Would you drive 2 and a half hours to do a 5k?

Would you drive 2 and a half hours to do a 5k? I’m thinking about doing that next weekend. So 5 hours total driving time, lol! But it’s CHICAGO! It’s in Hyde Park around the University of Chicago which I’ve wanted to see. I think I’m gonna do it.:)

I would drive that far. for a run 🙂

Makes complete sense to me. What’s the issue? Lol runner problems 🙂

I would for s half. not sure about a 5k though.

I have driven that far. It’s fun to go different areas and run with family.

I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t even pay for 5k or 10k anymore. But what any of us would do doesn’t matter, if you want to do it, go for it and enjoy it!!

I drive that far for runs for almost all my runs….I have done 3 so far this year and all have been 2 1/2 hours away, I have 3 more I have signed up for and all 3 are too…it helps that’s where my parents live, but I have to other cities as well!

…gas seems to be really cheap where you live… ha ha ha Well, have fun!

Go for it!! Why not? Especially if it’s somewhere you’ve been wanting to see

That would be worth it!

I’m driving six at the end of May

I agree why not! I fly 3 hours from TX to San Jose to do a half marathon.

There was a time I would have but now I have to limit races, unless big event races, to no further than I am going to be running. So for a 5k 40 minutes is my limit, 10k 1 1/2 hours, Half 3 hours and a marathon 6 hours.

Do it and make a little road trip out of it. I have been driving to a few races about 2 hours away and I have been discovering such beautiful towns and places that I didn’t even know existed! In May I will be driving 5 hours for a 10k from Toronto to Sudbury and then I will visit their local attraction the biggest nickel in the world lol 🙂

I drove over 5 hours one way to do a 5K mud run with my sister cuz I LUV HER but I did stay overnight and drive back the next day.

Palm Springs to Las Vegas to run half marathon.. And again to do half Ironman.

Driving 4 hours one way to do a half. Would drive 3 hours one way to do a Warrior Dash (on my bucket list). Go for it!!

DO IT!!! you can’t unmake memories. and I have driven almost as far for a non-race run. have fun!

I drove 1 hour 15 min to get to a 10k and made a hotel trip out of it. I have also traveled 2 hours 45 min to get to a 10k:)

I just went to Denver last weekend to do this. One on Saturday and one on Sunday. Then drove over 2 hours home. Good times!!

I drove 5 each way for a 5k zombie mud run twice! totally worth it!

I drove 4 hours (one way) to run my first 5k with Tiffany Tefft aka Workout Girl. Wouldn’t want to have done it any other way.

Make it a mini vacation

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