Runners Do you wave or smile?

So I frequently pass a woman on my morning run who never looks over, smile or waves. What’s up with that? and why does it bug me so much? do you wave or smile? i thought it was runners code

I try to acknowledge others whether they want to be friendly or not. At least someone will remember me if I don’t make it home! But yeah, I thought it was what you should do anyway, like how all motorcycle riders wave to one another.

Maybe she doesn’t like to be seen running and feels mortified that someone is seeing her workout? I always wave or smile, but there was a time when I could hardly make eye contact with people in ANY situation. Just keep on doing what you are doing; maybe she doesnt wave back but you are giving her extra motivation, OR maybe she just thinks she is too good to wave at you hahah.

๐Ÿ™‚ I understand your frustration. I’ve run into people who aren’t friendly either. I guess I carry it a little farther…I try to make eye contact with a smile or a “Hi!” when shopping and it drives me nuts for someone to just walk by without saying anything. I try to tell myself that someone may be dealing with hardships bigger than mine. But good grief, most dogs are friendly and run up to each other with tails wagging. We are humans…you know…the superior being…supposedly.

Whether its running or riding my motorcycle, when I wave or say Hi and I am ignored, I say to myself “Jackass” like the Joe Flaherty character in Happy Gilmore. Then I feel better ๐Ÿ™‚

I can tell you when I first started “running” and I use the term loosely because I am still doing the jog/walk thing, I was incredibly embarrassed by how bad I was and how overweight I was. I found it hard to make eye contact with people because I was afraid they would judge me. Now I do my best to do the smile/wave when I pass another runner and I see it as encouragement.

I wave but there are quite a few that do not wave back. Last weekend however I had a guy run past me as I was walking and he totally turned around as he passed to wave and say “hi”. LOL

I always do too. I’ve even crossed over just to give some high fives, it makes people laugh and makes the hard runs a little easier. Slap her some skin next time, she can’t ignore you then!

I read an article once – I think from Runner’s World – that was about people like that, and some people literally can’t do it. Their minds/bodies are so focused on what they’re doing that they can’t process greeting people. Like, literally.

Sometimes I’m too focused on running or too much into my own thoughts to say something or respond. I’m clumsy so if I’m distracted I have a tendency to trip. Say “Hi” if you want to but don’t waste energy worrying about if someone else is being rude or not. Run your own run.

I usually smile and nod. You should at least acknowledge their presence.

I have that all the time. I want to high five them for being out there but they don’t wanna acknowledge me. I still say good morning. Some respond and some don’t. ๐Ÿ™

At least make eye contact. you may have to pick them out of a line up later…. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. I am not bothered by anyone who doesn’t look at me. It’s not personal. They’re in their zone.

I run for fun and not a die hard. I wave and smile at all fellow runners. If I’m tired I will stop and do the wave at them. No one has done it back yet.

I dont think all runners follow the runner’s code. But i always smile and wave….even if they are sour.

I always say “good morning” to all I pass! Even if they don’t say anything back, makes me feel good initiating it:-)

I usually give a little wave, and say hello. once I passed a college aged guy and we happened to be dressed alike. black bottoms and neon yellow-green tank tops. he was super excited as we ran towards each other and he was laughing. gave me a super hi-5. made my run so much more enjoyable.

I’ve also done a lot of running in countries where women making eye contact with strangers is a huge social faux pas and it’s hard to switch back and forth between the habits and customs of so many different places.

Yes it bugs me too. Where I live nobody is greeting each other. I try to smile and get response but mostly they don’t even look up

They know you want to mug them!

Lol, you sound just like me. Just keep up being friendly, eventually you’ll wear her down!

I always wave or give a nod. 99.9% of the time, I’ll get the same back. But there is one woman I run past fairly frequently (late 20’s maybe) who acts like I’m invisible and I admit that, for no particular reason, it bugs me… I’m not sure she’d acknowledge me if I was on fire!

Thanks everybody, it’s funny cause she’s always all decked out in matching clothes, maybe she is just focused. thanks for letting me vent…I will keep on saying good morning even if she doesn’t answer lol bam!

I try to — but with those who never wave at me, I eventually do the same. I typically give the standard acknowledgement wave. There is a definite connection when you know someone else is busting it out there too.

Always the wave and nod:)

I do a little wave but 99% don’t wave back

Next time as you’re getting ready to pass her, yell really loud “. Get it girl! You’re rocking this run!”. And see if she looks up. That’s what I do and people think I’m loony…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

If I were to smile and wave to all the runners I meet, my arm would get tired, and my teeth would dry out. So, no, there is no waving and smiling on my regular route around the lake.

My neighbor does that constantly! It’s like a game to see if she will finally acknowledge me in some way! She takes dog biscuits with her but does not speak to anyone!

Stick out a hand to high five! I almost always get one back!

It would bug me too! Cyclists never acknowledge me but I think their just jealous that I burn 3X the calories they do…haha!

I’m glad it’s not just in my neighborhood! We have a running neighbor like that. I guess she’s just focused and concentrating on the run. Very nice person otherwise. ๐Ÿ™‚

It depends on where I am in my jog. Is I’m doing well I make eye contact and smile but if I am having trouble and need to concentrate then I put on my game face so anyone passing by can tell I’m in the zone.

I’m a cyclist…I always wave!

Next time turn quickly and look down as she goes by, see if she has a stick up her butt, might explain everything.

I always wave. Not waving is weird.

I always wave and smile ๐Ÿ™‚ and it bugs me when some cyclists ignore me too. Because others are so friendly and encouraging – I feel like everyone should be! ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s funny the same thing happened to me when I went to Seattle every time I went out to run. I thought it was a code too.

Yes it annoys me so much. On my 5 mile run yesterday I passed two runners, one female the other female, and noticed their sneakers. As they got closer, and she passed me first I told her, “like your sneakers” I got no response, stoic. The same with the guy when he passed me a few minutes later. Runners like that really suck!! I wouldn’t even mind high fiving but who knows how people react.

Same here! I pass a gal – that I know through our office as a patient and she will NEVER wave or nod, but in the office acts as if I’m her best friend when she comes in.

OMG – I have a grumpy man I meet everyday and then one day I said to him “why? I wave and say ‘hi’ everyday. Is your life that miserable?” Then I kept running. Next day-one block after meeting him I wiped out for first time. I figured it was God getting back at me.

I would smile and I bet over time she will too!

I don’t like to. I like to focus on my run. I get inside my own head alot.

I generally do a slight head nod (acknowledge that they exist), though I usually also don’t make eye contact, say anything, or smile. That said, I am fairly introverted and I really hate talking to people I don’t know. I have some social anxiety issues. It’s better that way.

What about drivers you meet? I always run on the left side (facing traffic) and usually give a courteous wave to oncoming cars. Especially if they give me a wide berth. ๐Ÿ™‚

I am very focused on my runs. I don’t ever talk or wave at people. I will give a nod here or there if I think of it, but if I am dialed in I won’t.

I’m at home with kids all day – anytime I see grownups I practically hug their necks and want to yell “look at us! We are so awesome!”

I’m always friendly.Heck I’m friendly all the time.LOL!!

Sometimes they are in a zone and don’t mean to be rude. Some people run to work out issues in their head. Don’t take it personally.

I just literally don’t understand that inability to just give an acknowledgement! I was running in a trail. Just me and this man. Looooong path so we definitely see each other. As we approached, he looked away!! I said… Well hello to you too! You generally don’t have to speak to me?? But c’mon!!!

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