Fear Of Running In Public

Hi everyone! New “runner” here. I’m following the c25k app with hopes of being able to complete a 5k in August. I’m on my second week of the c25k and have hit a wall. As the weather is getting warmer there are more and more people on the trail that I go to get my runs in. My problem is, I have a HUGE fear of running in public. As soon as someone comes into view I instantly stop running and go into a walk. I’ll never be able to complete this program if i continue like this. Any tips on how I can get over this fear? Has anyone else dealt with this? How did you get over it? Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

You are doing awesome getting out there walking or not. Better a public trail than a secluded one – safer. As you run – think as the other people are doing the same as you – working towards better health. I am over weight and only get thumbs us and “way to go” smiles. You are a runner when you run one foot. People are just happy for you. Think positive thoughts that they are proud of you – not negative ones. And keep going.

I’m sorry to hear this, I think the stronger you run, the more confident you will become! You can do this!! <3 Just keep going. I plan on starting my c25k program this weekend and I know I'll have those concerns because I have big boobs...people always stare!!!! Oh well for them...I'm going to run when it's time and walk when it's time...when you feel awkward just remember, You're not alone!!! Think of me and what I'm going through...and laugh...just laugh it off!!! We'll get through it! Good luck! Just remember why you started running and envision your goals as you are running! I doubt they are thinking bad of you, be proud of who you are!! I had to start out at night and then work my way into the daylight hours. You can do this, keep on running!!!! It seems like when I run with music blaring in my ears I seem to forget my surroundings. I had that problem as well. I just told myself that nobody was me paying any attention or could care less about what I looked like. Chances are, if they are out running as well, they're just concentrating on themselves or (like me) they're in their own head. Eventually I was able to keep myself going no matter how many people were around and now I don't even have to think twice. I've come to find that most runners are friendly and nonjudgemental, they're just happy you're out there enjoying the nice (and not so nice) weather with them. Good luck! I did the same thing for a long time. That changed the day I ran my first 5k. I noticed people weren't paying attention to me at all. No one was laughing or staring. It didn't matter what I looked like to anyone but me. Just focus on putting one foot in front of the other. Happy running!

I can totally relate! It’s like some weird form of stage fright. I try to think that a lot of people started the same way….and hopefully they remember that when they see me. Lol

Don’t let that bother you just think ur lapping everyone who still sitting on their couch

I can relate… I was 100# over weight and so out of shape… then I realized I would never make the changes I wanted if I didn’t go for it. I always said I would never wear spandex running tights… Now I rock neon ones!!

I’ll be the first to admit there are many mean people out there but also you will be pleasantly surprised that those other runners on your trail are very supportive…no one will laugh, etc. They will most likely nod their head, say “Hi”, maybe even yell encouragement, etc. Get over the fear…you can do it!

Thank you everyone for the kind words! I plan on referring back to this post whenever I feel like I can’t do it and am too ashamed. Hopefully this fear will be a thing of the past very soon 🙂

Remember everyone started on a journey. Be very proud of ur movement whether u r walking, running or slogging along slow jog :).

Run w pride and a smile. Either u will see these people again and u will inspire them or u never will and u will have only stopped for someone that doesn’t matter. Run on and run happy!!

Do you have a dog? It helped me to have my dog as my running partner. Makes me feel less alone 🙂

Most people you pass will smile politely simply because you’re out there….a kind of kinship. You’ll see:) or maybe even a thumbs up!!

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