Does Running Cause Acne?

Ok, I have a question I love running but it’s taking toll on my face, I am a very prone for acne and running outside is really ruining my face new pimples showing up on a daily basis what can I do to ease the acne? I use sunscreen location but I don’t think it’s helping me at all. I am too old for acne. Thank you guys.

Ask your doctor for a vitamin A cream. You’ll definately have to wear sunscreen with it, but it will help with the acne. It’s what I use. It’s the same drug as accutane, only you apply it to your skin instead of swallowing it. Added bonus: it helps keep wrinkles away.

I have this problem, too, just not too bad. I also have minor rosacea. I tried using a face wash that helped the redness, but that did nothing for the acne. I now use Olay Acne wash (like $-$9). It’s helped alot. I don’t use sunscreen on my face, though I know I should. I just feel my pores cloginng even more.

I was getting them too…from sweating I assume? Starting using Clearsil face wash and spot cream after run-Huge difference!

Can you buy vitamin a cream OTC?

Yeah, my face and neck has been breaking out like I’m going through puberty again. For me, several things keep the breakouts down: face wash with salicylic acid (Neutrogena oil free) and spot treat with something that has benzoyl peroxide, or Clearsil Clear Gel. I also notice that putting face lotion on after washing helps keep my face from overproducing oil (presumably because all that stuff is drying so my face just automatically tries to compensate). Good luck!

Don’t wear lotion on your skin. If you must, make sure it’s oil-free and bring along face wipes that will unclog your pores. Like stridex or a gentle wipe so sweat doesn’t stay on your face longer than necessary.

You should check you local health store where they sell vitamins. You could probably get vitamin A cream there.

I‘m not sure about OTC vitA Creams… i‘m in canada so it‘s probably different here. Also, i can get my prescription VitA cream for 5 bucks… i forget sometimes that prescriptions aren‘t so inexpensive for everyone.

I had suffered with acne for years, and NOTHING over the counter worked for me, and I tried it all, including proactive! Finally going to the dermatologist and addressing it with them was the best thing I ever did! I have several prescription gels I use on my face and they really help

same here. People asked me what i thought of proactive, and i was like, well, the skin between my pimples is super… lol. I finally asked for a referral to a derm, and it was the best thing i ever did for myself!

My first suggestion is if you can afford to see a dermatologist, do that. Acne has many causes. But if you can’t, I can tell you what I did here in sweaty, sunny Florida. I switched (upon suggestion) to Yardley Oatmeal & Almond soap…wow, worked wonders. Then I make sure to shower before and immediately after each run, to remove bacteria and oil and sunscreen. I use a noncomedigenic sunscreen, and now I wear a hat so that I don’t have to wear such heavy sunscreen. I also exfoliate with the Neutrogena microdermabrasion (so CHEAP and so GOOD) and moisturize at night. Even oily skin needs the right kind of moisture. BTW, I’m 40, so I get the age thing.

Drink a ton of tea!! I have tried every cream and this is the only method that works for me. I figured it out on accident. I was trying to cut out coffee and this was an added bonus- clear skin! I drink around 4 cups a day of hot tea. Mostly green teas.

Be sure to wash your face with water and mild soap immediately after running. The workout and heat opens up your pores and the salt from your sweat is at the surface when you workout. If you wait too long, it will settle in and clog your open pores, along with the everyday grime you may have picked up along the way.

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