Are your running in skirts?

Question for the ladies… I keep hearing a lot about running skirts. I’ve never tried one but interested to know what the benefits are or why you like them so much? Might need to switch from shorts to skirts

I run in skirts all the time. I like most of them as long as it has the tightness around the leg. Sometimes they ride up, and you are pulling them down the whole time. Not fun for a long race to keep pulling it down. I wear the skirts with the compressions shorts in it. I also chafe a lot on long runs, so I put lots of glide or chamois butter on.

I don’t think there any benefits. It’s just a preference. Personally, I’m not a running skirt kinda gal…..

Big fan of skirts! They all have built in compression that rides up a little, but I wear Body Glide so it doesn’t bother me. When I wear regular shorts, they always ride waaaaay up and I’m constantly pulling them down.

I like the skirts because they are cute and are nice for after the run, but, I’ve been blessed on the back end and haven’t food one that is a good length and will stay down over my tush unless it is less fitted and I figured out I prefer them to be slim fit……

I looooove sparkle skirts!!!!! A little pricey but worth every penny!!! The sparkle techs have built in compression shorts that dont ride up. Lots of pockets, too 🙂 Wont run in anything else 🙂

I wore a running skirt for the first time a few weeks ago for a half marathon and I loved it…never thought to wear one before but it was super comfortable – I didnt notice it riding up or any chaffing. But what I *really* liked that my race photos looked more slimming than ones where I wear just shorts or running pants! lol…

I don’t run in them ’cause they’re cute, though they are. It’s the comfort! Shorts always chaffed or left me feeling too exposed (Lycra!); then, I discovered SparkleSkirts tech version – they do not ride up or chafe, they have three big pockets, and they are comfy! For a more classy, quiet look: Brooks PR Mesh II Skort – two small pockets, but no ride up and no chafe…nice for casual, everyday running.

I love mine. They are comfy and I feel more girly in them when I run. 🙂

I’m not a skirt kind of girl ever. The only way anyone would get me in one is if I’m dead & they put it on me. Lol. I can’t imagine running in one.

I don’t wear skirts to work, church or anywhere so not running in them. I have friends that swear by them though for comfort reasons.

I have thick muscular thighs so chafing is an issue. I don’t feel comfortable just wearing shorts so the skirts definitely help.

I do only wear compression type shorts. I’d wear the skirt more often if the slimmer fit ones where longer and didn’t ride up over my tush…

sparkle skirts have slim fit versions of some of their skirts. Might be worth checking out.

This is the Brooks PR Mesh ii Skort. It’s quiet and unassuming…you hardly know there is a skirt, but you’re comfy, not chafing, and not exposed. It’s rated a top running skirt, and even my daughter wears one in the summer. Try it, you’ll like it! 😉

Has anyone seen the skirts with just the panty underneath, like a swim bikini bottom. I have tried 3 different running skirts with compression shorts beneath, different lengths and they ALL keep rolling up my thigh, and I have to keep tugging at them! Grrr.
They look cute, but don’t feel comfortable. I saw these skirts at a running store with just the bikini bottom underneath ( think track & field ) but with some coverage. I don’t know the brand name and haven’t been able to find them since. Any help?

Athleta also makes a cute skirt-over-capri that I love. Super cute and I’m not parading my junk for everyone to see…

Two word. Sparkle Skirts. Check out It’s THE best running skirt with build in short with pockets. No chafe, or riding up

The Brooks skirts is my favorite!!

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