Favorite Run Community Post: Running with Skirts

Miranda posted in Favorite Run Community: “I thought I should make a post to let folks on here know that some of you have influenced me in a specific way this week. Though I am average build, I have always been self-conscious of my legs, which have always been heavy and not toned. As a result I haven’t worn shorts in 23 years, which really hasn’t bothered me much, truthfully, it’s just a fact. As a runner, I’ve worn the same thin-cloth black baggy pants for three years. But running skirts have looked so cute on ot…hers at races that I started looking into them. I discovered Sparkle Skirts, read numerous customer responses about them, and decided to order one for motivation. I figured that it would be too short for me to feel comfortable, and that the fitted shorts underneath would be too tight and make my legs appear to bulge out at the ends of the shorts (I have muscles, but they are covered by some “fluff”). I thought I could wear tights underneath when it was cool enough to, or just return the skirt if nothing else.

I got the skirt and it was so adorable that I decided to try it on. I did, and to my amazement it fit, and the shorts didn’t make my legs look squeezed! In the span of a couple of hours I went from planning to lose weight and build up courage to wear the skirt in mid-summer, to nervously wearing it to make a stop at a drug store, and finally I decided to hell with self-consciousness, I’m going to change my planned run route and go to a more secluded area and run in this thing, ghost-like white legs be damned. And I did! A 5k along the riverwalk, passing several people and wondering each time if they were judging me but increasingly not caring if they did. It was huge for me, and it was partly because of how many people I am inspired by in this group that put themselves out there and brave the impressions of others in their desire to better themselves. I think those that don’t fit the presumed “mold” but have heart and courage are the most inspiring and want you to know that and know that you influence others in a positive way. I’m in awe of and proud of you, complete strangers. You make me want to be a better me and I thank you for that. When I got home, I bought another skirt. If you don’t know about that company you should check out their stuff, it fits and feels incredible.”

Responses from FRC Runners:

Good for you!!!! Funny, I don’t own skirts or dresses!! Only wear pants or shorts because I think they (most) are too form fitting and I don’t want people to see my lumpiness — we all have something we are insecure about & good for you for stepping out — love it!!

wow..thank you! I am the same way-I wear longer shorts, no skirts..but always see the cute lil skirts and shorts and am so jealous…but now I may
try that skirt–thank you!!!

You should definitely check them out. They have a good return policy apparently so I figured what the hell, but I was truly surprised. It was seeing it along with my full running gear that really did it — I looked like all the other runners I had seen! And theshorts have three pockets! The one I ordered and ran in was “Hubble”, and I also ordered “Comic Relief” because I am a nerd.

This may have changed my life too. Normally I don’t like skirts…but skirts with shorts underneath? And pockets? Yes, please!

I wear anything from 8-12 in pants (thanks, random-sizing for women, grr), and usually something either fits my hips/rear and sags at the waistline or would fit at the waist but can’t make it around the curves. I ordered a medium because I planned to lose some more weight before even considering wearing it. The medium fit great.

I just bought a running skirt and plan on wearing it next Saturday for my first 5K of the year. I have been waffling, worried about how it will look. You have just inspired me to wear it and rock it!!! Thanks!!!

So awesome for you…and another reason to be so excited for your next run!!

The Peek-a-boo Minnie Sparkle Skirts tech skirt. So comfy and cute! I’m so happy to hear your story! Be comfy and give not a care to what anyone else might think. I always used to be so self conscious, too; it’s a tough way to live. <3


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