Tips on what is best to eat before a long run

Hi everyone! Just looking for some tips on what is best to eat before a long run?

I do a banana and a goo gel

I usually do a banana or apple like 30 minutes beforehand… some days I can run 4 miles others only 2. Should I eat it closer to my run.. or wait longer?

Oatmeal and a banana

I eat right before but that’s more out of necessity because I run before work and don’t have time to wait. I think you’ll have to experiment what your stomach can take. Luckily mine doesn’t bother me eating right before. Experiment now so you know what works when race day cones

Okay, Thanks! I’ve done A few races and was fine then… just when it comes to everyday running, each day is different.

I eat a banana and toast. I love bananas before a run!

I do a banana and white bagel with soy butter.

How much time do you typically give yourself between eating and running?

At least 30 minutes if not an hour. But you should experiment with your tummy. I’m sure some people don’t wait that long. :/)

Okay, thanks for your input!! I just started Beachbody and will also see how shakeology works with my runs..I hear it’s suppose to be a great pre/post-workout drink that provides you with a good about of energy for running. We shall see!

I eat a Luna protein bar and a banana about 30 minutes before a long run and then a gel every 45 minutes or so.

Banana & oatmeal/almond milk ..all I need

Banana hard boiled egg

Banana it is good in Potassium. Long runners like eating it after running or exercising.

I use Shakeology as a pre-run snack, usually 30-60 minutes before.

I now use shakeology after my workouts I LOVE it!!

I’m in my last week of P90X3. Next week I’m starting a hybrid of P90X3 and T25.

I love T25. It helped my running tremendously! My results with it convinced me to be a coach.

I ran a 5K two weeks ago and a 10K last week. I won age group awards in both races. I never won anything before.

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