1. Hold your Garmin up to the sky because you swear you get better reception.

2. Have full conversations with yourself while running, often times out loud.

3. You look at your clock at home and get all giddy when you realize it’s your PR time.

4. You see the word “marathon” in the TV guide and get excited before you realize it has nothing at all to do with running.

5. Swore you would never wear a fanny pack but a fuel belt? No problem!

6. Run tons of miles per week but yet you still search for the closest parking spot at the grocery store.

7. Carry extra running gear in your car just in case you see a great looking place to run on accident.

8. Wear your running clothes to bed so you spend less time changing and have more time to run in the morning.

9. On long runs you get so deep in thought that you suddenly realize that you don’t remember what happened the last couple miles.

10. Talking in acronyms: My last MP earned me PR and 1st in my AG. I didn’t BQ but at least I wasn’t a DNF.

11. You blow your nose in your shirt because you suck at blowing snot rockets while running. You just end up looking like a dog slobbering out the car window.

12. Get extremely excited when you see a porta potty or bathroom out of no where on your run.

13. Show off your bruised and black toe nails to non runners while trying to convince them it was so much fun and completely worth it!

14. Constantly checking behind you to see if anyone is catching up that could be the boogey man.

15. Change into your running clothes in your car not caring if anyone sees.

16. Fart while running on accident but still look around to see if anyone heard it. And if so, you speed up to lose them!

17. Assume that the old lady that passed you like you were standing still is only going to be running a couple miles.

18. Question what you got yourself into at the beginning of the race only to immediately wonder what races you can enter next.

19. Realize that the majority of the songs on your phone are ones that you run to.

20. Panicking the day before a race making sure that you have everything lined up that you will need.

21. Look at runners with envy while driving.

22. When the local news starts talking about race weekend you start panicking because you didn’t sign up, then you realize they are talking about NASCAR and not running.

23. While driving down the road you see the amount of miles until your destination on the road sign and you immediately think “I can run that!”

24. Avoid going past a running store because you know you can’t come out of it empty handed.

25. Getting people to reschedule their weddings because it interferes with your race schedule.

26. Seeing people with 13.1 and 26.2 stickers on their car and speeding up to get a good look at them. Even if you have to do 80+. It’s still a competition!

27. Running around in circles so you hit an even amount of mileage on your Garmin.

28. Knowing that it is impossible to run past windows without looking at the reflection so you can check out your running form.

29. Solve the worlds problems while running and wonder why there is no law that world leaders have to do this.

30. Plan vacations based on where you can run and what races you can enter.

(via Running Sole)

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