Garmin Forerunner 110 and Garmin Forerunner 220 Review

Garmin Forerunner® 110 Overview

  • Most User Friendly Performance Monitoring Watch with GPS
  • Track distance, current pace and total time taken to cover the distance
  • Start monitoring your performance by simply pressing just two buttons
  • Works with heart rate monitor
  • Connects to Garmin Connect™ and let you share, review and plan workouts


Garmin Forerunner 110

Using Garmin Forerunner 110 is the simplest and effective approach of monitoring your running performance. The GPS enabled tracking system of Forerunner 110 allows you to precisely monitor your distance and pace without any hassles of whistles or extra bells. There are no complicated settings; you are ready to monitor your performance by just pressing the start button.

Train Smarter, Not Harder

When a few seconds can make the difference between the winners and losers, the accuracy of workout data becomes very instrumental in improving your performance. With the most precise data about your distance, current pace and total time taken to cover the distance, Forerunner 110 empowers you to train smarter. It hardly matters whether you are a beginner aiming for your first 5k race or professional athlete, trying to push your performance to the limits, Forerunner 110 helps you in achieving your target by keeping your spirits high. The data about each run stored on the watch not only allows you to review your training, but also lets you see how your performance has improved over the last week, month or year. You can also upload the data to Garmin Connect™ for more detailed analysis and planning or sharing the performance with the community.

Easy to Use

Forerunner 110 is one of the most user friendly devices we have ever designed. With this device, you will never face any hassles in monitoring the performance of your run. Once you charge your Forerunner 110, you will be required to take it outside for letting it connect to GPS satellites and answer a few simple configuration questions. That’s it; you are now ready to use your performance tracking watch. Simply, press the start button to start running and stop button to finish your run.

Follow Your Heart

Some models of our Forerunner 110 are equipped with the heart rate monitoring system (black/red model for men and gray/pink model for women) that display your heart beats per minute. These models also use the heart rate for calculating the amount of total calories burnt during your running exercise. Heart rate monitoring can be very instrumental for people having cardiac issues or athletes desiring to push their limits. So, if you have purchased the black/gray version of Forerunner 110 that comes without any heart rate monitoring system, you can connect your existing ANT+™ supporting heart-rate monitor or purchase our heart-rate monitor to connect it with your Forerunner 110.

Store, Analyze and Share

Analyzing your performance data provides very useful insights for improving your running performance. Whether you are an aspiring enthusiast or professional athlete, the performance data are very instrumental in keeping you motivated and spirited to stay on your course. We provide absolutely free service for analyzing and sharing your performance data. For using our services, simply connect to your Mac or PC and upload the data to Garmin Connect. Our detailed data analysis services will allow you to see the route map of your running, review your performance data and plan for further improvements.

Fast and Accurate

We have incorporated the most sophisticated technologies in designing Forerunner 110 to make it a very user friendly device. HotFix™ satellite prediction is one such technology that quickly locks the watch to the satellite so that you don’t have to waste any time in searching for the signals or helping your device to connect to the satellite. Your Forerunner 110 features highly sensitive GPS receiver that keeps the device locked to the satellite regardless of the tree covers or building shadows.

Garmin Forerunner® 220 Overview

  • Running Companion with Colorful Design and Enhanced Connectivity
  • Tracks all performance indicators like distance, time, pace and heart rate
  • Identifies and stores personal records
  • Connected features provide hassle-free uploads to Garmin Connect
  • Allow social media sharing and free training plans from Garmin Connect with live tracking

Garmin Forerunner 220 – A Coach in Every Watch


Garmin Forerunner 220 is nothing short of a virtual coach for your training requirements with additional features that sustain your spirits and motivation. Forerunner 220 not only provides a systematic analysis of your performance over time, but also connects you with your friends and fans whose post-run encouragement can be the ultimate shot to boost your performance. The features like real-time live tracking and social media sharing through Garmin Connect Mobile app enhance the power of social compassion to keep you motivated on your course.

Garmin Forerunner 220 is equipped with all the performance tracking features like distance, total time, current pace and heart rate that make us the leading supplier of training and sport watches. However, these tracking features in combination with live feedback transform forerunner 220 into a coach on hand. While you concentrate on your run, Forerunner 220 silently records everything you need to know for improving your performance. The built-in accelerometer of forerunner 220 proves very instrumental in calculating the distance and pace when you are passing through a tunnel or training on a treadmill / indoor track where GPS signals are not available. This feature eliminates the requirement of a separate foot pod to track your performance during indoor activities. Forerunner 220 has been specifically designed to let the users benefit from our free training plans at Garmin Connect. You can realize the potential of real time coaching by just scheduling these free training plans.

Easy to Use


We believe that additional features don’t mean complicated gadgets. Operational simplicity is the basic parameter of every sport watch that we design. Forerunner 220 features simple buttons supported by a sturdy hinged wristband that provides wearing comfort and operational flexibility. The colorful display of 220 ensures that you can easily comprehend the performance indicators by just making a glance.

Extra Training Features

Forerunner 220 also features additional training tools of our premium training watches. It allows you to select your training pace, include run/walk intervals and set alerts for heart rate or other performance targets so that you are always in your comfort zone. These alerts are conveyed through soft vibrations, but you can also select audible alerts or both audible as well as vibration alert to customize your forerunner. When you push the stop button to indicate that you have completed your run, your forerunner 220 presents a systematic post-run summary of your performance during the run.

Garmin Forerunner 220 also includes the feature of identifying your personal records like longest run, fastest pace, best performance during 5k, 10k, half or full marathon and stores these records for your future reference.

Get Connected


Connected features of Forerunner 220 that enhance connectivity and upload to Garmin Connect make 220 unique of its kind. Forerunner 220 can pair with your Smartphone for live-tracking and social media sharing on our website. Once you download and install our Garmin Connect Mobile app on your mobile device, forerunner 220 will automatically pair with your Smartphone in range and seamlessly upload your post-run performance data to Garmin Connect without any efforts on your part.

Live tracking is another unique feature of forerunner 220 that allows your friends and followers to see your performance stats in real time. Obviously, LiveTrack feature of 220 requires a paired Smartphone during the entire course of your run. As already mentioned, forerunner 220 is fully compatible with our free training plans and therefore, you can benefit from real-time coaching during your run and share your milestones with your friends by using our Garmin Connect Mobile app. Pairing your watch with our mobile app is not only convenient and user friendly, but also promotes a faster GPS fix through regular connection to Garmin Connect.



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