Lose the baby weight 5 and 3 years ago. then I got hooked! never thought I could be a “runner” but now I run half marathons for fun 🙂

The shirt saying “13.1 because I’m only half crazy “…

Raising money for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation to help find a cure. RUNNING FOR A CURE!!!

Diabetic type 2 it has brought my glucose down and I’ve just finished my first half marathon in 2 hrs 22! I’ve made some great friends at my running club and they have really supported me. I feel alive when I run and it’s cheaper than joining a gym. Already looking to do a marathon and wanting to do a half marathon abroad!

I quite smoking and didn’t want to gain weight. The very first day without a cigarette, was my first day to run!! Didn’t go very far or very fast, but I didn’t give up and now I’m hooked! Here I am, 7 years later, still smoke free and still running!!

A break up. I wasn’t going to let it bring me down so I tried something new- running!

After losing 3 stone at the time (now 6 stone) I was Out dog walking one day and felt this incredible urge to run – so started doing to couch to 5k.

I was always a walker. Enjoyed exercise. Tried running one day. Went a little further the next. Loved it.

Mine is lengthy, but I’d Like to share if anyone is interested … My family and I were never athletic, but 3 and 1/2 years ago I was randomly called to be a bone marrow donor… the recipient was my age, and I realized this could happen to any one of us, any day of our life. She was told she had 3 months to live, unless she received a transplant. At the same time my daughter had decided she wanted to take up running, and the week I returned from giving my marrow transplant, I watched her cross the finish line of her 1st half marathon. I decided then that I wanted to do amazing things with my life, in case I was also told one day that I would be cut short …so Taking up running and completing a 5K seemed like a great idea to cross off a list, only with my daughter by my side, we continued on to a 10K, a 15K, a 1/2, and we’ve crossed a marathon finish line hand-in-hand ….and we are still taking on new things ((I’m gonna be Ironman one day!!)) … my mantra… “Do It”

Grief. I’d started my weight loss journey, and about two months in, my aunt passed away. Before, I’d been going to the gym, but while I was grieving the gym felt WAY too confining, and would give me panic attacks. One day my bestie got worried and came over and we went on a run through our neighborhood. It felt so good, I’ve been hooked ever since. Been running for four years now. It’s gotten me through grief three times, and continues to get me through stressful times. It makes me happier, when I’m already happy. Running is life.

ACL tear ended softball. Tired of sitting around I remembered how much I enjoyed high school cross country and pulled on my high top basketball shoes and hit the pavement.

Running became my “me time” and why not do something good for me.

Like this question, makes me think. I was around 13, told I was very athletic and full of energy, and had a lot of anger from my parents’ divorce, custodial issues and extreme shyness. Once I started running, all the stressors from life vanished- at least temporarily- and a newborn confidence surfaced. Thirty- six years later, all those derived positives remain true for the sport that continues to bring joy and peace to my life.

I have been a cyclist for many years and hated running, 2 miles was about all I could stand and wondered why anyone would even want to run more. I started having recurring dreams that I would get up early and start running from my house to Downtown that would be about 8 miles round trip. I kept dreaming this several times, so one morning I couldn’t sleep and decided to try….. I ran all 8 miles and have been running ever since….

9 years ago, after being over 300 for most of my adult life, I made the decision to lose weight. I started off walking 25 miles a week and began to run a little. My daughter invited me to run a 5k and I was hooked. Since, I have run 21 half marathons and 1 full along with numerous 5ks and 10ks, 100 races total, in 35 states.

High school cross country…been running for 23 years since then .

I saw a virtual race with some bling that I absolutely had to have…… and now I have a problem, I’m a running addict addicted to bling and spend way too much on actual events that I want to attend because of the medals

I had left my job because of anxiety and depression. I just couldn’t pull myself together. Friends were starting a running group so I thought why not. I’m so glad I pushed myself. 3 years later and over 20 races done with my latest being my first marathon!

Did fun runs in the beginning and loved it. I’ve done 8 1/2 marathons and in December running my 1st marathon

Watching my son running cross country along with one of his coaches was a female that I became friends with and she invited me to run with her…we trained for my first 5k together and finally a half marathon.

Started running 4 months before I turned 50. Decided I needed to do something for my health and to lose weight. Haven’t lost much weight but I can now finish a half marathon, lol!

Running helps me relax and clear my head.

