Q and A: Get Out and Run

Q: Hi all, I need your help please. I have a bad problem with depression and social anxiety. I have a 7 mile run that I am supposed to do today. I keep getting in my head saying that I can’t do it, it’s too long and people are just going to make fun of me. But I HAVE to do it. Any advice? Words of encouragement? Thank you

Answers from Runners:

Visualize yourself doing it and be your own cheerleader!!!!!! When I encourage myself I do a hell of a lot better!!

I promise you… Once you get past 2 miles you will be at peace with ur self. I promise. I have been there so many times. And after 2, if you still don’t want to be there, then turn around and go home. That is nothing to be ashamed of.

You can totally do this! Think about how you’ll feel when you’re done! And how you’ll regret it if you don’t do it!

I completely understand all that anxiety. Everyone here gave me a great pep talk when I freaked out about the 10K I was running. And one of my good friends said….it’s just another run. You like to run, so go run and enjoy yourself. You can do it.

No one is going to make fun of you.People will be amazed how much you can run. And running is psychologically proven to fight depression. So do it for yourself

You’ve got this. No one will make fun of you, in fact, I’m willing to bet anyone who sees you is going to think “what a rock star she is running”

Yes visualize and conquer! You can do it! We are our own worst critic, believe and achieve!

You won’t be sad you got out there when you are done. I get the social anxiety part, but get out there, forget the world and get it done! You can do it! 3.5 miles out and 3.5 back.

The consequences of not doing it? Setting yourself back in your training. Get out of your own way – you wouldn’t let someone else hold you back, so don’t hold yourself back.

Hey ladybug, I know how you feel…but you know that you will feel better once it is done. If you do your miles today, I know I can do mine tomorrow. We will support each other

Don’t worry about anyone else. Running is about you. You can do it! We are better with every run, I think that is part of what keeps us coming back for more. Go get it!

Here’s where I’m at (I have a rescue med I make sure is ALWAYS close). I get the SAME thoughts. BUT, once I get out there, I’m ok. It’s the getting out there that’s the ass kicker.
So I pay myself. I do this cause I have a couple kids & rarely spend $$ on my self. So (for example) no pedicure if I don’t get out there this weekend. I took my nieces for pics this am & felt bad when I saw (no less than) 13 runners in that 5 miles, all shapes, sizes, speeds & ages. You got this. So what if people laugh—will you know any of them? Are they out there running?! You’re awesome & gonna kill it!!! I think you can! I think you can!!

I’ve thought that way so often. Just start out, one mile at a time put one foot in front of the other and don’t think of all you have yet to do you’ll be amazed in no time

I have the same problem of that negative voice in my head- but we can choose not to listen to it. When it tells you that you can’t, don’t let those thoughts run away with you. Stop them in their tracks by telling yourself, “but why can’t I? I can & I will.” Your mind is the only thing stopping you. Your body is more than capable. Go get after it!

You got this, just take it one step at a time. After all its a short 7 mile run. I did my 20 this morning in prep for the Boise marathon on May 17.

Running and Races helped me with this…I was nervous to speak in from of people at times…going to the starting helped me with this…I feel like I can conquer the world now…stay strong…you can do this

None will make fun of you! And if they do just drop kick them! Seriously girl you know you can do this. I know you can do this. You can and you will.

Think about all the people who can’t do it, and how far you’ve come. Even before coming pregnant I couldn’t do a 7 mile run, and now that I’m pregnant I definitely can’t. You are inspiring! Get in the zone and only think about how blessed you are to be able to physically do this!

One more thing, who would make fun of you? Certainly not a runner cuz we’ve all had those thoughts, and some still do. If a non runner would make fun of you, who cares? They dont understand what you’re feeling and don’t count. Either way, thats not even worth worrying about. Lace up and go get em! I just came in from an awesome 6 miler.

Something that helps me stay positive during long runs – focus on how far you’ve come, not how far you have to go. & break it into manageable chunks- one 4 mile run & then a little 5k to finish it off.

Hang in there and remember NOBODY looks good at the 5 mile mark! Go for it!

