50 Good Reasons to Run

I started running several years ago and could barely handle 10 minutes of it. But I kept at it—and I’m sure glad I did. Three-and-a-half years, countless races, and thousands of miles later, “runner” is now a big part of my personal identity. I run in rain, snow, sleet, wind. I run through every season and at every time of day. I run for doughnuts and even through muddy obstacles—for the fun of it. Some may think that’s crazy, but other members of this special club understand. When you choose to join (we’re always welcoming new members), you’ll understand it, too.

To celebrate the upcoming National Running Day (June 5, 2013), I created this list of all the reasons why I (love to) run.

I run to leave my troubles behind.
I run to move forward.
I run to be alone.
I run to be with others.
I run to push myself to my limits.
I run to test myself.
I run to compete with others.
I run to compete against myself.
I run to think about everything.
I run to think about nothing.
I run to listen to my heart.
I run to listen to my thoughts.
I run to listen to my music.
I run to listen to the quiet.
I run to take in the scenery.
I run to explore a new city.
I run to work out wherever I am.
I run to get from point A to B.
I run to save on gas.
I run to just get out and go.
I run to break in my shoes.
I run to buy new shoes.
I run to salute the sun.
I run to be in nature.
I run to have a routine.
I run to be spontaneous.
I run to breathe.
I run to relax.


I run to energize.
I run to reach new goals.
I run to reach new heights.
I run to reach new distances.
I run to get sweaty.
I run to become breathless.
I run to get vitamin D.
I run to manage my weight.
I run to enjoy that dessert
I run to be fit.
I run to be healthy.
I run to have great legs.
I run to have great lungs.
I run to be faster.
I run to be stronger.
I run to get better.
I run to escape.
I run to be present.
I run to be mindful.
I run to be a better athlete.
I run to be a better person.
I run to feel alive.

I run because I can. And as long as I can run, I will.

Can you relate to these reasons? Why do YOU run? Will you run on National Running Day?

By: Nicole Nichols, SparkPeople Blogger

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