I ran track in HS but was mediocre at best. Topped out at a 6 flat 1600 as a senior. Fast forward 8 years later and I’m coaching cross country as a high school teacher. My male counterpart walks in my classroom in Feb 2006 and says “You’ve been wanting to get back into running. There’s an inaugural marathon in the Outer Banks in November. Wanna do it?” My answer was “sure, why not!” 11 years later and still pounding pavement!courage me was my memento…So I started Running n Running and I’m still Running! My third 5k Run

A horrible break up…I was tired of being sad and miserable and I decided I couldn’t live that way anymore. I couldn’t even run once around the block but I just kept going out and started to run further and further until I pulled myself out of my depression and found a better place for my mind and my heart.

I was a two pack a day smoker. When I quit, I had a lot of free time on my hands. Saw some ladies in my neighborhood running and I thought they looked happy. I wanted to look like they did. So I started running. That was 10 years ago!

Saw Oprah run the Marine Corps in 1994. Thought, hell, if she can do it, I can.

I started getting into running my senior year in high school (did my first 5k and decided I wanted to collect race bibs). After my freshman year of college, I thought I’d try to train for the university’s cross country team. That summer I was in an accident where I broke my neck. The doctors fixed me up with a plate and I was super lucky to be able to walk. Soon I was starting to run a little here and there, but nothing crazy.

Fast forward to the Boston Marathon bombing. I heard about it on the radio and heard about the people who were injured and killed and how many will never be able to run again. I realized at that point that I was given a second chance to get to run. After that point, I began to run not just for myself, but for all of those who can’t. I will appreciate this gift for as long as I am able.

1st grade relay races. I remember I would run for fun during recess. I would beg my parents to let me run outside… I ran most of my high school years, cross country in college, ran while pregnant with my four boys and still running.. Running is life!

I was in the Navy and had to run physical fitness tests. I was overweight and cheated the first five years and then got tired of doing that so I just started running and eating right since 1985.

A friend invited me to run an Oktoberfest 5K with free beer at the end four years ago. I was not a runner then. Now, 12 full marathons later, I can honestly say I am

My best bud was doing Couch 2 5k thing and I said Hey, I could do that! I did my first 5k May 2013. I love to run. Now a stupid accident causes a torn ACL and I’m sidelined. I’ll be back soon.

Started an extreme boot camp weight loss program. Had no idea that 50% was on the treadmill. I got constantly yelled at and cursed out because I couldn’t run 10 minutes straight. Then He threatened to kick me out if I stopped “one more time”….lol. I was so mad. Of course I couldn’t talk back, that would’ve made it worse, but inwardly, I let him have it. Anyways, that’s when I realized it was mostly mental. I never stopped on the treadmill again and have been running ever since and love it.

Beer. Back in college a friend of mine said come on let’s go run so we can drink beer tonight. I was like huh okay I guess that way I won’t put on the pounds. Been running ever since. That was back in 1992.

Running a marathon was on my bucket list so I booked one and bought myself some running shoes, dropped 3 stone, trained hard and ran my first marathon. I’m now in training for my third x x

There used to be a national youth track and field competition which got me excited about the competition. This grew into a long-term passion and longer distances.

Am 55, at age 14, I got ill. And after regaining health from being ill, I decided to run. I must have run only 1/4 mile, and that was all I could manage to run on my first day, no further. The next day, I decided to run past the stopping point of the previous day as far as I could. Each day, it was my goal to run past the previous day distance until I had reach a landmark of a river three miles from home. I accomplished my goal. I would improve my distance each new day of running, and I finally reach the river. In doing my daily improvement of running past the previous day’s distance and reaching the river landmark, I enjoyed running and stuck with running. I would join track and x-country running in high school. I ran until my knee was too badly injured and the injury required knee surgery. That stopped my ability to run. But, I switched to biking to keep active with athleticism with a weak knee, of which was too weak to run any more.

Loneliness at work and a friend who was interested in a beginning runner meeting. I went to the meeting and was hooked simply due to the passion of my friend and the coaches.

My Stepdad’s Love for Running ♥️ I wanted to be just like him when I was a little girl. Then he became my coach when I was in middle school then I became my daughter’s coach when she started high school. Now my favorite races are with her!

I started running when I wanted to give up smoking. After smoking for 40 years I used running to stop. Every time I wanted a cigarette I would lace up and try to run. Now I have 7 50k’s under my belt.

A neighbor. He was a marathon runner who couldn’t do it anymore due to bypass surgery & surviving cancer twice. Took an interest in me running around the neighborhood so he trained me while he way on his porch. He was living vicariously thru me so I run all my events & dedicate my bibs for him. 15 half’ s & 3 full ones and I’m no where near done. He didn’t quit so I won’t quit.

I was in a weight loss contest at work and was trying hard to win it. Now 5 years later I’m 60 pounds lighter and I completed my first Boston Marathon in April.

