1. we spend our money on races that cause immense pain just so we can feel accomplished
  2. if we finish said race and didn’t put ourself through enough pain, we aRE MAD AT OURSELVES

  3. the only way we are completely fulfilled is if we cause ourselves so much freaking pain that we dont know if we’ll make it
  4. we see other runners fainting or puking or falling across the finish line clearly in an extremely emotionally unstable and physically unhealthy place and we think “oh my goodness they are so admirable i want to be just like them
  5. we also spend money on pieces of rubber and fabric to put on our feet that have to be replaced every few months, tops
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  7. we convince ourselves that we need to spend money on five different types of rubber and fabric because some have less rubber than others
  8. the more we run, the sooner said rubber-and-fabric-creations need to be replaced, but we always want to run more
  9. when we get hurt we fall into this pit of depression, not because there is serious harm done to our body, but because we can no longer put ourselves through adequate physical pain

moral of the story: WE ARE ALL FREAKING INSANE

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