Can you remind me why I enjoyed running?

Question: I stopped running shortly after I finished my first 5k in December (which was a huge achievement for me), I am beginning to put back on some weight and fall back into some bad habits. I am looking for inspiration and couldn’t think of a better place to find it. Can you guys remind me why I enjoyed running? The benefits? Anything. I am in desperate need of motivation and inspiration in general.

Answers from Runners:
I am in the same boat. I lost so much weight from running, using the c25k program app & lose it combined. But since then I gained it back. I can use a lot of inspiration! I am want to start running back again. We should encourage each other, since we are both in the same both!

Let’s motivate each other. I used the C25k app as well, and I really liked it. I just can not get the motivation and courage to get out the door and run again.

Sign up for any run and that usually helps me stay focused and on track. I have a run every month.

Me too! I remember coming home and just slapping on my shoes and headed out the door, I didn’t even sit down, just so I can keep it up. Now I come home and it sucks. I have so much I do through out the day, but I need to make time for it. I loved it.

Hey ladies. Whenever I’ve fallen off the running wagon I went back to the c25k. I also recently stopped seeking motivation and started practicing consistency. ‘Motivation’ always seems to be coming or going and you always chasing after it or waiting for it to come back! Being consistent is unchanging – it’s getting up and getting it done!

Thinking like this has helped me out of bad bouts of depression and on a path to happiness. On Sunday I ran my first 10k without stopping. Not easy for an overweight girl but I did it and I’m still buzzing a proud!

Make yourself get out for one mile everyday…you hate it? Quit. You want more? Run. I think you’ll find you want more way more than you’ll quit! Challenge a pal to run xxxx miles in xxxx time. Use nike+ to compete and share!

Running makes me eat better- running pulls fat out of places the gym can’t find…

Give your self new targets, I started running a year ago, I walked my route for weeks gradually adding short runs in it. Finally managed to run the 5km route, then added a little bit more, I did the Lincoln 10km last Sunday, I’m 11 days in doing the 5×50 ( running 5km every day for 50 days),, I’ve just put my name down for another 10km,,,, I need something to aim for or I fall off the running wagon ,,,, try just setting yourself small goals when you reach them you will feel so good you will add a bit more,,,, good luck

why did you stop after such a great achievement? think about how you felt afterr that race. jsut lace up a pair of shoes and go outside and enjoy yourself. youll slowly, if not right away, remember how great it feels.

I did the same thing but in November. I got out running and struggled. Bought myself my first garmin for motivation last week. I told a friend at work his reply was, “wow your serious about running” YES! I’m a runner. You can do it.

Judy running or doing any type of workouts consistently is not easy… You have to dig down and ask your self why you run and remember how good it felt when you did. It is 4:23 am and I am headed out for a run soon.. For me it’s not even an option anymore.. On a run day I run… Cold, darkness, rain, snow, hail.. Sometimes all at the same time. The feeling after a run for me is priceless. You can do it.. Just gotta remember that.

The best time of year to start running is here so get out there! Look for a running club to join too that can give you new friends an tons of motivation

When I started working out/running consistently, I made myself do 10 mins a day. If after 10 mins I wanted to stop, I did! I RARELY stopped. Just knowing I could made it easier. Fast forward 10 years-I have to make myself take rest days:) Another trick that helped me was not going more than a day between workouts. That way I could never forget how good it feels to sweat it out! Best of luck-you can do it!!!!

Because it means freedom! It’s about proving to yourself that you are capable of doing so much more than you ever imagined!

I started running to make myself a better person, & not just physically. And that’s why I’ll never stop. You know how it feels to set those goals, put in the hard work, time, & sweat to cross those off – set some more, & get it done! Find another 5K, somewhere new, because you know you can do the distance – you’ve done it before! But the change of scenery, the different people you’ll meet, the challenge of beating you previous time, all of these should help you get those shoes laced back up & out the door! Let us know how you’re doing in your progress, too. Accountability is huge! We’re all rooting for you!

Do you have pictures from your 5k? Your bib? Do you remember the sense of strength and accomplishment you felt afterwards? That rewarding exhaustion and JOY? That’s being a runner. Go get it back!

Start out walking. Running may just seem overwhelming right now. Walk a bit every day. That’ll usually motivate me to break into a run here and there. Then the running bug starts nibbling again.

It’s getting warm out to fresh air and sunshine work for me! Plus, it’s time to myself, of which I get very little. That sounds better than eating or watching TV to me.

Major stress relief!! I run so I don’t kill people!

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