I had always wanted to run, but didn’t think I could. 🙁 In 2011 my small town offered a learn to run 5km program and I signed up! It took an additional signed up to the following program for me to be able to say I can run 5km and a year after I signed up the first time, I ran 10km. 🙂 I still run but only 5km about once a week. Yay me!

Started Crossfit 2 years ago because I felt like I was pregnant and someone even thought I was! That was it! Started Crossfit and have dropped 4 sizes! I used to hate running in the workouts but then got stronger and faster and made up my mind to do it! I have completed 2, 5ks, will do my third on Nov 11!.

I always did track and field since high school but stop after that and when I joined the military just did it because it was a requirement. However a few years back I wanted to lose weight and started running out in the roads. A friend of mine told me to register myself in a race like a 5K so I’ll have a motivation and training to do for and that was it. I got addicted to running and now I tried to do at least 2 to 3 races a year (half marathon or full marathon). This year I tried trail races and loved it as well. There are more challenging

my parents both run and when i was little my brother and I would ride motor scooters or bikes with our dad while he ran. then we would go on short runs with our mom in the early morning around the block. we got too fast for her so started running with our dad and then we ran a 5k, 10k, and half marathon and beat him on the half marathon and we started running cross country.

Ran in school. Than later in life my friends ask me to run a race with them. I ran the half marathon with them. I was mad at them for a month. Yes I was sore. That was forty years ago and I am still running.

Over weight,Boarder line diabetic,Hyper tension,You know,All the good stuff!…I’m 6 years Sober,have logged over 9,000 miles and still 65 lbs thinner.It sounds like we have all found our day 1!..Keep moving forward!

Triathlons got me running. Friend got me to do our first triathlon and I have stuck with them and he only did the one.

Started running to clear my head during my divorce. Met my new hubby and continued running, but started registering for races. Now I am a running addict!

My dad suddenly died and he used to love to see me run so took it up to give me something to focus on, and then my mum died and I stopped as she loved to watch me race and would cheer me on and I couldn’t face to race without her being there, but two weeks ago I did my first race 2 years after her death 2days after her 2yr anniversary. It was time and I know they’re both running with me now.

Needed another workout goal. I had run a couple 5ks but didn’t consider myself a runner. Signed up for a half marathon and started training … now I’m addicted. Will be putting my name in the lottery to run next year in the Chicago Marathon

I suffer from PTSD and my therapist recommended running as a way to help clear my mind and focus and I must say he was correct this has helped my PTSD in more ways than one best thing I ever did.

Life problems, Just started running from them . Not literally, I deal with them, but running helps me get away, detangle issues, resolve and relieve stress.

My horse. I was rehabbing him after a long battle with a life threatening disease. We started out walking and progressed to jogging the trail together. I became known at the running store as “the girl who runs with her horse”. Lol!

I had just been officially released after spinal fusion in my lower back and felt like a million bucks. I wanted to take on a challenge, and haven’t really ever ran before in my 32 years, it seemed like a good time to start.

I fell and blew out all 3 ligaments in my ankle, and broke 2 bones in my foot. Had to have surgery. As a to my ankle, I started running. Had never run before. That was 2 years ago, and I’m currently training for my first marathon in April.

I can’t run anymore (torn tendons & foot still in pain) but I started just because I wanted to see if I could do it. I started small, short spurts, then worked up to a mile…then a 5k…10k…half marathon (I did not run the whole half, I did a run/walk combo). I enjoyed it & miss it. I wasn’t the best runner or the fastest but I enjoyed it.

I started running to lose weight. Not only did I lose weight but I gained self confidence self assurance and a sense of community and belonging. I have been running for almost ten years now and I have completed one full marathon seven half marathons and countless 5k’s. Not to mention the amazing people I’ve met and friendships I have fostered over all of those miles!

My friend convinced me to join Cross Country so I can get in shape for Basketball my 6th grade year and I have loved running since.

Wanting to lose weight and remembering how much I liked running for a warm up in high school so I figured starting to run would be a good start.

My trainer at the gym kind of tricked me by challenging me to run 1 mike everyday for a month. I did all 31 days and have not stopped running since. I’ve completed over 20 halfs, a full marathon and many 10 and 5k’s!

My son was diagnosed with leukemia in 2010. In 2012, his nurse put together a team to run Wine and Dine to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I didn’t know if I could do it, but she told me that I WOULD do it, and 48 half marathons and 7 fulls later I’m training for my second Dopey.

