Be a healthy runner as you age

Here are a few ways to remain a healthy runner as you age:

Scale back. If marathon or half marathon training, consider doing a long run every other week as opposed to every week.

Chill out. Remind yourself as you get older …that you are running because you love it and for the health benefits. You don’t always have to try to be competitive in races and to obtain new PRs. Slowing down and focusing on your love for the activity may lessen your chance of injury.

Alternate running days with low impact days that include swimming, yoga, getting on the elliptical or cycling.

Rest and recover. Yes, this is important for any runner, but it becomes even more important as you age. After a hard running day, consider taking two easy days instead of just one. The same goes for recovery time after a race.

Build strength. Sure strength training can be ho-hum compared to running, but it is an essential component to staying healthy as you age.

Hit the trails. The soft surface and varied terrain of trails can be easier on the body than running on asphalt or cement. However, do watch out for roots, rocks, dead bodies, etc, because falling is a reality on the trails.

Drink up. Did you know that as you age, your ability to feel thirst becomes less strong? This means you might not feel thirsty, but your body desperately needs hydration. One way to know you’re getting enough fluid is too look at your pee. Your goal is to have urine the color of lemon juice.


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