What is your favorite sock to wear while running?

Q: Running peeps I need some help. What is your favorite sock to wear while running. I’m looking for one that helps with blood blisters on my toes when I get into my higher mileage and maybe if I find the right sock I won’t lose so many toe nails. My first half I lost all my toe nails(through the whole training) I’m currently training for my second half marathon and I’m starting to get into my higher mileage any advice would help.


Favorite Run Community Answers:

“I think it’s your shoes more than your socks.”

“I run with Injinji socks, they have been amazing for my feet!”

“I have been wearing Wrightsocks, double layer, for years and never get blisters. Losing toenails I think is more due to the fit of your shoes. Maybe you should go up 1/2 size.”

“Wright socks are my favorite! But, most I run is 6.5..”

“I use Nike dri-fit socks. I also like to rub my feet good with hand lotion before putting the socks on. Since I went to a half size bigger in running shoes, no more lost toenails. Lost or black toenails comes from too small shoe size.”

“I like dry max run lite”

“When I talk to the people at the shoe store they tell me not to go up a half size my foot will slide too much”

“You should probably be running in a shoe that’s a 1/2 size bigger. Socks won’t make that much of a difference.”

“Anyone use the “toe shoes”….. Thoughts!?!”

“I won’t run with anything but Swiftwick!”

“My father loves wright socks. Only wears them for high mileage, like 20 miles.”

“Snowden Bolega the thin ones.”

“LOOOOOVE and swear by Balega Socks!!!”

“Wear bigger socks as well as bigger shoes. Your feet swell when you run long.”

“You may need to change brands of shoes if you don’t go up a size. Some brands like Brooks have bigger toe boxes.”

“I’m glad this question was asked…I am really funny about my socks…I had a favorite cotton pair I would wear on every run…but they are cotton (I read something about not wearing cotton on runs), and I’ve worn a hole in them. I’m going to try some of your suggestions.”

“As a new runner, my eyes were only opened to running socks recently but oh my goodness they are a must! They are like a hug for your feet and no sweat anywhere! I firmly believe all socks should be like running socks. Its time to start a revolution of the sock industry”

“The ones I have are “High Volume Enduros” and they also say “ultra” on them. SUPER comfortable! They are anklet just high enough to be above the shoe line and not get sucked into the shoe.”

“Darn Tough socks, body glide on the bottom of feet but it’s your shoes not the socks. When I bought my last pair of shoes, I bumped up in size and felt my feet sliding around too. My feet measure 9 and they are 10.5 You can tie them in such a way so your feet don’t move around as much. When I start a long run, they do move around a little but somewhere after mile 14 or 15 I’ve stopped noticing them LOL
Through 3 halfs and Disney Marathon and various 5Ks and 10Ks along the way, I have not lost ANY toe nails.”

“I wear the hidden dry Balega’s. I got my 1st pair from a rep for free loved them so had to buy more …. i bought @ race expo’s but you can usually find @ running stores they have a website & can buy online.”

“Yeah I bought mine at a running store but you never know which brands a store will choose to sell. Happy sock shopping!”

“Quite possibly more of a shoe issue than a sock issue. Are your shoes the wrong size?”

“I run in saucony shoes and I’m a size 11. I’ve tried going up a half size and they are too big.”

“When I go to get my shoe fitted they tell me I may just have to live with it.”

“Try a different brand”

“Just got my first brooks and love them! Had to go 1/2 bigger but no sloppiness.”

“I did try a pair of brooks last year and the support was not their like the saucony. When I got done running my hips felt like bone on bone rubbing. I then spent the next 2 months at the chiropractor getting my knee and hip back to normal. So I’m very nervous about trying a new brand of shoes.”

“Is their a shoe that is just as comfortable as saucony?”

“I run in new balances with thicker sock from walmart and Sauconys with thinner sick from walmart. I’ve never lost a toe nail. I’ve ran 3 halfs this year and over 320 miles so far.”

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