Does anyone recommend getting a fitbit or a Garmin?

Does anyone recommend getting a fitbit? I’m trying to decide between that and a garmin.

Depends what you’re trying to do. If you’re tracking mileage for your runs, then garmin. If you want to track activity 24/7, then fitbit.

Love mine! Have the garmen forerunner just for running though.

My Fitbit also tracked the miles I drove sometimes, so back to the store it went! Go Garmin!

I’ve used the fitbit, to track activity. But have the garmin watch on my wish list because you can’t keep resetting the fitbit. I love the fitbit for keeping me on track and get in at least the 10,000 steps and 10 flights of stairs daily.

I love myFitbit too. It motivates me when I track my activity and calories.

You may want to look at the new Garmin 15. Kind of a hybrid device meant to be worn all the time like a fit bit but can track runs like a typical Garmin.

They serve different purposes. I have both. Fitbit will track your daily movement but a Garmin GPS will measure your runs (distance/pace/time).

I have the fitbit flex too. The guy at the apple store told me it was way more accurate than the nike band (which they do sell and for a higher price). I really like it alot. And it has a vibrating feature you can set an alarm to wake you up. I love that because then I will wake up but it won’t wake up my kids like my other regular alarms do. You can track your food on it like my fitness pal does. You can even track your sleep. I do want to get a garmin though for reasons said above. I want to know distance and pace and set intervals when running.

I love that fitbit stands behind its product. My boyfriend went swimming with it (duh) and they replaced it. Free. I lost mine and they replaced it. Free. I love to use it with my students when we walk during lunchtime. They figure out our steps and get excited every time!

I know what you mean about them standing behind their product. I had a bad charger and instead of just replacing the charger they sent me a complete new unit. Very easy company to work with.

I have the fitbit and wear it all day love it but when I run I use my nike sport watch that I love . My girl friend wears a fitbit and has the garmin and loves hers too . It’s really a preference on what you’re looking to track.

I just got a FitBit Flex on Saturday. I wanted to see how active I was at work and stuff during the day (I’m a veterinay nurse, so I move a lot). So far I love it. My cousin had the Nike version, but didn’t like it. She’s the one who told me about the FitBit. So far, so good.

I have both but they both do different things. I use Garmin for hrm, pacing, and intervals. I use fitbit (I have the One that clips into clothes) for daily total activity and to link to my Myfitnesspal app.

I would like a fitbit just for fun but I wouldn’t use it to replace my Garmin.
Apples and oranges to me . I love my Garmin… Far more Versatel then the fitbit.

Wait for the Garmin ForeRunner 15. It has more features than the 10, including Heart Rate Monitor and foot pod. Also has the fitness tracking features like the Fitbit. Only drawback I can see is the price ($199 for package with HRM) and the bulky watch look instead of the sleek sexy look of the Fitbit or Vivofit. Of course if you plan to get the 10 + a Fitbit or Vivofit, you’re up over $200 anyways.

LOVE my new Garmin 220.

My wife got one (Garmin 220) after debating between that and the 620 and the Fenix 2. We drove our store owner nuts I’m sure but in the end I think he became an expert on the differences in the models 😉

I have both. Fitbit to track my activity throughout the day and the forerunner for my runs.

I had a fitbit when I first started my weight loss journey and LOVED it!! Having it really helped me to realize how active I was, or wasn’t. I lost it and although they replaced it for free I realized I didn’t need it anymore so my wife has it now. The ONE thing I did not like about the Fitbit is that when I’d look at how many miles I walked or ran it was not accurate. It is possible to and recommended that you calibrate it but because I am a male and rarely read directions I missed that part when I started using it….ooops!

Wait for the Garmin 15 to be released — it’s an all-in-one activity tracker and GPS watch with HRM support. Looks like the price will be $170 without HRM strap, $200 with.

I have both the fitbit and the vivo fit and the Garmin forerunner. I loved the fitbit flex but in order to have the time which I really needed you have to get the fitbit force, which is not waterproof. Making that automatically out for my lifestyle. But I loved the actual device and the app. And loved that it synced without me having to do anything. It just magically appeared. I know wear the vivo fit and I really love the device but I am not a fan of the app. Nor do I like that I have to manually sync to the app. But overall I am happy with the device. I like that I can see my steps and the time and when I run I can see my HR. I wear my forerunner when I run for pacing, distance and time. So it really depends what features are most important to you and what you need it for.

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