Time To Get New Running Shoes?

I am very much a newbie runner. I have had my first pair of running shoes since August. They probably have about 300-ish miles on them. I ran my first 5k the last weekend in March and was fine. But EVERY run since then has gotten progressively worse. Hip pain, shin pain, knee pain…and most recently…pain in my arches. I’m pretty sure I need new shoes. My next 5k is this Saturday. Should I risk running in my old shoes again OR risk wearing brand new ones on Saturday?

I think you would be better off in the new shoes. 300 is about the max on a pair. You will feel like a new woman 🙂

If you were to buy new ones today and wear them before Saturday, I would go for it. I just would not wear a new pair for the first time on Saturday during the race.

I say pick up some new shoes, and get a nice easy run in them today, and you should be good to wear them for your 5K on Saturday. If it was a 10K, I’d probably suggest wearing shoes you already have broken in, but if they’re comfortable (like my Brooks), new shoes may work for a little longer distance.

New shoes was the vote I was going for. After my run last night my lower back even hurt and was super sore all over this morning. My last planned run before the 5k is Thursday…so I would have a chance to wear them first. Thanks y’all 🙂

Yep, time for new shoes! If this were me, I would go with the new shoes.

Go to Jax running company and get fitted. Get in as many miles as you can in the new shoes and you should be fine. Pain means get new shoes. Never run this way. I learned the hard way

My Brooks are like bedroom slippers. Very worth the investment. New shoes is my vote. I too am a newbie. I went to my local running company and asked lots of questions. Shoes are good for a few hundred miles. If you haven’t yet, go to a local running company and make sure you have the right “shoes” for your body. I had no idea there were different shoes for different situations, like gait style, arch placement etc. Of course shoes are like tires, once the rubber wears down, the worse your ride feels (bring on the pain). Best of luck! (Vets, if any of this is incorrect, please correct me. I won’t take offense.)

New shoes between 300-500 miles depending on how you feel. Sounds like its time!

No break in needed for new shoes. Just have to make sure they fit right. I race mine right out of the box. Make sure the store has a good return policy.

Buy new shoes. They will make a difference. And nothing is worth the injury. Keep on running, Melanie!!

Buy 2 pair and rotate them. This should resolve your existing problem so it doesn’t happen again. I actually rotate 4 pair and it works well.

I am lucky enough not to have to break in a new pair…I can step right in and run. My knees usually start “talking to me” after about 300 miles in one pair, then I know it’s time for new one. I’ve heard most last 300-500 miles. I think your body will thank you if you buy a new pair! Happy Running!

If they fit right you shouldn’t need to break them in. I have worn most of mine right out of the box to run in.

I always say go with the new ones especially of you get the same ones! What’s the worst that can happen: hip pain, shin pain, knee pain…arch pain??? You are already experiencing all that so why not try some new shoes?

Get new shoes. If you get fitted properly your feet will be fine. I got fitted and than thought I could go to sports store for next pair. Nope got shin splits. Just got brooks and very soft and can’t even feel them on

Get new shoes…I have done a marathon on brand new shoes and never had a problem.

Go to a running store and get fitted and the new shoes should ease your pains right away!

I would get new shoes also. If you get a good fit they will feel so much better then your aged shoes.

new shoes!!!! new shoes!!!! pretty sparkly new shoes!!! they make you run faster…. ugh now I want to shop

As long as it’s the same brand and model (including generation) I do better with a new pair than an old one- good luck and congrats on wearing through a pair of running shoes! 🙂

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