Favorite Run Running Inspiration

“We’re so wrapped up in our running that we’re afraid to take a day off, run less, run slower, or, heaven forbid, take a walk on days our bodies tell us we’re not recovered enough for our “usual” workout. We’re afraid someone will think less of us as a runner; we’re afraid we’ll think less of ourselves. And, backing off at all scares us that we’ll become less of a runner than we believe we are, than we have already set ourselves up to be.”


Remember we are all human, we have bad days and good days. Sometimes it’s not easy to juggle kids, family, work, school and trying to be healthy and fit. We can be so hard on ourselves at times and just want to throw in the towel when we slip up.. STOP DOING THAT!!! Just get back to it the next day!!!! Striving for perfection will set you back. Just DO YOUR VERY BEST. Just know that in this journey of being the best you can be, you will have days you will wish you could go back and change.. but you just can’t. One thing you can do though is make better choices tomorrow!! You got this!! And we are all here cheering you on.

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