Does running with music make a difference?

Does listening to music while you run make a difference?
I can’t run without it!

When I started running (on & off) a couple of years ago I needed music so I didn’t hear me gasping for breath. Since last May I’ve been running a lot more (Tues/Thurs/some weekends) but with one ear bud on cuz I needed or got use to my music. This past Tuesday I ran 5 miles without music and I gotta say I really enjoyed it. Since I’ve been consistently running my breathing is way better. So it felt good 🙂

Yes, absolutely. I used to hate running without music (Chinese water torture would have been a more preferable pass time) but I’ve found that not only can I reach an almost meditative state on being aware of my surroundings, but also I can focus on my body and my breathing etc. because I’m able to focus on that rather than get distracted by the music (a double edged sword if you’re not really feeling like running lol). I’ve been using music very rarely if at all, but it helps when I’m starting to hurt too much lol. Hope this is helpful!

I can’t do the treadmill without music. Having said that my outside runs are significantly slower with music….

It’s A Must For Me. And Yes, I go harder and further it.

I wouldn’t run if i couldn’t listen to my music…it’s my get away.

I do whatever I feel like on any given day…I listen to music and to audio books – but the readers voice makes a HUGE difference as does the content of the book – for me it has to be positive and uplifting. It just adds to the ‘escape’. Other times, I like to place my attention on the trees and the air, feeling of my feet hitting the ground, etc…

A must have! Helps me keep a pace..

For me its the only thing that gets me through the rough patches, and gives me inspirations when I least expect it

It does for me on the days when I don’t really want to run or am having a rough time out there running.

It helps me pass the time and make the 90 minutes go faster. Plus if a song I love comes on when I am dragging it kicks me back into gear.

When I run in a race, I run without music the first mile or 2 because I enjoy the crowd around me. I use music as a goal – telling myself I can turn on my favorite tunes at mile 1 or 2.

I run much faster w/o music. Music relaxes me and makes me happy and it may help ignore pain or help me go longer, BUT if I want to run fast and race well I go without so I can concentrate on my breathing and counting (I count in my head, I don’t know why but it helps me go fast and concentrate.)2 hrs · Like · 1

thought i needed it but the did a tri without any. it was awesome without it

Must have unless on treadmill watching TV.

yes for me, I don’t want to hear myself breathing…:)

I used to need it, but am now getting used to going without. Ran last three halfs without music, no problem. 🙂

I make a deal with myself when I do a half marathon – no music till I’m at least half done. Last one I did, I didn’t get the music going until mile 9 and it was my best time yet! It helps me get into my zone for those last few miles.

Sometimes I need it, sometimes it’s distracting and annoying. Run both ways cuz I never have music in races. I missed my name being called at the finish line of my 1st half and swore that would never happen

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