How did you choose your running shoes?

How did you choose your running shoes? A little background on me, I’ve been running consistently for the past three months. I want to get a new pair of shoes now that I know I will keep on running and not quit on myself. I’m 5’10 and weigh 254. I literally feel like I’m running for my life. So did you get fitted at a running store, friend’s recommendations, a review in Runners World? I look at it as an investment in myself so I want to make the right choice.

I went about it on my own and chose two shoes that were VERY wrong for me at first. Then, I went to a local sporting goods store and though I didn’t get exactly “fitted,” they did look at my pronation and suggested better arch support. I went with Brooks per their suggestion and have stuck with them for 2 years now. LOVE them.

I went to a running store and had them watch me run. They suggested Brooks for me, especially since I am a bigger runner (apparently they are WELL cushioned) and I’ve never looked back. Love my Brooks!

I went to a running store. The guy do asked me my goals towards running and ask how much I run a day. He also had me run on a treadmill then brought some shoes out. I actually wanted bright colors but according to how I step I needed a different brand that didn’t come in skittle colors. I’m happy with my running shoes

The right shoe sure makes all the difference in your run!

I highly suggest going to a running store to get fitted. They can help guide you in the right direction for the best shoe for you. Big plus is that most running stores will allow you to exchange the shoe if its not right after a couple runs.

Go to a running store that puts you in a treadmill & videos your feet from behind. It will immediately show if you need a supportive shoe or not. Take it from the gal who went thru 4 pairs of WRONG shoes before doing it right. Lol

Getting fitted for proper shoes makes a huge difference! I had ankle pain was running in brooks but they were neutral. Once I got fitted, they watched me run, talked with me about speed & distance I wanted to accomplish. They recommended a stability shoe I bought Asics. No more ankle pain! And they had me go up 1/2 a size also. It was a great learning experience!

Most people will go to a running store to get properly fitted if they can. The shoes aren’t the cheapest. But its worth it.

Asics fit me best. I have a very high arch so they work well.

Brooks, toe box are roomy And they cost the same At every store even local running store so get the proper fit if you have a local running outfitter close

new balance is pretty good as well. I know sketches is coming out with running shoes. Heck the man that won the Boston marathon this year was wearing s ketchers..

Asics. But I would still get a gait Anaylais done. My two kids and me all wear something different.

Another reason I like Brooks they have a 30 day no risk if you don’t like them for any reason they will refund or replace

I wear what the running store tells me to. They video tape you running, then based on how your foot hits the ground will depend on the shoe. I’ve gotten my best shoes there.

Brooks fit me best. I have a wide front foot and a high foot and they squish my feet the least. I also like the 30 day no questions asked guarantee.

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