Am I the only treadmill lover?

Okay friends…call me a non “true” runner but I have come to the conclusion that I don’t like running outside. I am a fan of the treadmill. I like to go to the club and watch others while I run. I also don’t like to battle the outside elements. Is this crazy or what? Am I the only treadmill lover??

Sounds familiar. Now I despise the treadmill, but it is a necessary evil.

I know plenty of people who run in tire lee on the treadmill. Personally I can’t handle it. Dr me batty, makes me super cranky and stiff, and feel so artificial I just can’t handle it for more than 10 minutes anytime. I don’t like reading on the pavement either, so I run in the woods. Love the elements, love the rain, don’t mind the snow. I just like to be outdoors

I like the treadmill. I’m not a fan of running in the heat or sun. Since I live in AZ that’s pretty much always. Do what works for you and don’t worry about it. If you’re running than you are a runner.

indoor track lover

I don’t think it makes you NOT a true runner! 😉 Personally, I hate the dreadmill. But, to each is own!

I almost NEVER run outside! Treadmill lover for life. Also I do a lot of virtual 5ks because I can do them on the treadmill. Win win!

You’re a runner, I hate the treadmill, love running outside. My husband hates running outside, loves him some treadmill! Only bad thing, we never run together, but we are both runners!

I don’t mind the treadmill during the winter when I won’t run outside, not a fan of cold temps, however bring on the outdoor running, as soon as it is warm enough 🙂

I am more comfortable on the treadmill but am pushing myself to be an outdoor runner, the time goes by faster and I think you are able to complete longer distances! Do what you like… Just do it!

Carla Miller I started running in a treadmill and did that exclusively for the first couple of years. I couldn’t breathe outside and I got side stitches. I don’t remember how or when exactly it happened but I went outside and now hate the dreadmill. But you do what you like. This is your fitness and nobody has a right to tell you it’s wrong (or weird!). 🙂

I will not use a treadmill because my feet and heels don’t like it and I run side year round.. I live in NH so it isn’t easy.. If you run you are a runner… That is all!!! Run on runner!!!

Thanks, everyone..what is a virtual run?? how do I access that?

What do you mean “true” runner. Are you running? Then you’re a true runner. Doesn’t matter where you run, so long as you’re doing it.

virtual run is a race where you run were u want some on special days others when u want…some u sign up for , others u just can do and some u register for and get stuff like metals and t-shirts. Mostly for charities Check out the virtual run Facebook page

and while I live running outside I love my treadmill too!

I am just the opposite. I cannot stand to be in the same spot. Lol. Funny. The truth is it doesn’t matter. Either way we’re getting it done!

The only outside running I do are my races. All other running is done on a treadmill. I love it.

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