I was a hyper kid. I just loved to run, jump, swim, dance…I later found out that it helped me focus. I later used it for stress relief. Running has probably been more for my mental health & I must’ve had a lot of mental issues bc I’m in great physical shape for my age! 🙂

My kids junior high CC coach invited all the couch potato parents to join them into a run. I was so offended I started running. Lol! Twelve years later and no regrets.

The Marine Corps requires all members to be run a timed 3-mile distance (among other physical fitness evaluations), annually. My running started with my preparation to join by running a timed 1.5 mile distance.

It helps me to clear my head, lose Weight, I feel a sense of freedom. But mainly after my divorce I felt so broken, overweight and depressed I needed something to focus on that made me feel good inside and out.

I was Turning 40 and I wanted to be active at 50. So I figured I better get moving. Now I’m 53 and love to run. It never hurts and always feels like an accomplishment Run Happy.

I was very overweight for most of my life and as I started to lose weight, I just wanted to prove to myself that I could. Funny, I used to hate running when I was younger and thought of it as a punishment or something. Now I feel like I’m being punished when I can’t run – recently recovering from surgery & injury. I’m walking a lot now and slowly getting back into running again too.

The will to live. Running gives me freedom, strength, courage, and hope. When I run, it makes sense, even if it’s just for that run. It all makes sense. And I sleep better too.

I started walking with an runner friend who was injured at the time, and restricted to walking. As she got the go ahead to slowly start running again, I joined her. 3 years later, 2 marathons amongst other events, and ED at parkrun. Love it 🙂

A tragedy in my life happend. I started running to clear my mind and do something just for myself. That has been so long ago. I love running now and look forward to it.

Was Depressed. Joined walking and running group called “Running Free”. Marthoners as mentors. Fell in love with running.

Was born with mild cerebral palsy that affects my right hand and leg. Doctor said at 12 years old I would need surgery to lengthen my heel-cord or… start running to strengthen my foot. I am turning 50 next month and still run. Love it!!

I quit smoking and needed a hobby. Every time I wanted to smoke I would go for a run. 4.5 years in and I am still tobacco free and still love to run. I have an awesome running partner who pushes me when I need it. I have found a great friend and confidant along with a love for running.

Being diagnosed with an aggressive form of arthritis and having my mobility seriously affected.
The treatment carries horrible risks/side effects but I promised myself that if it improved things I would take up running as a reminder of how lucky I am to have a second chance.
December will be my fourth runniversary

Yes, at first. A long time ago it was to help me quit smoking. Then it was an activity I shared with my dad. And now I jog to keep healthy and to spend time with the lord.

Ran track in high school on a dare and ran in college briefly. I started running again in my late 30’s to deal with ptsd and emotions while working with a counselor.

To get in better shape for my first snowboarding lesson. Ended up fracturing my elbow during the lesson but ran my second 5K a week later and set a PR.

Was heartbroken and frustrated so I ran…I don’t know how long I ran I just wanted to feel better. I saw other people doing it and figured I’d give it a try. It worked. Now I do it a couple of times a week.

My son was involved in cross country and track and told me anyone can run. And having just gone through a heartbreaking and painful separation and divorce I needed something to do for me. It’s been and continues to be a lifesaver for me.

A weight loss show said a healthy person could run a 10 min mile. I had lost a lot of weight with health being my goal. Challenge Accepted!!! I still don’t run a 10 min mile but hey a 5K quickly turned into a half! Thanks Denae and Neal for the push we needed!

Me: was very very fit. Running was one of the few things I didn’t do. Decided I should. Bought running shoes, went to the gym one Saturday after work, got on s precor treadmill, warmed up for 5 min, upped the speed, said I’d run 5 min. At 5 thought I could do 10, then maybe on to 20min, once I got that thought I could do 30min. And I did ! Quit at 30min and was thrilled! Then I started doing 5 & 10ks every weekend and ran on the treadmill during the week, in between weights and classes& elliptical etc. Anyway, that was it. And it gave me so much joy ! 25 yrs later and back back stops me. But if you’re ABLE and moderately fit, you can run. It’s truly a head trip.

Wanted a healthier lifestyle and to lose weight. Saw that a lot of friends used the couch to 5k app, became inspired, and the rest is history.

I used to be obese and I wanted to lose weight. Because of running, ended up losing weight (125 pounds), but found something that makes my soul shine daily

Running from bullies, I joined the track & cross country team. I continue to run for health.

My father died of cancer January 2015, and as he in a young age set out and accomplished a difficult goal. I wanted to do something similar, and so my journey to ultramarathon training started. Met my goal in February this year (tarawera ultra marathon 102k), and have never looked back. 🙂

Watching my sister run since she was 13. I was her biggest fan and went to every cross country race in high school. And most of her marathons. I started running at 46 she is now my biggest fan. And also runs some with me. I’m 50 now and have completed 7.

