Should I Sign Up for A Half-Marathon?

I am looking to run my first half marathon in September. But the only reason I’m not allowing myself to register is because someone told me I’m not a runner because my mpm is too slow. And it completely ruined my confidence. I just need advice in encouraging words that I should sign up! It’s not about the finish time but getting to the finish line .. Right?

13.1 miles at a 7 min pace is the same distance as at a 14 min pace!

Absolutely! Its not about your speed / pace its your aility to run 13.1 miles and finish! I did my first half marathon in 2012 and all my training was 2:45 and then the race itself I got a time of 2:35. I was soo happy. I’m not a fast runner (11:30 per mile pace) but as long as you train properly and get the miles in, you’ll finish the race and wonder what all the fuss was about!

I’d say sign up! Look and see if the race has a time limit and if you can finish it within that time frame, go for it! 🙂 you can do it!

I did my first half marathon with no training. I jumped into it two weeks before the run all because my husband said I could and another friend said anyone can run a half marathon, just keep moving. So that’s my advice to you, keep moving and have fun.

Seriously!!!! Follow your dream and register 🙂 no one should ever be discouraging to you!!!!!! You will rock it 🙂

I consider myself a slogger. Slow jogger!!! Do the 1/2. I did

As long as you can finish in the time allotted you’re fine:) walk/run….who cares!!! Enjoy:)

Time only matters if you want it to matter! I am also looking to do my first half in Sept and as long as I make it from start to finish, I will be ecstatic! As long as you are up and going, you are a runner

running any race is all about YOU. Your pace, your goal…and who said you’re not a runner? Somebody sitting on the couch?

Luckily the one I’m looking into has an early start! I used to have a 10:45 to 9:30 pace but I had health problems and went to about a 12-13 pace. It’s getting better the more I train but with the early start I can at least finish In the allotted time.

Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t…YOU CAN! I am not a speed demon but have done three halfs and am proud of myself!

If you put one foot in front of the other and are faster than are a RUNNER!! God that irritates me when people say that..races do not define people as runners. I have met people that havent done a race in their life, but are up at the crack of dawn just to run…

My pace is between 13 and 15 minutes depending on how I feel, and I definitely consider myself a runner. You will kick butt at that half!

Unless the RD gives a time to be finished by, go ahead and sign up!

Oh lord! Don’t listen to whoever said that! Register and run at your own pace. Getting to the finish is the goal. My first half is less than two weeks away. My goal is to just cross that finish line!

You are a runner and you can do it!! Have fun and run happy and don’t worry about how fast or how slow you go!!

Do it! Everyone runs for different reasons! Follow your dreams

it’s about finishing you are a runner so go for it go brave and enjoy it

As Darcy Wilcox said, don’t give ANYONE that much power over you! You not only CAN do it, but you WILL if you want to! You’re human and biologically made for running! Go for it!

Don’t let anyone squash your confidence. You can do it!!! If your moving faster than a walk your a RUNNER!! Sigh up!

Curious who told you this nonsense??? If you want to run it, go for it!!!! My first half I finished at 2:59:59 and was sooo excited because I did it and finished!! Sign up and run it for you!!!

Don’t listen to those people who are negative!!! Ran my first half last Nov and it took me nearly 4 hours. Hardest thing I’ve ever done, but the most rewarding! Sign up!!!

I’m in between 12-14 minute pace and I’m ding my first half in Sept. also. I am using a plan from Runner’s World and if I follow it I should run it in about 2:45:00. Also, there is a young girl on this site who has a muscular disease who started doing races with a walker. She built up a little at a time and just signed up for her first. She had to find a race with no cut off, but if she can do this, there is no reason you can’t. I apologize for not remembering her name.

The only thing to focus on for your first half is the finish line!

Let me guess, it was said by someone sitting on the couch double fisting fries into their mouths. Do it, get it done, feel darn proud!

You ARE a runner, even if you are slow. So dont let anyone take that from you. I’d say look for one that looks like fun. Maybe the diva dash…

Yep your race, your pace! Enjoy it!!! I finished my first in 2:54, 2nd one in 2:41, just enjoy it!

No matter what the pace is, if you are running at all and doing a half-marathon, you are a RUNNER!

Doesn’t matter how fast you are, it matters that you have thrown on a pair of running shoes and have gone running!

Actually it was said by a multi marathon runner saying I run too slow to count as a runner. -.- i wish he was a lazy bum. Lol. I am just proud of myself for getting up every day. I have fibromyalgia and running is my relief. As long as I finish, time isn’t my focus. You guys convinced me. I’m signing up for my first half. As. We. Speak.

Exactly right! It’s about getting across the finish line, not about time.

That’s BS! You’re a runner no matter how fast you are. Just do it for you and no one else!

You should. It doesn’t matter the speed,as long as you have fun and run your own race. You are a runner.

Who cares what he said! If you run you are a runner. End of story! Sign up & run your own race

Yay!! I have a friend who’s a walker. She’s done SEVERAL halfs. I am very inspired by her. Go do it and have fun!

Your mile is the same distance as their mile, they just get there sooner. It is that simple.

You will do great and have a great time. Not only that but afterwards you can subtly wear your 13.1 shirt around the person who said that. Satisfaction!

You can do it. I just signed up for my first half in September. I have only run 5 miles straight so far. I was scared to death and my friend was able to convince me after I wanted to back out. Who cares how “slow” or “fast” you go. Just go to finish, that’s my goal!!!

Why are you letting the comment of one cocky person make you feel bad.. If you run you are a runner.. No matter if you run a 20 mile or 5 minute mile a mile is still a mile!!! Don’t give anyone that much power.. It does not matter what we say you have to believe in your self and know that you are a runner!! No matter your pace run happy!!

