Are we supposed to rotate our running shoes?

QUESTION: What’s your opinion or experience…We are supposed to rotate our running shoes between 2 or maybe 3 pair while training…but do they need to be the exact brand & style of shoes…?

No. I use three different brands minimum

I have 4 different brands…different purpose

No i have several different brands

I’m all over the place.

I have several brands, different goals from day to day.

I had mizunos, Asics and Sauconys while marathon training. Now I have all those plus a pair of brooks. It gives your feet a break; I would even venture to say it helps prevent blisters.

I have 3 pairs.One pair of trainers for workouts. (Asics GT-2000). A pair of Cloudracers for long races 5k+ and a pair of pumas for races on the track (typically 3k and mile races) Do I need to be rotating trainers?

Different running shoe brands so your feet muscles have to adjust and not get to used to the same same. No different than running the same speed on the Same route every day…

No, I have different brands that are fitted for me.

Just bought two new pair. My wife wasn’t happy,lol. I’m running in New Balance, Saucony, and Nike free. Mixing it up a bit.

I run with brooks, Asics, and saucony

I also have 3 pair. Asics, nike, and newton’s. But try and explain this to a non-runner and they look at you like you’re crazy lol gotta love favorite running community 🙂

Different- I run brooks, Saucony and Asics.

OMG! I don’t rotate at all and didn’t know this info!!! Am I screwed?

I have Altra Instincts, Saucony Kinvarras, Saucony Virratas, and Saucony A5 racing flats in my rotation right now.

I end up injured if I veer from my adrenalines, but I do have a few pairs in rotation:)

I think I need a part time job just to pay for rotating shoes!

I wish I could afford more than one pair at a time! Needless to say I know nothing about rotating shoes.:)

I have several pairs of shoes. For the most part I use neutral shoes for runs less than 6 miles (Nike Pegasus) but I need some support on the longer runs and I go between two pairs of brooks Ravenna and two pairs of Mizuno Inspire. I used to wear Asics Kayanos for the long runs but they don’t seem to work as well for me as they used to

I never knew this either until I fractured my foot after a half and working with my PT. He explained that your feet get worn into one pair of shoes and its good for your muscles and bones to get a break by switching up the shoes you run in.

I only have one pair at a time :/

I can only afford one pair at a time!

I found shoes I like. Bought 2 pairs and rotate them.

I use the same pair until it’s time for a new. For me, it’s usually around 500 miles. When your shoe’s worn out and the soles no longer support you, it’s time for a new pair.

I have a minimalist pair for speed work/ short runs (under 5 miles) and a traditional pair for longer distances.

Local running store suggest 350-500 miles per shoe. If you rotate you let the shoe rest and get more mileage per shoe

I have been running for 12 years I have 1 pair of trainers one pair of cross country flats and one pair of road racing flats at a time!

I have 2 pairs karhu steady and pearl izumi em3 I switch depending on distance if I go back to my saucony I pay for it with sore ankles which prevents me from running.

I wear a cushier shoe for training (your toes need support for pushups and planks) and a lighter flatter shoe for races.

I rotate two pairs of Brooks Ghost 6s but only because the original pair got too small when running distances over 7 miles and caused black toe nail after a half. I use the larger pair on long run days. Normally, I just wear one pair until my knee hurts then I get another pair.

I rotate New Balance and Saucony currently.

Running is not an expensive sport unless you race a lot. I choose to cut back on racing and can afford the shoes without cutting other things out of my budget. I have bought many of my shoes on close out sales when the new models come out. Also any sport, activity or hobby requires some cash; golf clubs and green fees, tennis club fees, balls, shoes etc, football pads, helmets, socks and shoes. No sport is free.

I rotate between skechers go run 2, mizuno ekidens, newton gravity and Saucony Kinvara.

Huh, I thought we were supposed to stick to one brand of shoe while training. I’ve used the same pair of Asics for training for last year’s half and this year’s one. I ordered a new pair of Asics and will get them this week but didn’t know I should be rotating.

If you rotate shoes how do you track how much mileage you have on them to know when to buy new ones?

I use ismoothrun it’s an iPhone app that tracks your runs and you can select what shoes you are wearing and it keeps track for you!

That’s very cool. Yet another reason I need an iphone…

I use two pairs depending on the distance and type of work out. As far as tracking mileage per shoe set, I can feel when I need to replace shoes and use the tread / bottom to gauge.

I keep a running journal where I write everything from the temperature and wind speed to my distance, min/mile, any cross training I may do each day and notes on how the run felt, any pains that I may notice, and which shows I ran in.


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