Michelle – Story of my first Marathon

Michelle posted in Favorite Run Community Group: (https://www.facebook.com/groups/484242464984296)

“Today I attempted not only my first marathon, but it was a trail marathon! I say attempted because I made it to 21 miles instead of 26.2. I learned something today though. I learned that as long as you give it all you’ve got, and are sure that you have nothing left to give, you will feel damn proud of what you accomplished (even if it was not what you originally set out to do!) One day I will finish an entire marathon. Maybe even this marathon next year. This year, I learned …that even when my ankle gave out at mile 14, I did not accept the ride to the finish line, but instead pushed myself to finish the remaining portion of the race set up for the half marathon. It was hot, it was painful, but I still got a medal at the end for completing the “half” (I’ll always know it was a half + 7 miles!) I went farther today than I ever have, and I still have the desire to try try again. Just wanted to share this with everyone in the hopes that it will help you realize that just showing up on race day and giving it 100% of what you got will leave you feeling wonderful…even if you “only” made it

miles, were swept off course, or became injured and couldn’t finish. Always try. If you never try, you’ll never know what you’re capable of. Now that I know I’m capable of 21 miles, it is just a short 5 miles to a full next time!”

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