Advice for running hills?

Advice for running hills? Run up, walk down and rest between? Walk up, run down? No rest? Clarification… Not hills on my normal route, but just going up and down the same hill

Dare yourself to get to the top!!

I think it depends on you…I have bad knees so my doc said run up, walk down.

Me too. I think …. Just suffer?? Lmao

Training runs always run up… If you run down watch your posture and don’t over extend your stride Races, depends on distance and how many hills

Short, quick steps, and look up not down (keeps your airway open). I like to pick an object 50 yards or so ahead, and visualize it reeling me in and up.

Don’t make eye contact with them when you run them. 🙂

Nope.. You just have to do them and keep doing them.. A few years ago it would take me 13:45 minute plus per mile for me to run my hilly route after a few years I have done the same route at an 8:38 minute mile pace… Time and work worked for me.

run up and run down

I like to use the mantra “It’s a hill, get over it” when I’m running them. And I much prefer going up to going down them.

runner world has some great article s on hills…once u start doing them more they are a fun challenge. …at least that how I see it but I am a weirdo. i live on a large hill and have go out of my way to find flatter places to run.

I prefer going up a hill to going down a hill. I have a bad knee so running up feels good. I just have to be careful and ‘sure-footed’ on the down. Living in KC we have plenty of hills to train on!

Depends on individual…i always do short strike quick steps…look low not too down, i dont want to see the freaking hills 🙂

Run run run… show the hill who is boss. Conquer it.

I run up and walk down. I’d consider sprinting up and jogging down if my hills were less extreme

I run up them at a pace singing, in dory’s voice from finding nemo, “just keep swimming…” Sounds silly but it helps. Find a saying or song to keep you distracted 😉

I just keep on running. I was told to lean into the hill and use my arms more. Totally works.

I almost get a high from the pain and hardship of the run to the top.

Runner’s World has a whole section on hills.Bottom line: DO THEM! It will make you stronger/better. :)Hill Training

Going up is awesome but the real benefit comes from running down, power and strength and speed are built on the negative rep!

Kind of depends WHY you have a hill on your route. During the winter I used to go do a hill training workout specifically to work on both uphills AND downhills. Uphills to help me get in better shape, and I ran the downhills to learn how to run them. I HATE running downhill. My natural tendency is to go slow and put a brake on because I’m so afraid of stumbling… but if I go too fast, my big toe gets squished and I wind up with black toenails (it’s been a while since I’ve had normal big toenails).

Word to the wise: KT tape for shin splints prior to hill running or you will get shin splints!

Run up, walk or jog down, repeat. Enjoy!!!

Toenails are for the weak! Lol

Run it all, walk if you do intervals. I have found running hills makes me stronger, faster… coach says keep the same energy/pace going up as you would on a straight away. yes, you will go slower but on the downhill you will go faster. Again keep it the same pace going down. Stay in control.

You have to learn to run hills, not just for training.

If you ever do the Flying Pig or the Lexington half/full marathon – HILLS!!

Very interesting! I have a 2 hills right at the beginning of my route by my house. So I have to get thru it first! I live running down them verses up them.

There is a really long hill (2 miles) near one of our running spots. We do intervals up n down so we break up the going down/going up. Best way to train on a hill like that.

Mine are small but steep! But I’m getting there. I’ve been taking them on everyday I’m off of work either running or walking. It seems to be helping me build strength!

training= run up, walk down to prevent injuries..depends on how steep the hills are also.

We ran up at 75 or 80 percent our usual and then ran down. Then back up and back down. Hard as hell to do but we all noticed an improvement on hills in our long runs.

Hills are great. I always run up them and depending on the hill depends how fast or slow I run down them.

I think hills are a very important aspect of training to run well and strong. Hills wont make you faster but definitely stronger and will make the flat seem easier. When I race hills, I run as far and as hard with a steady pace until I have to walk then I only allow my self 20 seconds to recover then I run again and repeat until I get the the very top. This technique improves my recovery and forces my body to make improvements. When I get to the top, I fly down as fast as I can as down hill training is just as important as up hill. But because it takes a toll on your knees, you have to perfect your form. Leaning in instead of back to take the pressure off the joins and reduce the possibility of shin splints. Just my 5 cents

Stand tall/lean back on hills, lift knees higher than you do otherwise, run or walk up….lean forward on the downhill/into the hill…go fast, work hard not to fall on face, make up for time spent going up hill. Repeat.

DO NOT LEAN BACK ON HILLS!!!!! No Bueno!!!!!

It FEELS like leaning back when you stand tall…when you are an old lady, anyway…bwahahahaha!

When going up, lean in slightly, shoulders straight, short stride. Legs are like pistons going up and down pushing you up the hill. When going down, your hip line needs to be past your knees and even your ankles. It’s called controlled falling.

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