Q&A: Drinking while running?

Question: Anyone else have to drink A LOT when they run? I can’t go a mile without drinking. I was running 6 mi this morning and was noticing all of the other runners without hydration and wearing layers…it was 66 degrees! Geez

Answers from runners:
I do!! I started chewing gum while I run and don’t drink quite as much, but I still finish my water bottle and end up wishing I had a bigger one. I also sweat a ton when I run. And I drink a lot of water throughout the day.

I’m right there with you. I go through an entire 26 oz handheld on just a 3 mile run. Can stretch that bottle to a 5-6 mile run if I have to. Anything over 6 and I have to either find a way to refill or carry a fuel-belt or camel-back.

I try not to because then I start stumbling. Lol

There’s a good chance your not hydrating enough outside of running, the night before, the morning before, etc.

When I did my 22 miler, I wore my camel bak & 4 bottle hydration belt! Of course it was in FL and high 80’s!

I always run with water. I’m a mouth breather so it helps keep my mouth moist.

The easiest suggestion I’ve heard on how much water you should drink daily is to take your weight and divide it in half and that’s how many ounces you should be drinking.

I carry a camel back when I run 20+ But usually refill it at some point. But I dont carrying anything otherwise. I will make sure I circle back to my car though and grab water if I need to

I can usually go about 6miles without water but that’s only in 50-60 degree weather and I usually drink at least 4liters of water a day.

My bladder is the size of a walnut so hmmmm, there ya go 🙂

I need water after a mile too but I live in Phoenix AZ where it is dry all the time!

I don’t do enough I admit…..I just dont like to take it with me.

Runners who don’t hydrate during even a 10k really should. I tend to not carry water for a 5k or so, but I should. I chew gum, so I don’t get thirsty, but thirst quenching is not the same as hydrating. So I’m guilty, but at least I know it??!

Remember, some runners are training for races in other climates, which could be the reason for layers & minimal hydration while running. I know for myself, I do…but post run, you bet I’m making up for it!

I never drink when I run….I can go 15 miles without a drink…..I think it all depend on the person!!!!…. but I do drink when I finish lol

Yep. I carry a water bottles with me on all my runs. I have two Nathan bottls – a 12 oz and a 22 oz.

I can usually run 8M w/out water as long as it isn’t above 80 degrees and it isn’t humid, I too chew gum to help keep my mouth moist and I hydrate well throughout the day everyday!!

Don’t drink on training unless it is over 7 (5 in summer)miles. Hydrate well before.

I’ve gone without drinking water and end up feeling dehydrated once I’m finished. That’s not good! It’s good to sweat but be careful that you don’t dehydrate. There are some people that don’t sweat as much. What I learned in my Anatomy and physiology class is that those people that do not sweat as much run the risk of overheating. Sweating is a mechanism to cool us.

The key is to stay hydrated period…drink half your body weight a day and if you workout a lot then more is needed. Sometimes water isn’t enough you may need electrolytes. I sweat as well but I’m never hardly thirsty when I run, because I drink about 100 ounces daily in water and I add electrolytes in some. I drink that much because I also workout and run.

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