You Know You’re a Runner When …

You know you’re a runner when:

Your newsfeed Blows up with chaffing thighs, clean eating recipes, bleeding body parts, and pictures of brand new shoes! Lol
What funny things remind you that you’re a runner? Say it in the comment section of this post.

Some answers from members of Favorite Run Community Group (

When I see high heels in my …news feed and think, they’re nice, then I see cute running sneakers and think, I want them! – Shelley

The line for porta-johns and restrooms before a race… Scott

I pin more workouts/workout clothes on Pinterest than anything else. Also, I can rarely just go for a walk. I always catch myself trying to take off and run!! – Erika

When I look forward to cloudy 50 degree days and no sun! – Martine

You own more running shoes than dress shoes – Jennifer

You plan all meals based on what days and how far you’re running!!! Oh and bedtimes too!! Lol – Twilla

And I go to bed every Saturday night at 10pm looking forward to a long run Sunday! (And praying it’s not hot!) – Martine

When it pretty much always hurts to sit on the toilet. Or stand from the toilet. Or walk to the sink. – Christy

Or after a race how about hobbling down the stairs to the laundry room…and then back up the same wretched set of stairs……. Alicia

You see a nature photo on FB and think “I’d like to run there” – Jennnifer

You own a $15 pair of socks….several actually

waking up at 5am on Saturday morning sounds more fun than going out on Friday night.

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