Do it! Focus on your goal. You will be even more disappointed if you don’t go. Run 3.5 miles out and turn around to run back to where you started. Runners have perseverance….use it. Let us know when you are leaving and when you are done.

Don’t be your own most enemy girl… There’s how many people in the world?.. Don’t let the option or thoughts of a few control you. You’re doing this for you… Not them. Be good to yourself , we believe you’re a rock star. You are stronger than you think, you’ve survived this long… You’ll survive the run. And if you need too… Put on music before your run, dance it out, shake your booty… Then run allllll the bullshit away.

This is exactly why I run! I have never run 7 miles, but know when I get the chance, I will make it because…when I need to I will run slowly..almost like a walk when I need to, then I know I can do it. So YOU can do this, too, Jeannie. I think many of run..and do it..because we have to overcome the thoughts that creep in that tell us we can’t do it…and restructure our thoughts..to we CAN do this and so much more!! xoxo

You can do it. Put one foot in front of the other!

Coming from a blind runner just pretend they can’t see you , even blind i know they stare so in my head i picture a empty beach and waves crashing !! Get out there and run if I can you can!!!

Well I just did a zombie 5K this morning…so pretend zombies are chasing you and get it over with quickly.

I saw a motivational card that read “It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you are, you’re still doing laps around everyone sitting on the couch” You got this!!!!

You’ll most likely feel better once you get going. I can relate to your anxiety. Listen to a motivating song and GO! Hey, most ppl will not run 7 miles today!

Running is my therapy. You can do it!!!!!

Once you begin…the negative feelings will go away! YOU CAN DO IT!

Do you want to feel awesome or worse? Completing your 7 mile journey = your mind telling you how awesome you are. Staying home gives your mind more fuel to make you feel worse about yourself. I hope you choose awesome because you already are!

Who are you doing the race for…you or them? It’s your race, you can do this. Positive thoughts…you can…..you will….Everyone that runs has to fight those demons. If people let those demons control the no one would be running. Don’t worry about the others; you have something to accomplish, a goal. Just pull up those big girl panties and give it all you got!!! You can!!!!!

If have an iPod, try using it while you run, that way you’ll focus on the cool playlist that got you through. If folks are making fun of you—forget them, they’re haters.

You can do it. Running is the most inclusive and accepting sport I’ve ever experienced. People won’t be making fun of you. They will be cheering you on!! You’ll feel great after… the anticipation is the worst part. And if you don’t, you’ll feel worse. And we don’t want that!

You are a runner so run!!! I stopped worrying about what ppl thought about me for years and I am much happier. Try running with music or an audio book to keep your mind from wondering.. Good luck to you and keep running!!!

Just start lacing up those shoes and put one foot in front of the other. Before you know it you’ll be off and runnin

Don’t think of the whole 7 miles. Take it one mile at a time.

A long journey begins with the first step. One step at a time. I wish I hadn’t been so cautious when I was younger. I probably could have run a marathon when I was a teenager and had a good time. I didn’t get to it until I was 46… I finally just took a leap of faith and did it. I probably wasn’t as prepared as I could have or should have been. But I just said I could do this. And did.

It’s for you!! Your journey!!!!! I struggled too. Rock it!

It’s not like I wasn’t running. I had run lots of 5ks, and a few 10ks, and a few 1/2s. But I never got to a 1/2 marathon for similar reasons. I should have done it a long time ago. I regret not having tried earlier. I missed out on a lot of fun runs that I could have done.

No one will make fun of you. People will cheer for you! I am cheering now, but you can’t hear me :)– well maybe you can.

We are all here cheering you on! Don’t pay any attention to those around you and just keep on going. You are doing an amazing thing by running 7 miles.. I could never do that! Hope you enjoy your run!

I admire you so much. I’m still stuck at 270 lbs, 3 miles walk/run combo/anxiety girl! You have blown past me and made such huge accomplishments! YOU can do this. .

Put your music in and just loose yourself in it, Don’t worry about anything but singing along to your tunes

I believe most people look admirably when they drive past someone walking or running. You never know – you just may inspire someone to start!!

