My Running Journey – I’ve become a runner.

Christina shared her running journey with Favorite Run:

“My running journey started May 2013. Prior I that I would say “why would I pay to run when I walk for free?!” Then the Boston Marathon bombing took place and a month later I signed up for my first 5K in support of the One Fund. I had never run even a half mile for anything beyond gym class before that. I hated running.

Fast forward 44 minutes 49 seconds. I ran over the finish line and could have cried. I finished. I ran a lot. Then…I got it. I understood why so man…y people were on this running kick. Why people spent lots of money on races.

Fast forward again and it’s a year later. I have run 10 5ks and one was an obstacle course. Two Sundays ago I earned my personal record of 35:30.

Last week I suffered through tormenting lower back muscle spasms – X-rays and all.

I still ran my Mothers Day race…because even pain wasn’t taking away a beautiful day and a gorgeous run through a section of a coastal town not typically open to public.

Who the heck have I become?!

I’ve become the girl that hoped this week her back stopped aching so that she could squeeze in a 4 mile run today in preparation for her first 10K (Sunday). I’ve become the one who keeps that inner mean girl away because guess what? You CAN run up that hill without stopping, you can run 1 mile, 3 miles, 4 miles and you will rock 6.2 miles…

I’ve become a runner.

This will be my longest run to date. I sometimes think, could I do 10? What about all those that do a half marathon, could I?

Of course I can…because a year ago I doubted myself enough to even step foot over the start line.

I’m so thankful I did because look how far I’ve already come”

Comments from FRC Runners:
Liza Craik-Gion Your story is such a reflection of mine! Did my first 5k almost a year ago and last weekend I ran my first 10k! I have never been what I would consider a runner. Now? We ARE runners because we run. Good luck to you and who knows… Next year we’ll be talking about prepping for our first half 🙂

I signed up for a 10k on Jan 1, 2014 that took place on March 29th. I did it so that I had a reason to get out there every day (or almost) and walk then walk/run. I was totally out of shape and overweight. It wasn’t pretty and it was pouring rain, but I did it. I am going to do another in the fall and may be a half next year. I’ve lost 24 pounds and will work hard to keep the momentum going. Love your journey!

I love hearing these stories 🙂 I never imagined running a 5k…..I remember the jitters before my first one. Now I find myself planning a 8-10 mile casual run and ending up with a personal half marathon. I never imagined even thinking of a full marathon and last November I ran my first NYC Marathon.
You’ll see…once you’ve got the bug, you’ll find new challenges. Fun!!!!

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