15 Signs That You’re A Distance Runner

1. You’re always wearing a watch with a stopwatch on it, or you at least always have one handy.

2. You explain directions using number of miles instead of minutes/time.

3. You have more running/workout clothes than regular clothes.

4. Following #3, you would rather wear them all the time than regular clothes, even if you’re not working out/running.

5. You have a running app on your phone

6. You can’t even count how many pairs of running shoes/flats you have in your room, because you have so many, old & new.

7. You have really calloused feet, maybe even a few blisters

8. You embrace #7 with no shame

9. You try to avoid treadmills at ALL COSTS.

10. You go to the bathroom during the day more times than you can count, because you drink so much water.

11. People often call you crazy, and you love it

12. You have a bigger appreciation for nature than most people, even the rain.

13. Following number 12, you like to run in the rain, and people call you crazy for that too, and you still love it.

14. Your thighs DO TOUCH and you’re not ashamed of it at all, ‘cause your thunder thighs have carried you many miles.

15. You put yourself through the wringer every day, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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