I started running because I was getting depressed because I was not keeping active. I was convinced that people would make fun of how slow I am! I have realized that most runners have been very supportive and encouraging! It doesn’t matter how fast or far we go, as long as we TRY! You are still doing better than every person who doesn’t have the courage to get off the couch you can do it, and you WILL…because you are a runner

You can do it! One step at a time! Just get up! I know you what you are going through. I know you can do it. You are amazing! You are fantastic! Look at how far you are going to run today! Wow! You go girl! Let’s us know how it went!

You can do this. Take a deep breath and look into a mirror…you are strong, you are amazing. Forget what others may say or think, they do not matter. You matter.

You are not defined by your thoughts, you are amazing. You are a runner and you can do anything Jeannie Anderson!!!

Talk nice to yourself. Get those bad thoughts out. Who cares what other people think. You are going it for you, not them. You have the support of everyone here on FRC.

The big picture is overwhelming so break it up into smaller steps…. I’m going to wake up when the alarm goes off, I’m going to put on my running clothes, I’m going to eat my oatmeal, I’m going to drive to the parking lot… and the next thing you know you’ll be crossing the finish line. I love races but they freak me out and this is what I do. You ARE going to do this!

I do full contact martial arts and we have a name for that: it’s called the Lizard Brain. This is our pessimist part of ourselves that tells us that we’re not good enough, not fast enough and we should just quit (Oddly enough, mine sounds like my ex husband who was all of the above and a bag of chips but I digress). The trick is to not listen to it. I still fight with mine every time I lace up or armor up. Imagine him sitting in a chair at the start line bitching away at why you shouldn’t be there. Then tie the bastard up, gag him and leave him in the dust when that gun goes off. Remember “the little engine that could”? Keep telling yourself “I think I can! I think I can!” I’m proud of you for doing this!

Heather Marley One mile at a time for sure, don’t put pressure on yourself. If for some reason you couldn’t run it all- the world will still turn and you will still be alive and ok, and you’ll get over it. Once you lose the pressure of the overwhelming obstacle you realize you can actually go beyond that big obstacle. You’ll rock it! Either today, or tomorrow or next week. But I bet you’ll rock it today : ) be brave

Done it! Keep your headphones on I the sound of being with people are a trigger. They won’t laugh at you. Cause they too are nervous. Just remember they are JUSt LIKE you.

You can do it! Just think of how accomplished you will feel! Don’t let anyone or anything stand in the way of your goals and dreams. Go out there with you head held high, head phones on, and just go!!!!!

You know in your heart that you can do it. Our heads try to tell us some crazy things sometimes. You’ve got this!!

Try to remember that each person is only focused on themselves, and probably don’t even know you’re there…I wish you luck today!!

GET OUT THERE AND DO IT!!!! you inspire so many of us with want you do everyday. Go look in the mirror, you have come so far and look so so so amazing. you rock girl!!!!!!

we are all here for you, cheering you on from wherever we are and knowing that YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!

If you’re not on medication for it already – I’d get some…. keep running though! Doing great!

I have been there too. There are still days when the depression and social anxiety rear their ugly heads and it’s so hard to get out the door, but I know that running has been huge in helping me get and keep them under control, so I keep reminding myself of that. Once I get past that first mile or two, I wonder why I ever questioned it! Hope you are/were able to get out there and enjoy it today!

Reaching out is a great step! The crowds freak me out too. I started listening to books on tape instead of music and find that it is easier to tune others out with that. Put headphones in and stay on the edges of the crowd. Hang in there you can do it!!!!

Try to think one step at a tine. Not all at once or you’ll freak out. You can do this! Think of all of us cheering you on!

You will feel better once you are out there! Go girl!

Your a runnner and all of them are runners. So get out there and do what you do. For nobody else but you. You got this.

I have the same issues, if I can do 9 last Sunday, you can do your 7! I just tell myself one more “whatever”…stop sign, corner, tree, etc.! You can do this!

You got this! Take the first steps, out the door! I believe in you! And throw away that anxiety about mile 1 and do not pick it up again! Phew!

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