Can anyone recommend a GPS watch to track my runs?

Can anyone recommend a GPS watch to track my runs? I currently use an app on my phone but I know that’s not the most accurate way to get feedback. What do you use and what price can I expect to pay?
I use garmin forerunner 10. Not many bells and whistles compared to some of the GPS watches. They’re probably one of the least expensive- $129 give or take a little.



I prefer a stop watch (Timex Iron man) for track workouts. You are most interested in time and splits and this $40 watch works great. I use my Garmin for everything else.

Suunto Ambit 2R

Just got a Garmin Forerunner 110 for $105. I’ve been using the app Runkeeper but from what I’ve read, it’s not as accurate as a GPS watch. To be honest, I was fine using the app but the watch is more convenient in that you can glance at your wrist for time, distance, pace, etc. However, you can program Runkeeper to give you audio feedback every mile, half-mile, kilometer, or whatever you want.

Forerunner 220

Tomtom Runner GPS. I like the display, can easily see data on the screen when your running.

Got mine with HR monitor. $169 on Amazon. TomTom also provide the GPS etc for the Nike+ watch. With Nike getting out of the wearable tech market that’s also something to consider for future software updates etc.

Soleus GPS Fit $99 awesome 8hr gps battery easy to use & lightweight

I use the tomtom runner gps watch with heart rate monitor as well. I love it! But it’s all I’ve ever used. Sometimes I wear the HR monitor and sometimes I don’t.

Garmin 910XT. Highly recommended especially if you’re planning on doing triathlons


Depends on what you want to do. Nike and Garmin are both pretty good. Never used Nike, but many do. The question is…what do you want it to do? Do you want to use it for biking AND running? Do you want to be able to program interval workouts and workouts with warm up and cool downs? Do you want to track Heart Rate as well? How much do you want to spend. Do you want it to track daily activity as well?? (I think only the 15 does this feature)

Here is my recommendation. Go on ebay and get a forerunner 305. It is an older watch, but won’t set you back too much. Probably $75 or so with the heart rate monitor. It can do just about everything you would need. Figure out what features you will actually use and THEN drop $150-$500 on a new watch. You may well end up using features that you didn’t think you would.

I have the 205, which is the same as the 305 except it doesn’t do the Heart Rate monitor. Didn’t think I would need it. Now, I wish I had gotten the 305, but have had to live with it for another 4 years cause them things are ‘spensive.

If you want a comparison chart of what watches do what, google DCRAINMAKER PRODUCT COMPARISON CHART. You will be able to compare all of the different watches and features and decide.

Do you find Nike to be as accurate? I had the old shoe chip years ago and it was always off by .2 (which stinks when running a race).

I too use Runkeeper and have a Garmin watch. The watch is nice for quick viewing. I want the new 220

220 is NICE. Wish I had the $$$ for it. Nicest one out there right now.


I actually like the display of the Nike watch. Nice, big numbers (great for us older guys) but you can’t program workouts. DEAL BREAKER!!

I love my phone app….cardiotrainer app. Shows where i ran, tracks history, everything, talks and tells me my mins/mile, and i can listen to my music.

Problem I have with the phone apps is that 1) the GPS is HORRIBLE on battery life. I would be afraid to take it out on 1-2 hour long runs. and 2) the screen keeps blanking and it takes too long to unlock it so you can see what pace you are running, or how far you have run, how much time you have left before the turn around… etc. Practically have to stop to do it.

Hmm…i have an S5 and i run about 3 miles…35-40mins while listening to pandora on the phone and still only use about 15% of battery. U cant run no marathon with it but for short runs its awesome. The phone app i have tells distance in a voice periodically….but if u want to know every step of the way then a watch gps may be better. I really dont care to know how far i ran because i know the route im taking and how many miles that is. I would think you could tell the app how many miles you want to run and it would let you know when to head back….but i never tried it so i wouldnt know.

Yeah. Probably could. I don’t run with music, so I don’t have headphones in. I have one of those armband things that I put the phone in, but it would get wet when it rains. Might try it and see.

only if it isn’t lightning. I had a friend tell me once” what will you do on race day if it rains…stay home?” Train like you race. Rain, snow, wind..unless too windy. We have 20mph winds here in the afternoon.

I seen garmins. They were expensive.

My gamin 405 kicks ass. But yes expensive

Do you plan on doing anything other than running with it? If want to track cycling, swimming, etc. I would look at a Garmin triathlon watch such as the 910XT, 310XT, or 305…or their best all around watch, the Fenix 2.

If you’re just into running, the GPS watches typically start at a little over $100 and go up to $400+. It really depends on the features you’d want from it. As someone else suggested, I would go to and check out some of his product reviews.

I have run with the 310XT for 5 years now, and while on the bulky side, it’s a fantastic watch. The battery life, durability, and waterproofing are all great features. I even have a conversion kit for when I want to track my cycling. I had purchased the top of the line FR620 thinking that I needed a standalone running watch. It had some really awesome newer technology like live tracking and Bluetooth connectivity, but in the end I went back to the 310XT.

If your gonna do tri’s the 910xt is what you need. That’s the one I am going to get but wait a bit and it may go on sale again soon. A couple of weeks ago it was the same price as a 220. I’m stalking it waiting for another sale and kicking myself for not buying it last time.

I’m getting into the triathlons now myself, and you’re right there are tons of different options. I would say it really depends on your budget. Newer watches like the Fenix 2 and 910XT are going to run you $400, the 310XT can be had for $160-180ish,and the 305 (discontinued) you can typically find used for under $100. If money is no object and you want the most advanced piece of equipment you can wear as a triathlete, then I would go with the Fenix 2. There are many great and less expensive options though. Good luck!

The 910xt was 25% making it $249. Still kicking myself. Ugh

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