“A work in progress, always.

I was feeling somewhat sentimental today and decided to look back over some old photos that I’ve saved (and new photos) and came to the conclusion that it is a miracle and truly by the Grace of God that I crossed as many finish lines as I have. So, in a way, I guess it’s a Throwback Thursday kind of thing.

The picture on the left is me from last April (2013) at the Garden Spot Marathon/Half-Marathon in Lancaster. It’s a tough course, very hilly and even though I bizarrely felt strong most times, looking back, I had no idea how NOT strong I was. So, this year, I was so happy I decided to take things a bit more seriously. January came and I hit the gym at work working on endurance, speed (as best as I can), strength training, and things are coming together, slowly, which leads me to the picture on the right from September of this year.

Even though I am still chubby, heavy or whatever other word you want to put out there towards me, (believe me, I’ve heard it all or even said to myself many times) I feel the best I have in a VERY long time and I am hugely grateful for the friends and family that have been with me since I started this race adventure in 2009. 11 half-marathons, many 5k’s and 2 10’ks, I am truly thrilled that I found something that keeps me moving and family and friends that have been by me the entire time!!”