Guess what makes you a runner? You….run…Don’t give the hater’s another thought!

Surround yourself with people who believe in you and embrace your passion.

If you run you are a runner don’t ever listen to other people you go do it sign up it’s not how you finish it’s the courage to get to the starting line DO IT

Don’t let anyone tell you you’re to slow! All miles are the same no matter how fast or slow you run them!! You should use the person who told you not to sign up as motivation to accomplish your goal of finishing the 1/2!!

Took me three hours for my 1/2 came in last place in my 10 mile run and guess what through running I love myself. Mile is still a me no matter how slow ! Unless your an elite runner that nike sponsored time never ever matters !!! Go show all those non believers you can do it !!!

HA! I did my marathon at 18 minute miles average. Just pick a marathon that you know you’ll finish in the time limit. I have 27ish 1/2 marathons and have not broken a 15 minute mile pace. Oh, and I am a runner!

WOW, wonder what they would call me as I as slow as dirt but I completed 2 half marathons in a month. Tell them to stuff it! You run therefore you are a runner!

A 6 minute mile is the same distance as a 12 minute mile. It does not matter how long it takes just so your out there doing it. My first half was 2:54. You are competing against yourself . So go sign up and have a gear experience. You will do fine.

Listen up sunshine… Don’t let someone else rain on your parade! If you follow any running pages, you KNOW how supportive that community is. Screw the haters! YOU GOT THIS, so sign up and go get it!

I’m gonna say this bluntly. Tell that person to stuff it. Listen, you’re not racing against other people, you’re running against yourself. If you never ran a half before, your PR (personal record) is zero. Even if you run this race in 5:00, it’s still faster than your last race. Then use that to improve on the next one.

I just found this on an article someone posted in this group…it fits this post 🙂 11. There is always going to be someone who is faster and can run longer. And good for them. Let them run their own race; you don’t need to chase them, or tag along. Maybe some days, you’ll be super refreshed and full of energy, and you find that you can match their pace for half a mile or longer, and you’ll feel like an Olympian. And maybe some days, you won’t. Run your own race, too. Focus on you.

To paraphrase the immortal Dr. Seuss, “A mile’s a mile no matter how fast.”
Go for it. If you cross the finish line you’re a runner. Does anyone think the guy who collapsed in Boston on Monday and got carried across the finish line isn’t a runner?

If you’re not sitting on the couch on your butt, you’re getting out there and hitting the pavement, you ARE a runner by very definition! Screw the naysayers! Lace up those sneaks & run sister!! Sign up now so you keep your eye on the prize!! I’ve got your back 🙂 I run like a herd of turtles through peanut butter but I’m still a runner!!

Yeahhhh so proud of you! It makes me sad that someone who is so into running would have the nerve to put someone down and say your not fast enough. But that being said, train and enjoy every moment and please let us know how it goes!!

I honestly do not care what my pace is (I average between 10:45 and 9:50, and feel better when I’m running more slowly). The more I ran, the faster I got, but I think I’ve probably reached my max. I always say that my goal is not to win a race, but to finish and have fun. So happy you signed up! My first half is on 6/8!

Run the race for you at your PERSONAL pace. If you run, you are a runner! Please don’t be discouraged by negative thoughts or other peoples opinions. Go for it! You got this!!!!

Tell whoever told you that to “

off”. I consider myself a runner – no, I’m not fast (my 10k avg was 10:19/mile…..regular run is about a 11:45) and I’m running my 1st half Sunday. Don’t let anyone tell you that your not a runner and don’t ever doubt yourself. Register & hit the pavement! You rock no matter your time!!!

Register! If you register now you will see the money leave your bank account. You will put forth every possible effort to train and you will complete the half. If you chose to wait to register you will find every excuse in the world to not train for it. You can do it. A mile is a mile. Doesn’t matter if it’s a 7 minute pace or a 14 minute pace. You still get a finishers medal. And most generally it looks the same as everyone else’s.

Go for it…. It doesn’t matter if you run a mile in 9 minutes or 12 minutes it’s the same distance and route that everyone else runs…. I’m a slow runner and I tell myself that I am a runner…..Something that I do when I am training and I am on a long run and I feel like I can’t go any further I picture myself crossing the finish line…. Seeing all the runners, friends and family cheering you on…. It working for me…. Good luck!!!! And remember when you are runner in the event enjoy every minute of it….

My first half was easy the first half, the second half was into a 25 mph head wind. Everyone’s time suffered. I finished on my own time in 3 hours 10 minutes. I had only run a 5 miler and 2 5ks prior to this. Run it and look at it as a training run… Plus you get a medal to show you crossed that finish line as a runner!!!!! You are a runner!! Be proud!

OMG… is this real life? there are no rules to running. you just run. the only people who don’t know this are people who don’t run. so there’s your answer.

Don’t listen to that nonsense- a half Marathon is 13.1 miles no matter how you get there…get it girl!

Never let anybody tell you your not a runner because your to slow!!! You are a runner no matter how fast or slow you go. Sign up for that 1/2 and tell who ever to go pound sand. You can do it!!!

If you run, you are a runner! And yes, it is crossing the finish line. Your time really does not matter! Just go for it!!

sign up!!! Nothing better than doin it and saying i told u so!!! shut their lazy asses up hahaha u are a runner!!

So proud you signed up!!! you’ll do great. sorry you came across a downer:( my first long race was a 23k trail run. there were a lot of elite runners out there doing 60k and 50 mile runs. every time they lapped me, they gave me encouragement. that’s what real runners do 🙂

You are a runner. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Listen to your heart, not their noise.

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