“I finally ran my first half marathon since getting hit by a car while running 11 months ago.

I totally bawled my eyes out after I finished the race and saw my family. How to describe the emotion that overwhelmed me!?

Ever since I was laying in a hospital bed 11 months ago, I have had one single focus: to run the Brewers Half Marathon on 9/26/15. The doctors said it would take me a year to fully recover, I said, by faith, I will run that race in 11 months.

Through every phase of recovery; wheelchair to walker, walker to crutches, 2 crutches to one, walking with a limp, various phases of physical therapy, (even when I couldn’t even lift my own leg off the ground) I had my eye on today’s finish line.

Here’s why: in my heart I determined that if I could recover and run this race, then I could reclaim my life, my health and my future. All of which were almost taken from me for good. I reasoned that if, by God’s grace, I could run and cross this finish line after months of disability and pain, then NOTHING would be impossible for me & God to do together in the future.

When that moment came, I was overcome with joy, hope and gratitude.

Then to see the ones I love cheering me on, like they couldn’t when I was 1400 miles away in a hospital bed… That just put me over the edge.

To me, running has always been a metaphor for life. To me it represents going after my destiny, living my purpose, finishing well & attaining the prize. After this, I am convinced that I am closer than I’ve ever been before!

Thank you all for seeing me through this very personal and challenging journey since last October with kindness, encouragement & service. I am so blessed to have so many friends and loving people in my life.

Will you celebrate faith in God, perseverance and possibility with me today?

Ps. The beautiful medal I received was always intended for the surgeon who did an extraordinary job putting me back together. I will give it to him personally this month when I return to Florida.

Never forget Matthew 19:26! “Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”