Could carbs really influence run pace?

Could carbs really influence run pace? I normally eat very little carbs under 50 grams a day we’ll the past few days I have increased it to 100. Today I had run yet. Under 10 minute miles the whole 5.25 miles. I was doing 11.2 ish minute miles last week.

Good carbs=great energy in turn faster run.

What is a good carb to eat prior to running?

I eat flax bread with a smear of pb. Carb/protein…good to go.

I had oatmeal today with some chicken sausage

Bananas are great also

Karen, perfect mix of good carbs and protein!

I have found the same thing. My runs fizzle if less than 100-150 g of carbs a day. I know being “fat adapted” is the trend, but I think distance runners need carbs.

I have never cut out carbs. Been running for over 25 years…long distance and competitive….runners need their good carbs. You just have to find what works for you.

Good Carbs are your energy source. Nice protein carb mix before run, and nice protein carb mix after is how I do it. If you’re burning energy, don’t be too worried about cutting carbs, you’ll be burning fuel during and after your workouts/runs! It’s the bad ones you need to watch. Chips, candy, chocolate, certain pizzas etc….

I’m logging food and find I’m deficient in protein. Any suggestions other than protein powders? Nothing against them, but I’m just wondering. I need to cut out bad carbs here, but I stress eat that junk up until a few weeks ago.

I never use protein powders. I get mine from meats. I don’t eat dairy or beans (rarely) but those are good sources too.

I do protein powder bc I aim for 0.8-1g per lb daily – so approx 96-120g. I do 2 shakes a day and that provides 50g. The rest I get from what I eat – lots of turkey, chicken, eggs, pb (I’m obsessed with pb), etc.

I need to revisit my intake. Thanks, Karen and Laura. I’ve excluded meat and eggs but I think in moderation, they’re not bad. It’s portion size that may have been an issue. I’ll get turkey, chicken and some protein powder instead of carbs.

Don’t cut out your carbs, or you’ll lose your energy source. Protein is your muscle builder, muscle recovery, creates lean muscle mass and much more, but it’s Not an energy source. Look up good carbs and you’re good to go!

Yeah ^^ totally agree! I forgot the post was about carbs lol. I have a bagel every am for breakfast. And I have other carbs (via veggies etc) throughout the day. Right now, I’m sadly averaging only 12-15 miles a week. I need to up that to 15-20, then 20-25. I just hate running in the heat but I refuse to run on a dread mill.

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