I have had a bad run recently, what is wrong?

OK very discouraged! I have no intentions of doing a marathon in the coming years. A half would be huge but I have no desire to go that far either! 🙂 but I do want to be able to complete a 5k without stopping no matter the pace!!! (Absolutely no walking) so I ran for 20 min straight 2 days in a row, 1.75 miles, then I ran 2 miles straight on the third day!!! I took Easter day off then I have run 3 times since and can barely make 1.5 miles. What is wrong??

I am not the most experienced runner on FRC by far, but I would say one or both of these two things: your body is still recovering from those two runs, and/or what you’re eating.

This is normal. It could be a number of different things from stress to diet to whatever, You have to remember that there are good days and bad days. I will tell you there are days I can run forever and days I can just barely plod along. A lot of it is just your mind telling your body it can’t.

Nothing is wrong… Running takes time. Your doing things with your body you have never done before. It takes time to recover. Relax and enjoy your time outside . Remember why you are out there.. And don’t forget to smile! Your doing far more then most!

Very well could be what I’m eating. I have changed that up! Eating cleaner now. But I mainly picked up running to help lose the last 20 lbs of baby weight. But since I started I kind of enjoy pushing myself so I’m trying to get to 5k.

This happened to me when I first started running. Two things helped me. 1. I learned to slow myself down in the beginning, I told myself to run just a tiny but faster than my walk, and just never ever walk. Don’t give it all up but trying to go faster than you can maintain, it comes with time. And 2. Literally don’t think about it. Find a problem or a creative project or idea you need to plan for or think through. Focus on that. Write letters to people in your head. Pray. Have arguments. Anything except think about what your feet and lungs are doing. Hope it helps. Good luck!

I was there and trust me–one day it hits you and you get over that hump. Just keep at it. I am there again as I am trying to go faster now. It will pass!

There will be good runs and bad runs sometimes without reason. Progression is not linear. Keep at it, you will reach your goal. When I started I couldn’t run a mile and with training was able to finish a half marathon without walking. Kudos to you for getting out there!!

Nothing is wrong, you are doing fine, you can achieve your goal! Try the training app “couch to 5k” you will shock yourself, it works!!!

You’ve run 3 times since Sunday? Maybe a rest day is in order…

Well yeah but only went 1.5 each time

I had a really bad run yesterday – I ran 5. Sometimes I find that it’s because of the time of day or what I ate that day. I gave up sweets for Lent so I’m eating crap like it’s going out of style. So I thought maybe that was the reason I felt awful Plus it was 8pm when I left. Keep at it – you’ll get over that hump.

You have to give yourself time, patience it takes time to build up running. Don’t give up it sounds like your on the right track oh and run with friends or a running group!!

Are you hydrating enough? That can alone easily makes or breaks a run for me.

Yes I do make sure to stay hydrated. I’m guessing its just that I had 3 GOOD run days and now I have to have my bad days I have tried the couch to 5k but I get super bored with it

Personally I can’t run everyday and certainly couldn’t when I was just starting out. Try every other day, your body needs time to recover. You’ll get there.

Just keep going, push a bit farther every time you go out. I was there trust and still have UHHGG moments, it sucks until you get there. I don’t go over two days with out a run or I feel Ive lost it.. Keep going your on the right path..Maybe try not to start out fast but pace yourself, Rock My Run helps the music if you like to run with music is paced.. Up beat and fun.. and maybe try a different route. I get bored fast with the same path I go on the trails near me to change up pavement running. Just a few newbie suggestions that have helped me from other seasoned runners in my running group

I had a horrible run today. I have been running on a treadmill and have gotten up to 3 miles. Today I went out to run and could hardly make 1/2m running. I will just try again tomorrow hopefully without a headache!

Do the couch to 5k app. It works! I couldn’t run for crap in January. Now I run a 5K in 30 minutes. I run my first 10 K in less than 2weeks. This app works!

Try a training app like couch to 5k or run keeper or gipis it takes all ur info and gives u a plan to follow!!! Keep at it!!!

SMILE because you can do it! Don’t stay discouraged, keep going back for more. Keep the SMILE

I swear by the app couch to 5k I started in jan this year with Zero experience in running, followed the app and it really worked, PB of 28.04 at parkrun this week that’s from an ex smoker who started out with a very poor fitness I level, you’ll get there if I can anyone can

My problem is always some kind of mental block. If I focus too much on distance or speed, I end up doing miserably. So I try to stay focused with a clear mind.

You may need more rest days. I can almost never run back to back. I have to have a rest day in between or my runs will SUCK. I ran 3 miles on Sundays, today I had a crappy 2 miles. It happens.

It’s normal probably your diet.. Some days I do 20 other days 3 seems exhausting

First and most importantly- relax and enjoy the run. Take the pressure off yourself and just run. Don’t burn yourself out before you get started. Pressure will sap your energy. If you just go run without the pressure you find that the rest will take care of itself. It does take time though. The other thing I wanted to say was if you ate “crappy” over the Easter weekend that could effect you too. Don’t give up, keep going and you’ll be surprised by how well you do. Good luck.

In the beginning I could hardly run a mile but now half marathons are normal.

Focus is on the goal not the occasional disappointments. Stay focused and consistent.

See a Doc. Before you do more runs! To see he can help you. There is only one you!!!!!

running ability is based on practice. go online and find a a couch to 5k program and stick to it like a religion. in 4-6 weeks you’ll be able to run 5k for the rest of your life. in this case, What you did was set yourself up for failure because of your parameters. The best way is to find a plan that is tried and true. Also, diet, sleep and stress are major issues that can effect a run from one day to another…. and since we don’t eat the same exact thing every day, or have the same sleep or stress levels, you can expect different reactions from your body based solely on what you eat, how stressed you are or if you’re tired.

Drink water, lots of it. Work up to 3-4 liters a day. Eat veggies/fruits and lean meats, and then have some grains, stretch, drink more water, walk when you need to, but force yourself out of your comfort zone… Tell yourself over and over while your running “this is easy, I love this, I am a runner, I am strong, I can do this, etc” keep it positive, you will get there! Don’t forget shoes are important, and cotton is rotten (esp when your sweatin)

Don’t be discouraged! You can do it! I did it u can too:)

Don’t give up or become discouraged. You’ll get there

It’s probably mental. When I tell myself, “I need to run X miles today” I fall short. So don’t do that. Just go out and run for runnings sake.

I have hit many plateaus like that. They suck and they are very discouraging but I always tell myself, running is about mental toughness. When I just want to quit, I tell myself that and it makes me mad that it’s almost conquered me. I’m stubborn like that, so the motivation is huge!
Stick with it, give yourself rest days (you’ll be amazed at how runs will explode when you rest adequately), and wait for that next breakthrough that will have you dancing in the streets. It will come!

What do you have against walking? It’s still off the couch!

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