time we started with 2 miles i was dying I didn’t like the second the third or the fourth time … Now I love it .. And the two first miles I’m always oh no I should go back home bad after that the feeling is just great … Try it not ones no twice try it as many as you could.

Lap at a time. I started 6 months ago and was 30 pounds heavier. First mile I had to walk part of. I just finished my first half marathon. CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY!!! no matter how you feel, just show up and put the time in.

I was in the same frame of mind last July, but decided to give it a try. Definitely go to a running store (Dicks, Footlocker, etc do NOT count!) and get fitted for shoes. Start off walking (outside or treadmill) and gradually build speed. Once you can walk 3.5 mph or faster you are practically jogging anyway, so go for it! Lots have done couch to 5k programs…great training. Follow the program and you’ll do a 5k in 9 weeks! Good luck!

Don’t stop when it gets hard and you feel like you’re going nowhere (b/c it will happen)…. one day it just clicks. Those days you don’t feel like running, just do it anyway… you’ll be happy you did when you’re finished.

5k app, or if you listen to music, aim for one song run/ 1 song walk and increase from there. Start slow and aim for improvement each time 🙂

Even better the one song run is run 30 sec walk 60 sec there’s an app called ultra timer that you can set your ratios!

Make a goel for yourself and stick with it.. and dont remember to reward your self when you do..

One foot in front of the other!! It doesn’t matter if you start at a walk, move up to a trot, go to a jog and the to a doesn’t matter how far or how fast you go, JUST GO!!! It won’t happen in a day, week or a month, but once you start an keep at it, you just might SURPRISE yourself how much you can do!!! Go for it!!!

Don’t let your mind stop you, your body can handle more than you think. Pace yourself, stay hydrated, listen to music that motivates you. Start off by walking at a quick pace when you feel like stopping, jog a little. Set small goals for yourself and try to push past them.

Just start. Consistently, for a couple weeks. Don’t go far, don’t go too long, just go. Build up a tiny habit and then worry about the shoes and the gear. For now, all you need is some type of athletic shoes you already own and the road outside your door! GO!!!

A couch-to-5k app. Repeat workouts as needed. Slow & steady wins!

Join a group…hey, join two groups! You are most likely to keep at it with the support of others. Have a friend in the same boat? Make a pact with one another and challenge each other. Make some fun bets with each other. Join a race together that is 3 to 6 months away and train for it. If you don’t have a friend facing similar circumstances, sign up for a race yourself. You may just meet some new buddies along the way. Having a goal is awesome. Make it achieveable. Start with a 5K. You don’t even have to run the entire thing. Just get out there and get moving. Slow results are OK. When you look back in two years like I am now and can say, “Hey, I can’t believe I lost 50 pounds!” You will be so happy you took that first little step.

I started at age 40 with the c25k. I never thought I would be a runner…8 years later and after running many 5k, 10k and halfs I am signed up for my first marathon. You can do it!!

C25k. Or do intervals of running 1 min and walk 2-3. Do that for 20 min and build your time and intervals slowly. Take weekly miles and keep it the same for a couple of weeks. Then add only 10% at a time each week. That means if you do 2 miles a week, then do 2.2 the next. I used the c25k app but you only run 3 times a week. I tried to run too fast and injured myself with shin splints. Twice! So go slow and focus on form. Instead of speed or time. I just ran my 2nd 5k and have a 3rd next weekend. My goal is to improve my mile times and then run a 10k race in the fall! You can do it just don’t give up. Wear whatever shoe is comfortable for you but make sure they are running shoes..and you don’t have to shell out a lot of money or go to specialty shop. Use inserts if needed but make sure they for and feel good when you run. Keep going and don’t hide up! You need to weight train on your off days from running. Building up your core muscles will help you on your runs as well.

Baby steps, one step at a time, one foot in front of the other. Set reachable goals. Good luck, you will do great!!!!

Start slow and gradually work your way up. Be prepared that progress may be slow and frustrating at times, but stick with it!

Couch to 5k podcast…download and go!! Made a runner out of this giant noon runner…and I lost 47#!

Definitely recruit a buddy if you can, if you can’t -download books to listen to while you run (for me, distraction is so helpful!).

Join online groups that motivate. I have found runners to be hugely supportive and it makes such a huge difference!

Run as far as you can and then walk… as far as you can and then walk. Repeat until you can ran farther then before and then walk… Do this over and over until you can run a mile

Get some good music on and get out there!! Have fun!! You’ll be addicted in mo time!!

Check with your doc, for the “good to go”, Start with the walk and jog routine for 3 to 4 weeks, buy some beginning runners books, the books provide a good running routine according to your level and goal. make sure you are wearing the right shoes, goto a specialty runners store, don’t have to buy fancy running clothes, just wear comfortable shorts/ t- shirt. Nutrition is the key, don’t diet, just eat right, runner’s staple is carbs, but healthy carbs! Whole wheat rice, bread, pastas. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t run a full mile after 3 weeks! It takes time for your body to adapt! Time! Listen to your body, if you worked out hard, then do an easy workout the next day, like yoga, light weight lighting, bike, our walk. Don’t be discouraged if someone is running faster than you if you decide to join a running team. You’ll get there! Drink water, stay away from sodas, and pay attention to the serving size for sports drinks, the one bottle of Gatorade is usually 2 1/2 servings!

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