Garmin Forerunner 210 – Battery Life

So I bought a Garmin 210 about 18 months ago, figuring that if I spent the $$ on a top brand, I’d get a product that would be quality…well, lately the battery life is not lasting but a few days, when I’m not even using it at all, so it’s in save mode. Today, I went to put it on for a run, and it was totally dead, nothing on screen, yet I charged it a week ago, again, from dead. So, had to run without it, let it fully charge, took it off, still showed 100%, just checked, i…t’s DEAD again, nothing on screen at all. I’m SO upset. I plan to call them tomorrow, but I will be mad if this watch is garbage…I spent over $200 and I only use it at most 3x a week, during the winter, once a week. Anyone have experience with this? When I first got it, the charging connectors wouldn’t connect right so they sent me a new charger, it worked better, but lately it takes me 5 minutes to get it “on”, and yes, I clean the connectors…I’m hoping Garmin is going to be of some help! This is really disappointing

I don’t know anything about Garmin watches but since its like a mini computer it sounds like its the battery not the watch. Hopefully Garmin with send you a new battery that will hold a charge. It happens to laptops & cell phones.

I’ve heard many good things about Garmin’s customer service reps and how well they stand behind their product. One of my friends lost their Garmin and the company send them a new one. I am hoping you’ll have an equally great experience with them.

I’ve had my Garmin for many years. I love it! I hope you can get it replaced ASAP. Btw, be aware of “free aps”… Map my run, run keeper & Nike are all off. Unfortunately.

We have used Garmins for years. That being said my husband had trouble with a model that he bought. It would not charge! Drive us crazy. We called the company and they sent a refurbished replacement. We were very unhappy that the replacement was not a new watch. All of his running data was stored with Garmin and so we settled for the refurbished model. It lasted a satisfactory amount of time.

I have this model too…sometimes the HR is completely off (in 200-220 range) so I need to adjust (or not!) the HR monitor to get back to normal range (I feel good while running and measure my HR via normal way)…and it is hard to charge… I am kinda disappointed too.

Thanks everyone, I did hold down light button and screen popped up, battery now 75%. Hoping they can help more tomorrow, don’t want to keep going through this.

I’m going on 3 years with same model . It has been great . HR monitor battery I change every few months . As far as charging , I find the charger needs to sit just right on the terminals otherwise it does not charge . And I’ve found out that if someone in my house moves it , or picks it up I may need to “fix” it again so it continues to charge to max. That is a great watch and the support team never let’s me down .

I have the same model and I have been using it 5 days out of the week. I have a set area with the charger set up in a certain position that it stays just right connected. I charge mine once a week however, when I am done running I turn off the watch. I hope your watch issue gets resolved quickly. I too wouldn’t be happy either if I had those issues.



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