Ok, i lost 108 lbs. I’m still not to my goal weight but I will get there. I started in Feb 2015 calorie counting/eating healthier then started walking in the summer (i def couldn’t run yet) . In March 2015 I decided to start running. Never ever have I been a runner. I started with C25k. I thought I was going to die! I ran my first 5k in May 2015. Did terrible! But I finished and not last. It stressed me out though. So I just run down my country roads and love it! I am slowwwww. My runkeeper says “Janeen, you are slower than a snail!” Ha!

I signed up for another 5k “run or dye” in October 2015. Just doing it for fun and to see if I can do it w/o getting stressed out!

I also have been doing the beachbody workout dvds with Shaun T. I had surgery on my right knee 4 yrs ago and have no cartilage in that knee. It hurts at times when I run. But I will run until I “can’t” run any longer! It has taken me too long and a lot of hard work to get where I am today and support from family & friends!

I love Favorite Run Facebook page because it’s inspirational and I know there are others out there like me, and that in general will help me achieve my goals I have set for myself!