Being bored and stressed with my life on graveyard shift and saw an email from Rock and Roll Las Vegas…my ex wife signed me in the email list and she had just finish RNR San Diego, sooooooooo I couldn’t let her show me up like that!!! Thankful for her doing that….changed my life…9 years later, I’m still running!

A dream. I started to dream I was running and loved it while dreaming…figured I should give it a go. Running for 5 years now.

Doing the Warrior Dash obstacle 5K with my grown kids. I decided to get stronger both in running and strength training.

Told my personal trainer I would never run so don’t ask. After I started getting bored with walking I did intervals then realized I enjoyed it. My trainer just smiled and kept me motivated.

Started a run group with my students…joined Students Run LA, training with my students for the Los Angeles Marathon. these kiddos!

I challenged myself to run a 5k every month when I turned 40. That was 5 years ago, 50 5ks, 10 halves and 4 fulls ago.

Because I hated it! I wasn’t going to let it get the best of me. I have since conquered numerous 5ks, 10ks, half marathons and 5 marathons including Boston the year after the bombing!

I had to put my dog down and she was my walking partner. I started running to deal with my loss. That was 7+ years ago and many many races ago.

I loved the way runners looked, relaxed, strong and happy. I tired it and haven’t looked back since!

I was contemplating suicide and decided I needed a change. In middle school and high school I literally came up with every excuse in the book to not run the mile. I had always been overweight. decided to start running and now I run half marathon’s and got my life back and lost 120 pounds as a bonus

A friend got into a losing weight bet at his work and he asked me to be his workout buddy, we started by walking then together we moved into running

My dad. He died of COPD at the age of 50. I run for him and all those who wish they could and couldn’t….. it’s my way of honoring him!

Found out I have a brain aneurysm and one way to slow the growth is to loose weight, so I started running and eating right the next day & lost 60 pounds in 6 months! I went from not even being able to run for a minute straight to running 5ks, then a few 10ks and completed my first half marathon too, all within 14 months.

My newest client at the time was #Rick Hoyt, I didn’t know of him or the world of running really. When I went to a race with him in 2012 I felt inspired and fell in love with running #TeamHoyt #PCALife #Inspiration

A diagnosis of high blood pressure got my attention to get moving and eating healthier, my love of running came back which I had “forgotten” for a while. I’m totally hooked again!!

I wanted to lose baby weight. A friend talked me into running a half and I was hooked after that. Just ran my first full.

9 years ago, I’ve tried various ways to stay active and none seemed to stick and resorted to the one thing that traumatized me on high school: running. I gave it a shot, trained and signed up for my first 5k and have been hooked ever since. Now, I’m training to run my first full!

In high school I took Law Enforcement. We had quarterly PT tests so I always tried my hardest. Senior year I joined the military. Had more PT tests. Towards the end of my contract I grew sick of running. Then I went through a bad break-up, stopped consuming alcohol, and put all of my focus into self love and self discovery… Then I slowly faded back out of running… Then in 2015 I lost my brother in a car accident. Been running consistently since. It helps me sort out my emotions and stay a little bit sane.

In 2014 I turned 41 and started a fitness journey. It all started with a walk. I would walk with my then 12 year old son. During one of our walks he said, “Hey Ma, let’s run to the end of the block today!” So we did… I loved it! And just one block was so hard for me then… So I started walking and running each time I went out. Then it was running and walking. Until one day it was just running! Lost 130 lbs and ran over 40 5k’s a 10k and a duathalon in the past 3 years! I never thought I would ever become a runner and actually love it!! I guess you are never to old to start running!

I had never run before July 2017, my dad passed away and running the London marathon 2018 for the hospice that cared for him

Never could run, discovered I had a heart defect so I started running against the odds.

Wanted to test my physical and mental limits. Haven’t found the limit yet!!!

To see if running would help my mind. Anxiety, depression.

After high school I wasn’t doing any sports, ten years ago. Went to college gained 30 pounds and turned to running to help lose it. I became instantly hooked and now it’s my entire life aside from my family!

I came off of my bike and injured my head, wasn’t allowed to ride for quite some time so started running and I’ve now done 3 marathons 4 half’s and several 10k’s

That’s amazing. I’ve been reading a novel series where the heroine uses running to manage her depression. I had never even considered that to be a possibility. Nice to know it’s not just fiction!

Weight loss… lost 85 lbs by running and the running bug bit me 5 years ago and I haven’t stopped!