A New Runner Shares Her Story

Amy shared her story with Favorite Run Community (https://www.facebook.com/groups/484242464984296):
“I am new to this community and VERY new to running. I would like to share my story as I embark on this new, healthier, chapter in my life. This may get a little lengthy, so please bear with me.

For as long as I remember I was never a small girl, never considered myself skinny- never felt comfortable in a bathing suit. I was always trying to lose weight, did every program possible (I don’t even want to think about the amount of money I spent!). I never was active, never pl…ayed sports as a child- although I was one hell of an oboe player in the high school band . When I met my husband in 2006 I weighed probably 190lbs, not skinny, but not too fat for being 5’9”. After we got married in 2007 things really started to get out of control with my weight. Again I tried all the fad diets- weight watchers, cookie diet, quick weight loss…. again thousands of dollars.

In 2009 I became pregnant with our first child. I weighed 240lbs at that time. He was born in 2010 and I was huge. I was able to drop some weight at that time with another fad diet, only to gain it all back plus some when I stopped. Last July we became pregnant with our second child. I weighed 270lbs and thought to myself “I’m going to be 300lbs before this baby is born!”. April 26th, 2014 I went into labor with my son, that morning my weight was 299lbs (I avoided that 300 lb mark by the skin of my teeth!).

He is now 6 weeks old and I decided enough is enough. I know I need to get this weight off if I want to see my kids grow old. I have always envied runners and that “runners high” that I hear about. I want to have that. I know that the only way that I am going to do this is the old fashioned way- eat less, move more.

So today starts a new chapter in my life. That fat me will soon only exist in terrible pictures. I am so excited to be a part of this group. I have enlisted the help of two friends from FRC Group. I think I have become their project, so now even if I want to give up I can’t! I feel very proud and accomplished that I ran 3 miles with them this morning. More activity than I may have ever done in my whole life.

Thank you for reading this and I look forward to the support of this group and hope to make some friends along the way!”

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