Do you buy the fun color running shoes?

Sacrifice. So, My husband and I have been really focusing on reaching our financial goals and working through Dave Ramsey. I’ve been in desperate need of running shoes.. so today I made the ultimate sacrifice. I ended up buying my running shoes in a {boring} color so I can save $50+ dollars. Haha They’ll run the same.. even if they aren’t a fun neon blurr.. RIGHT?! Do you go for the fun colors or stick to the basics?

I find a shoe that I like then see what color is in stock. I try to stay away from white because they get dirty faster. They run the same just not as colorful.

I like the pretty flashy shoes, but I ultimately pick ones that feel good on my feet (even if they are the dull ones)!

I purchase running shoes for type and style..not color. I can only wear one type of shoes, as they seem to keep my shin splints away.

I try to stick to the budget. I know what size and brand I wear so I wait for big sales. I can usually find the asics I wear for around $50 in a variety of colors

For me, it’s the shoe that is best for my foot (cushion, support, etc), then it’s price, then colors. You can actually find great deals if you buy last year’s model.

I like you need to watch my finances. I’d love to be able to dish out $100+ to get the latest runners. I went with my $50 asics. As long as it’s a good fit, I think I can live with my asics gel contend.

I buy whatever is best for my foot and budget…often last years model is discounted when the new model releases…always a good time to buy

Colors don’t matter! My favorite pair: they make me fly!

I run in these! I love them. They’re lightweight and still have cushion. The arch is neutral so it doesn’t bother my arches. I do wish there were more color options in them though.

When I go to the running shoe store I ask if they have last year’s model. I always get a deal

I take an 11 in Asics, so I’m at the mercy of what’s in stock for my size.

I buy what works for my feet, which usually isn’t the bright neon colors because I have high arches! On the plus side they’re normally much cheaper because most people don’t want boring colors or high arches!

I wear 6.5 wide so I understand your struggle! It’s hard to find wides.

I always have the dull colors so I don’t have to pay as much. They definitely run the same!

I buy last years models on clearance usually. As a single mom I watch my pennies. But because of it, I won’t lie….I use several pair at once. (Well not exactly at once since I only have two feet, but I flip shoes every run)

My feet are so big I end up with the boring colors so I buy neon pink shoe laces for a little pizaz.

show me clean shoes and I’ll show you a shitty runner

I go for the cheapest color of the same model…sometimes it’s cool sometimes not…but I’d rather save a dollar!

I go with the appropriate shoe for my foot type, how it fits and feels, the color doesn’t matter because, I will be turning them into yard shoes Ina about 6 weeks after buying them.

When you reach your financial goals, your boring shoes are not gonna matter! Congrats on financial freedom and continued good health!

I get the cheapest shoes I can find. Since you have to always buy them, I figure I need to go cheap.

I go with whatever I can find in my wide size feet. Mostly boring but if I don’t feel my shoes when I run – I’m happy.

I buy my running shoes at the beginning of the year when they’re being clearanced out for new models. I also ask for them for Christmas/birthday/anniversary. I never pay msrp for shoes; at the end of the day, it’s the run that matters more than the color or price of the shoe. If they work and feel good, that’s all you need!

I like to save money but I also like to support my local running store.

Make those little sacrifices now, you’ll be glad you did! My husband and I have followed Dave for about 4 years. Our only debt is our house payment and the 15 year loan will be done 3 years early. I get to retire at the end of May 2015 at the age of 52, my husband will retire October 2016 at the age of 55… It’s been so worth all the sacrifices and I can’t wait to get to run when I want to run, bike when I want to bike, lift when I want to lift and sleep when I want to sleep… 305 days and counting!

I have bad feet so I go function first and color second.

I go for color, but I am cheap so I get mine at famous footwear on sale and with the coupons they send me.

Congrats on putting your financial goals first! I like the bright colors but often buy last years model to save $

If it makes you feel better, my Brooks Adrenalin don’t even come in fun colors in size 12. Better to get good quality shoes in a boring color than cheaper made shoes (or ones that aren’t right for you) in fun colors. Couple of runs in the dust, rain, whatever and you won’t even notice!

$50 just to add color- congrats to you for making such a responsible choice. You are going to go outside and run – they are going to get dirty. I would say you rock!!

I go for comfort if they’re cute double bonus!!

I have these and love them. Blue is my favorite color so I feel like I lucked out when I got them on sale. Enjoy.

A shoe is a shoe. I don’t have a lot of money either. I buy whatever color they have (preferably BRIGHT neon colors).

I don’t worry about color, only function. Many of my shoes make my feet go numb, so I’ve learned it doesn’t matter what they look like as long as they work for me.

I wish I could get more shoes in boring colors. I don’t need the tie-dyed neon look in my life.

Lol! I get whichever ones are most comfortable to run in. I don’t care about the color or the brand.

I have these shoes and love them. And I bought them in this color. And I just ordered two more pairs. Just like this lol

I like bland color, especially being in the military, it’s encouraged

I go for fit and comfort, then once I find a model that works for my foot, I go for color from there, as long as it’s not too much more expensive.

I like this phrase…’I want’ is a lot better than ‘I owe.’ It was from one of Andy Stanley’s podcast. Keep your eyes focused on your goals. Proud of you because that’s something I struggle with as well. Keep being disciplined! You’ll make it!

I much prefer the more ordinary colors. I like to coordinate even when I’m a sweaty mess! Neon is soooo 2 decades ago

I put off my new running shoes for a bit because I only have about 250 miles on them..but I know I need to take care of my pf and knee..hoping by waiting til closer til 500 I can find a good deal and make everyone proud…me, hubby, and dave!

I hate black shoes. I bought a pair because they were cheap–hate them–will never do it again.

Not an issue – which ever fits better but I won’t do black running shoes or all white that look like old people walking shoes.

When the elites won their races, did you remember the shoes they wore? Neither did I.

Nothing boring about the shoes , I think they’re pretty!!

While I would love to sport some funky colors, I go for whatever is the cheapest in my running shoe. I was fitted for Brooks Pureflow. I was frugal and bought like new off of ebay.

Those look pretty awesome to me, though. It looks like an awesome summer shoe!!!

It is a proven fact that neon green/purple/pink/yellow shoes are faster…just ask anyone who runs in neon green/purple/pink/yellow shoes…they will tell you. And nice work on keeping you finances in check!

LOVE Dave Ramsey Also …And I Just Buy good basic shoes ….I go for good support etc…not necessarily the crazy. Colors. And all….good luck with your total money makeover! !!!

I bought neon yellow shoes but it’s like wearing Keds (remember those?) — you’re afraid to get them dirty. Not a smart buy. One way in which you can add some bling to your shoes is to get funky shoelaces.

I also try to save money by buying older models of my shoes rather than the newest model. check out and you can find some pretty good deals there….and it’s free 2 day shipping!

I don’t like to spend a lot of money either so I buy what’s on sale and will get the job done. Fun colors are great but if I can save $50 on a boring color so be it!

like the fun colors, but you made the right choice. The. Fun colors don’t make you faster and ultimately your financial health has to take priority. I have been known to buy the previous model on many occasions to save a few dollars.

Think of the savings as a way to pay for your next race fee.

I buy based on comfort and cost. I like to shop the clearance room at the Shoe Encore at our mall. Found some very ugly grey Merrell for $50 2 years ago and lucked out and found beautiful. Bright pink Saucony for $40 this year! TJ Maxx is another great option for inexpensive workout apparel.


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